Granite Countertops

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: July 27, 2022

Few countertop materials can match the rich beauty of granite. With its timeless aura and appeal, it is a natural product. High-quality kitchens can be enhanced visually with granite countertops, which often become the room’s focal point. Over 20 shades of granite are available for you to choose from, ensuring that you’ll find one that perfectly matches your flooring, kitchen cabinets, and walls.

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A granite stone cannot be scratched due to its hardness. However, it will withstand normal wear and tear quite well, even though it is difficult to work with. In addition to being heat-resistant, granite is ideal for use near cooktops and ranges. Granite can handle high heat without deteriorating or being damaged. It won’t be a problem to place a hot hair tool on it in the bathroom.

The right seal will prevent granite from absorbing liquids and stains. You can seal it yourself or hire a professional to do it, and it will maintain its attractive good looks for as long as you want.

Granite is a hard, igneous stone. During the cooling process, molten magma slowly crystallizes and cools from beneath the earth’s surface. Granite is known for its crystal-like appearance because magma cooling combines with minerals such as mica, feldspar, and quartz.

Things you should know when Buying Granite Countertops

Countertops made from granite and natural stone offer a wide range of design options

Granite or natural stone countertops are the perfect choices for any style of home, from rustic country kitchens to modern lofts. Besides offering buyers a wide range of choices when it comes to colour and pattern, natural stone surfaces also offer plenty of options for design elements. Are you looking for a glossy or matte finish?

There are plenty of options when it comes to granite and other natural stone countertops. Those aren’t even considering design options like edge choices, such as square, bullnose, or rough edges for a more natural appearance. Natural granite’s color, pattern, and character cannot be duplicated because it is a naturally occurring stone.

It is important to choose a granite or natural stone countertop that complements the overall design of your house. However, remember that it isn’t unusual to have different colors, styles, and types of natural stone in different rooms to suit their respective design. It does not necessarily follow that black granite countertops should be used in the bathroom because you use dark granite countertops in the kitchen!

Your fabricator should be able to explain seams to you.

Your fabricator should be able to explain seams to you.

You cannot pour or form natural stone to fit your kitchen. There is a need to cut it. A professional granite installer will be responsible for ensuring that your countertops look seamless at every step throughout the installation process. In that regard, there must be careful measurements beforehand, accurate cutting of the granite, and meticulous installation.

However, since it’s ultimately your kitchen, you should talk to your fabricator about seam placement, visibility, and any special considerations you would like to keep in mind at least a few weeks before installation. Most granite fabricators use suction-automated machines to install countertops since some seams are unavoidable. The suction-automated machines assist in holding the granite in place and prevent any seams from being noticeable.

You Can’t Use Granite Countertops for Everything.

There are no limits to how durable granite is and how well it can withstand all kinds of usage. Chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers love it for just this reason. Not to mention homeowners everywhere. However, granite isn’t meant to be abused just because it holds up to a lot of use.

You should still use a cutting board instead of your granite countertops for chopping vegetables. Protecting your countertops isn’t the only reason to do this. Due to granite’s durability, your knives will become dull! Hot pans shouldn’t be placed directly on your granite countertops right after they’ve been taken out of the oven or stove.

The finish on your countertop can be damaged by extreme changes in temperature or even crack or chip. Trivets and potholders are always a good idea because of this. It is important to keep in mind that granite is a natural stone, so don’t leave your hammers and other tools on it while doing other home improvement projects.

Are there any problems with that cabinet? Do you think it needs to be repaired? The granite countertops should be covered with an old towel or something else before heavy tools are piled on top.

It isn’t impossible to break Granite.

No surface can be completely indestructible, even granite. Stone can chip, crack, or break even under the most adverse circumstances. Your granite countertop can become scratched, dinged, or chipped if you are working in the kitchen. Keeping granite countertops clean, polished, and sealed regularly is one of the best ways to prevent damage. You can protect your granite countertops from stains, spills, scuffs, chips, and other damage by regularly cleaning, sealing, and polishing them.

Granite Countertops Need to Be Maintained and Cleaned

You must take proper care of your kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and any other ones you use in your house. Ensure your granite or other natural stone countertops are cared for properly by your fabricator or installer. Taking good care of different surfaces requires different tools – and the right knowledge – so do your homework before you buy!

Natural stone countertops are easy to maintain and require little attention if you want them to look great and perform well. There are only a few tools you need to get the job done. A granite countertop is best polished, sealed, and cleaned with specially formulated products. These products are perfect for cleaning up spills, polishing countertops, and securing them when necessary to keep them looking new for a long time.

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