Trendy Furniture Ideas Will Add Life to Any Space

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: June 24, 2022

Furniture Ideas keep coming and going by the minute, so it’s hard to keep track of what’s in style. Incorporating trendy furniture into your home will elevate the aesthetic and visual appeal of the space.

If you’re looking to follow current furniture trends, you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of must-have trendy furniture pieces that will add life to any space!

Trendy Furniture Ideas

Wickerwork Furniture

Wickerwork Furniture

Wickerwork furniture is made by weaving natural reeds and certain bark material. The furniture is rising in popularity nowadays. The main selling point is that these furniture pieces hold a story and bring in a sense of mellow wistfulness. Moreover, wickerwork furniture is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Wickerwork furniture is mainly used as outdoor furniture since its neutral undertones blend in well with the transitioning space between your home and the outdoors. It provides a homely yet elevated look to your outdoor spaces. If done right, it can also be incorporated into your interior spaces to emanate tranquil and earthy vibes.

Live Edge Furniture

Live Edge Furniture 1

A timeless piece of furniture, live edge pieces are a must-have if you wish to add layers of visual complexity to your home. Live edge refers to the raw natural parts of trees retained in furniture. From live edge dining tables to shelving, there are a number of ways to incorporate this unique style of furniture into your home.

From what wood to choose to maintenance, experts at sawdust and whiskey explain all there is to know about live edge furniture. The great thing is that live edge pieces go with all types of décor themes. Whether it be minimalistic or mid-century modern, you can play with different aspects of live edge furniture such as the grain and texture of the wood to blend it seamlessly into your overall style of choice.

Irregular Rugs

Irregularly shaped rugs are trending now. These rugs usually have eye-catching patterns and come in unique eccentric shapes. The unconventional shape draws the eye towards the floor and helps create the illusion of a larger space. Geometric and angular rugs with striking designs are among the most popular ones.

An interesting option would be to make your irregular rug the centerpiece with the rest of your furniture coordinated around it. These rugs are versatile and can be paired with any furniture. Based on the type of rug you choose you can add either a classy or quirky touch to your rooms.

Portable Lighting

Good lighting is the key to transforming a space from bland to beautiful. While most tend to focus on using extravagant conventional lighting pieces, smaller and more futuristic-looking ones can elevate your space just as much. Portable lamps that are stylish and convenient to use are becoming a fan favorite among interior design enthusiasts.

These lamps are rechargeable, and you can play around with the texture and color of the shades. In the kitchen, bedroom, and dining area, these lamps can be placed anywhere and go well with all sorts of stylistic themes. You should consider throwing in a lamp or two to add modern design traces throughout your home.

Vintage Furniture

You can never go wrong with a good vintage piece of furniture. Vintage pieces are a fresh breath of air between mass-produced catalog-based items. You can use vintage as an overarching theme for home décor but can also use statement pieces here and there. Using contemporary pieces alongside vintage ones creates a timeless ambiance.

Vintage furniture is now becoming very popular among younger generations who mix and match different styles of décor. The piece can be anything from an armchair to a piano. So, take into consideration incorporating vintage furniture into your home.

Colored Concrete Walls

While colored concrete may not be considered furniture, it plays an equally important role in enhancing the visual appeal of your interior spaces. Colored concrete is used in several different ways but has gained popularity as a bathroom design trend. The various vivid hues of colored concrete come in and add depth and texture to your bathroom.

It creates a serene atmosphere that radiates soothing vibes to allow for a relaxing time to be spent. Feel free to get as creative as possible with choosing the colors of the concrete and incorporating them into different wall spaces to add a touch of individuality.

Escapist Artwork

Incorporating pieces of escapist artwork into your home can refine the space and reflect your wise taste in décor as well as your appreciation for art. You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to choose the right pieces.

As they say, let the artwork speak to you. The escapist quality brought by such artwork can transport that little nook of your home into a different realm. Taking a minute from your busy day to admire the artwork is a way to soothe your soul. Artworks come in many forms, from paintings to pottery, there’s a vast collection to choose from.

Modular Furniture

Freestanding and modular furniture is all about mixing and matching different styles to develop an eclectic vibe for your home. It tingles your visual senses and entices you to observe the various styles.

It is necessary to balance out modular furniture with those that anchor the space to maintain an atmosphere of excitement without making the space feel crowded or scruffy. You can explore what types of furniture you find interesting and try to put together a space that highlights your free-standing furniture.

Free-standing furniture adds a splash of vibrance and helps change up rooms that can otherwise very quickly become monotonous and uninteresting.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is ideal for combining style and practicality, serving multiple purposes while enhancing your home’s look. For example, an ottoman can replace a coffee table, serving as both a table and a seating area. These pieces can be moved easily to suit your needs and are particularly useful in small spaces for optimal area usage. With a clear vision for your space, incorporating trendy furniture becomes simple. Experiment with different pieces to find what works best for you. The trends we’ve listed are a great starting point to uplift your space.

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