Creating an Eco-Friendly Home with Plant Decor Ideas

By: Dustin | Date Posted: August 6, 2021

We have all heard “go green,” but what does that mean? Green living is about making responsible choices with your resources and doing so in a way that minimizes carbon emissions.

The first thing to do when creating an eco-friendly home is to start by decorating with plants! Plants like Bird of paradise, Corn plants, and Cane plants purify indoor air and create a beautiful environment for you and your family. They are also low maintenance and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Check out these amazing ideas for adding more plants to your home today!

Invest in Durable Designs

Buy designs that will stand the test of time. You want your plants to last and add beauty to your home, but you don’t want them taking up too much space in a room or being so large that they are difficult to take care of.

Also, a durable product is easier to clean. Invest in quality furniture, area rugs, and plants to make your home beautiful and eco-friendly. Another benefit of timeless furnishing is that you don’t have to replace them as often.

Choose Your Color Palette

Adding plants to your home is a great way to create color and make the space feel more alive! When choosing which type of plant you want, choose colors that will work with what you already have in the room, or go for bright contrasting colors like reds and greens. Red flowers are especially nice for creating a festive atmosphere. Greenery in your home reduces stress, improves health, and maintains a fresh environment.

Keep Them Alive!



If you want to keep plants alive, it is important that they can get enough water and sunlight. It’s best to place them near an open window or by the front door where they will have access to plenty of natural light and be watered more often when somebody walks through the door.

It’s important to keep plants alive because they are a natural way to purify the air in your home and provide oxygen for you and your family. In addition, it reduces stress and anxiety levels, promotes calmness during periods of contemplation or meditation, and improves moods by acting as therapy through aroma absorption–all while making your house look beautiful!

Hang Plants

Consider hanging plants from the ceiling or adding a door-side plant to your home to make it green and eco-friendly. These two decor ideas are low maintenance but still add beauty to your space! You can also use succulents as table centerpieces rather than flowers. Hang baskets on the terrace and balcony, or hang the pots to create a wall of greenery.

Furthermore, Place some potted plants around your house for an instant atmosphere change. Put them on shelves and tables, windowsills, seats, and counters-anywhere that has ample light! All it takes is one plant in a pot to make your space feel alive. Flower baskets with a cozy sofa and colorful Persian rugs on the floor of your balcony will make your home like a post from Pinterest.

Maintain Your Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

If you add plants to your home, maintain them with care, or they will die and need replacing. Give the plant enough water not to wilt or become unhealthy looking but do not over-water because this can lead to mold growth.

A general rule is for every inch of the pot, give it an inch of water. Make sure to fertilize every two weeks and keep the plant out of drafty areas, or they will dry up. Faux plants are also an option if maintaining plants is tiresome for you. Check the list of 16 artificial plants and flowers that look real and are perfect for interior decorating.

Maintain Your Outdoor Garden

If you have a green thumb, start your garden in the backyard. It is fun to watch plants grow, and fresh herbs are great for cooking or adding flavor to dishes when they’re not in season. Start with annuals that will bloom all summer long, like petunias, zinnia, cosmos, and marigolds. Find some outside plants that are low-maintenance, like succulents or cacti.

You can also purchase outdoor hanging planters to dress up your porch or patio area with greenery without committing yourself to care for the plant all summer long. Your outdoor plants and indoor-outdoor plants need to use organic fertilizers to maintain a healthy environment around your home.

Find a Place for Every Plant

When you are putting plants in your space, they must have enough room to grow. If there isn’t an ideal spot for them, try finding one elsewhere or consider adding vines. Vines can be used as curtains or decor around windows. Place flower pots outside the window, or add a shelf with plants to your porch.

While shopping for houseplants, one important question should be at the top of your list: will this plant grow in an indirect light source? If not, consider another indoor decoration type, such as succulent garden planters, which require little care and thrive under indirect light sources.

Create a Forest Vibe Indoor

Bring the outside mood indoors with a few simple touches. Add leafy accents to decor and place tall plants in corners for a natural forest vibe. Use them as dividers, or even frame pictures of your favorite places you’ve been. Use wood and other natural elements in home decor and furniture to bring the outdoors in. Fill up the entrance and lobby with plants—place plants on the stairs, in the bedroom, and even on kitchen counters.

Be Creative with Plants

One of the easiest ways to create an eco-friendly home is by using plants as decoration. Create a focal point with them or use it for visual interest and air quality improvement throughout your space. Stick to nature’s palette of dark greens, browns, and whites, or add some pops of color to your space.

Nurture Your Inner Herbivore

Set up a garden in the kitchen or on the deck and use it as decoration, grow fresh herbs for cooking, or make them into bouquets. Grow plants from seeds that you saved from last year’s harvest. You can also get creative with vegetables and fruits that you typically don’t eat by doing things like planting strawberry pots as a base to build an herb garden.

Wrapping Up

Consider incorporating natural materials and eco-friendly rugs if you’re looking for ways to add a little more green to your home. Then, you can find the perfect rug at an affordable price! RugKnots has everything from hand-knotted wool rugs to machine-made synthetic fibers sourced with sustainability in mind.

Our mission is to provide people with high-quality products they love without harming the environment or their budget. So which of these plant decor ideas has worked best for you?

Thank you for reading!


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