9 Reasons To Prioritize Giving Your Office Regular Deep Cleaning

Giving Your Office Regular Deep Cleaning

The COVID-19 pandemic put things into perspective for a lot of business owners. If a concerted effort isn’t made to clean offices and workspaces, then viruses and germs can spread quickly. The reason that offices are hotbeds for germs is the large number of people who work in them. These people have friends and family that they see regularly, some of whom could be carrying viruses, which your employee may then bring into your office. In addition, one cannot guarantee the cleanliness of one’s workforce. Some may not wash their hands and may have poor hygiene.

The only way to prevent viruses and germs from spreading in one’s office is deep cleaning. Here are nine reasons why deep cleaning is so useful:


COVID-19 is an extremely transmissible virus that can live on surfaces for several days, sometimes weeks. You can’t guarantee that your staff hasn’t brought it into your office, even if they are wearing masks and gloves. The only way to ensure that viruses aren’t able to gain a foothold in your office and infect your staff is through deep cleaning. The cleaning professionals from https://www.clean-group.com.au say that deep cleaning eradicates up to 99.99% of viruses, including coronaviruses. You should also regularly test your staff and implement mandatory social distancing and personal-protective equipment inside the office.

Employee Performance

The world’s becoming increasingly concerned with hygiene standards. The COVID-19 pandemic was definitely the catalyst for this. If your staff doesn’t feel like their health is being protected at work, they are more likely to underperform. This isn’t necessarily because they are trying to be vindictive, but more so because they are anxious, concerned, and worried about their health. It’s hard to focus on work when you’re extremely worked up over something. Regularly deep cleaning will allay your staff’s fears and allow them to focus on their jobs.

First Impressions

Following on from our last point, employees are now actively seeking companies that take cleanliness seriously. If a new hire walks into your office and finds the place dirty on their first day, then it’s entirely likely that they might not return for their second day. Cleanliness makes a great first impression, especially these days. Make sure that your office is thoroughly wiped down, cleaned, and that social distancing measures are introduced. In addition to deep cleaning, you should have your office cleaned daily by regular cleaning staff. If you don’t maintain your office’s cleanliness post-deep clean, it will just get very dirty again and fast.

Employee Welfare

Keeping your office clean isn’t just for your employee’s mental health, but also for their welfare. Germs, bacteria, and viruses can make your staff very sick. If your staff take ill, they will be unable to work, thus losing you and your company money. Not only that, but it is your responsibility to maintain your staff’s health. If your staff fall sick because of your negligence, they can take you to court, particularly if you aren’t following government COVID-guidance [which involves social distancing, etc].



Deep cleaning is cost-effective. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your office, you reduce the chances of wear and tear on your office furniture. The primary reason for your office equipment needing to be replaced is negligence. Deep cleaning [and regular weekly cleaning] will prolong your office equipment’s lifespan. It will also give you the opportunity to identify any issues early, rather than waiting until they become severe enough to affect your equipment’s usefulness. This is especially true for appliances and computers. Regular deep cleaning is also very affordable because you can work out payment plans with the cleaning agencies.

Employee Retention

In addition to improving your employee’s productivity and commitment, regular cleaning also improves employee retention. As said already, a new staff member is unlikely to remain with your company if they find your office dirty. The same is true for your current staff. If you do not take care to clean your office, then they will likely find another job where cleanliness is prioritized. Making your office a place where your staff feels comfortable, safe, and relaxed is very important. If your staff is concerned about their health constantly, then they won’t want to work for you.

Workplace Accidents

Cleanliness reduces the chances of accidents taking place in your office. Deep cleaning will eliminate or bring to light any potential safety hazards, and regular daily cleaning will remove anything that could be hazardous to your staff. If your staff does become injured or sick because of you not cleaning your office space, then you can be taken to court and could be sued. Personal injury lawsuits can be very damaging to your reputation and your company’s finances. Common causes of accidents are loose flooring, puddles of water, or wet patches that haven’t been properly signposted. Dust and other contaminants can also cause long-term illness in your staff.

Hazardous Substances

As mentioned in the previous point, deep cleaning also eliminates hazardous substances, like dust, contaminants, and vapors. Having contaminants like this in your workplace can lead to respiratory issues in your staff. If it transpires that your office was responsible for your staff’s respiratory issues, then you can be held liable. Respiratory diseases can be very debilitating, so can impact your staff’s quality of life, and may result in them receiving a lot of money in a lawsuit. In addition to deep cleaning, you need to provide proper filtration. Make sure to keep windows open in order to allow for airflow, also.

Peace of Mind

Most of the subjects covered in this article are enough to give an office manager nightmares. Not only does deep cleaning protect your staff, but it also gives you peace of mind. A properly run and maintained office reduces your chances of having to deal with personal injury lawsuits, sick employees, and complaints from your staff. This allows you to focus on what really matters, running your company. Peace of mind can improve your efficiency, efficacy as a manager, and satisfaction with your job.

The bottom line is this: deep cleaning your workplace protects you and your staff. For that reason, it’s essential that you regularly clean your office. Deep cleaning is affordable, and as mentioned already payment plans can be arranged. Don’t overlook the importance of cleanliness in your workplace.

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