10 Cools Features You Must Consider Before Building a Home

Do you want to build a home? There are things you have to think about before building a new home. If you don’t consider these things, probably you’ll come to regret or start remodeling later. You can avoid all the hassles by evaluating everything from layout to finishes. That’s because your custom home is something that will be there for years.

Depending on the features you want to include in your home, you have an opportunity to be creative. You can include these features that you’re not likely to find in a pre-owned house.

We have compiled and highlighted some vital features you can consider when building a home. Some of these features help to maximize your investment. Whether you’re curious about features to include when buying a home, or you want to build from scratch, read on.

Customized Shelving

Custom shelving brings uniqueness to your home. Nothing gives your home a better look than these shelves after you buy SoundCloud plays. When you build better shelves, they will serve as a focal point in a room. These shelves could serve as a multimedia unit in your living room or a bookshelf organized around the archway to fit in the space perfectly.

Additionally, these custom shelving have tons of utility. Consider some of the rooms you can use for additional storage and incorporate these custom options.

A deep Pour Basement

The great thing you get for building your home is a chance to modify tiny details having a significant impact. Put into consideration the height of the basement ceiling.

Perhaps your basement is complete or not; it would be good to add an extra height. This makes your space feel significantly inviting and open.

So, this is a feature to add before building your house. So remind the builder or architecture to account for it.

Higher Ceilings 

Probably, you will find it amazing to open up space. If that’s the case, it will be worth splurging the taller ceilings. You will realize that there is much feeling and look between a ceiling of 8′ and taller ceilings.

A taller ceiling is beneficial because it allows you to be more dramatic with finishing touches such as wall art and fixtures.

10 Cools Features You Must Consider Before Building a Home

Upstairs Laundry Room

A laundry room is one of the essential rooms in a house. When you find yourself hauling laundry up or down your stairs is hectic. But before you can build the house, this is something to put into consideration.

If you have your laundry room upstairs, it will make your laundry chores less. Additionally, it will make each day’s tasks more convenient.

A bonus is when you get a window in the laundry room to brighten up space. That also brings more joy while loading washers or even folding your clothes.


After you buy a home, you start to realize that there are things you are missing. Building a home, therefore, gives you the chance of getting everything you wish to have in a home.

When you buy a home and lack a place to hang your coats or take muddy shoes, you can start realizing the inconveniences experienced. Remember that a mudroom should be a small space. Perhaps you can consider a closet-sized room equipped with a bench or wall of cubbies. It acts perfectly during snow or rainy days.


If you’re building a house and you have a family, no need to share a closet. Opt for each individual to have a closet for all of you to enough space your can store your stuff.

Each individual living in the house having a closet has become a common thing nowadays. Homeowners are finding it worth and appealing to have spacious rooms that can serve the function.

Perhaps the closets were not in an original plan; consider making changes with your architecture or builder. These professionals will tell you whether it’s possible to implement the changes and take unneeded square footage from other rooms such as the bathroom and master bedroom.

Cabinet Lighting

Remember that most people prefer cabinet lighting as that gives the cabinets enough light. You have to consider what you want. Perhaps it could be in or under cabinet lighting. Sometimes both might serve you appropriately, especially in the kitchen.

This isn’t something to worry about while building a house. You can choose to add it later using adhesive strip lighting. However, built-in options are better looking and brighter than using adhesive counterparts.

To make the cabinet lighting efficient, consider LED strips or standalone bulbs and be wired to the main switch. That helps you turn on and off cabinet lightings.

Heated Floors

Another significant feature probably to include in your housing plan is heated floors. These types of floors have increased in popularity. They are radiant heated floors featuring warm coils under and can be switched on.

Heated floors depend on the region you live in. If you’re from a place that turns cold with the season, they could be an excellent option for you.

However, heated floors are considered luxurious options for bathrooms. You can use it to warm the areas, particularly in cooler areas. Ask a builder about this option to consider it.

Heated Driveway

Another luxury probably to include in your construction plan is a heated driveway. This works best for those who hate shoveling during winter.

If you install a heated driveway, it means the snow will melt on contact. It, therefore, means you won’t shovel it yourself. The technology uses a radiant floor heat floor heating system with antifreeze and warm water running through the tubes.

A heated driveway is an excellent option to save time. It acts perfect for disabled homeowners because they won’t struggle to shovel the ice.

Central Vacuum System

The other excellent feature worth considering is a central vacuum system. This refers to a vacuum installed in the walls and used to collect dirt, dust, and debris. If you want to use it, switch on power from the socket where it has been installed.

An advantage of this feature is that it circulates less dust and dander than traditional vacuums. It serves as a nice perk when you’ve allergies.


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