Top 18 Cool and Unique Ideas to Remodel Your Kids’ Bedroom

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: August 1, 2022

Remodel Your Kids’ Bedroom Decorating a child’s room can be an exciting endeavor. Unlike decorating dining rooms and living rooms, parents have greater flexibility in choosing colors, themes, furniture, and decorations for their children’s bedrooms.

As your kid’s bedroom is his safe haven, you need to design it, keeping them in mind as much as possible. You can build their creativity, independence, and self-image by validating their preferences. So, team up with your kid to generate the most effective bedroom designs and concepts.

Here are some great, colorful, and imaginative kid’s bedroom designs that you and your child might be inspired by.

Neat and Chic

To create a bright, tidy, and lovely look, you can add light wood flooring, the softest mint green-hued walls, and white decorations.

These are all features of a delightfully airy and cheerful girl’s bedroom. A seashell chandelier, a lace swing seat, and a white bed with navy highlights are some of the loveliest things you can add to the bedroom.

The Scandinavian Look

The use of wood with a neutral color scheme in the interior is characteristic of Scandinavian design. Try opting for a well-engineered wooden floor like the ones you can find in Stories Flooring.

The Scandinavian design emphasizes tidy, uncluttered environments and focuses on quality over quantity. It promotes the simplicity and peace many parents like seeing in their kids’ bedrooms.

Adding some color to the room with bedding, ottomans, rugs, and throw cushions. This type of bedroom makes your child appreciate the carefree Scandinavian aesthetic.

A Treehouse Addition

A tree house is a childhood favorite. Why not construct one in their bedroom? Your youngster will be more than eager to help you in building a do-it-yourself pallet tree house throughout the weekend, especially with the decoration.

Make sure to provide safety features, including handles, rails, nets, and gates, wherever necessary. This might be best for older children.

The Farmhouse Look

This kind of adorable, cozily designed, and gender-neutral children’s bedroom also belongs to the classics. Include two rustic DIY bed frames made from pallet wood and plywood, a nightstand that matches, lovely checkered bedding, and chevron bunting to emphasize the farmhouse feel.

Make the room’s wall blue-gray, and use light drapes and floating shelves to give your kid’s room a contemporary appearance.

Colorful Geometry

The interior design uses geometry to produce lines, forms, and shapes that are both startling and lovable. It’s a unique and lovely way to give your child’s bedroom wall some personality. Geometric accents can be incorporated into the bedroom in a variety of ways.

Either use intriguing pattern paint on the wall or use textiles with vibrant geometric patterns. Using throw pillows, rugs, and blankets can be another approach.

The Jungle Effect

One of every child’s favorite themes is the jungle. Understandably, many kids desire to recreate the jungle environment in their beds, given the abundance of excellent books with jungle settings, including The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

You can use numerous items to achieve the look, and it is a wonderful theme. This type of bedroom design works well with a basic bamboo bed with a low top or a bed frame covered in netting.

You can finish the effect with camouflage, animal decals, or jungle-print bedding for the perfect look.

Vintage Colours

Some colors have a wonderful and powerful vintage vibe. A magnificent interior can be created by using those colors and their combinations. You can brighten the room with periwinkle wallpaper, vivid orange drapes, a mustard-colored nightstand, and a simple rug with a pattern.

Use a shiny wood floor, a white ceiling, and a traditional drum lamp shade to give the space its sweetly retro appearance.

Modern Pastels

This design will look cool, classy, and lovely. The Nordic interior design’s ashy bright pink and grey tones give the space a contemporary, cool feel. Try built-in cabinetry, bright, uncluttered walls, raw wood flooring with a striking herringbone pattern, and a large window that lets light in.

The quirky grey metal mesh clouds hanging from the ceiling can be one of the room’s most beautiful characteristics. The whole decoration will make your kid’s bedroom elegant and pretty.

The Dreamy Look

The Dreamy Look

Some children find it difficult to fall asleep in complete darkness. Your kid’s bedroom can benefit from some fairy light strings to add some mood lighting and a calming atmosphere. For a more bright appearance during the day, you can attach snaps to the strings of this fairy light wall decoration.

Under the Sea

Remarkable wall paintings, a loft, and an under-the-sea concept are all part of this amazing kid’s bedroom design. The enormous corner bed has an above space built in and is accessible through a curved staircase.

The raw light wood flooring will bring harmony to the stunning design and make your kid’s bedroom look breathtaking.

The Fairytale Dream

Every child should consider their bedroom as their safe refuge, where they may enjoy playing, engaging in hobbies, and sharing time with family. This explains why children’s rooms decorated in a fairytale style are so well-liked by both young girls and boys.

It seems like an escape to live in a storybook, a journey that they desire to take. They have highly vivid imaginations, and these imaginations encourage creativity and allow children to enjoy their childhood.

The Mural Wall

Children’s room design and nursery decor frequently feature colorful walls. Painted walls are the best way to enhance the room’s sense of joy and liveliness. Consider drawing a mural on the walls if you want to add color and brightness.

You can color-block it or come up with a theme like fruits, nature, animals, or other adorable objects or characters that your child would find appealing.

Allow your child to take part in painting a picture on the wall. It’s a fun pastime you can occasionally undertake with your kids to strengthen your relationship. The child will become more creative and will value the painting more as a result.

Indoor Playground

Give your lively child a bedroom they will enjoy. Including an indoor playground in his or her room will provide your youngster access to a playground at all times!

You can furnish this indoor playground with a climbing wall, ladders, gymnastic rings, and a climbing rope. You may also add a floor mattress, sufficient climbing grips, and appropriate lighting to improve safety. This is particularly recommended for sporty children.

The Cabin Bed

A comfortable and cozy cabin bed will undoubtedly be a delight for the youngster who enjoys camping and adventure.

Build a simple assembled cabin bed to give his or her room a sense of adventure and excitement. Add a vintage lamp, a mat made of reeds, with fairy lights to the cabin’s exterior to finish the look.

Out of This World

This style is one of the most trendy kid’s bedroom designs and ideas. Use white walls to keep the space bright and the dark blue ceiling to make a lovely backdrop for the star embellishments. To finish this simple design, you can add a few star-shaped led lighting and bedding with a space motif.

You can encourage your child’s passion for all things space-related by giving them a bedroom like this. It can also be a terrific approach to gradually teach the child about the planets and stars.

Adorable Dollhouse

Make your baby doll a dollhouse of her own! This purple and pink dollhouse-themed bedroom shows a bed with a sweet dollhouse frame.

More windows and curtains may need to be installed, and the house canopy has to be raised in height. To emphasize the dollhouse element, you need to leave the floor, ceiling, and walls bare.

Blooming Colours

You may create a bedroom for your kid that is simply decorated with vibrant colors and delicate flowers. Create a lovely bedroom with a garden theme that is fashionable, colorful, and enjoyable.

Add a grass mat, a gardener’s basket, a canopy home bed, and a bunny accent to finish the design. The charming atmosphere of the bedroom can be sealed in by the adorable fairy door feature on the wall.

Cool Minimalist Style

Using minimalism to create the best bedroom layout is efficient, contemporary, and endearing. This trendy child’s bedroom idea follows the minimalist style with its simple grey walls, neutral hues, clean lines, and minimum decorations.

The space-saving cleaver design includes under-bed storage, strategic lighting, a floating nightstand, and a night lamp linked to the housing canopy with mood lighting on the ceiling.

Final Words

It is a turning point for your kid to leave the nursery and acquire their bedroom. It represents achieving independence and privacy rights.

So, creating a themed bedroom can bring joy and enthusiasm to your youngster’s life. Your child’s room can be transformed from a dull box into a fantasy world with only a little ingenuity, elbow work, and creative thinking.

Use the suggestions above to provide your child with a unique, beautiful bedroom that matches his or her preferences so that they can liven up every day.

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