Heating and AC Repairs You Shouldn’t Attempt on Your Own

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: January 23, 2023

During the global lockdown pandemic, many people used the free time they had to learn how to complete home improvement projects or repairs on items around the home. They preferred to do this work in their home rather than having an outsider come in and possibly expose their family to the virus. The time was well spent when they saw how much they could do on their own.

However, certain repairs need to be handled by professionals. Heating and AC repairs are good examples of tasks best left to licensed technicians. Why should a homeowner call an HVAC company when a repair is needed on this system?

The Time Required

The Time Required

HVAC systems contain countless moving parts. Knowing what each part does and how to fix it if it breaks takes years of training. Even those who have the training may find it difficult to determine what the problem is immediate. They rely on their years of training and working in the field to find the problem.

This is only part of the process. Once it has been determined what is wrong with the system, the technician must then make the repairs. They have the equipment to do so, which most homeowners lack. By calling a repairman, a person can have the AC up and running quickly, which their family is certain to appreciate. They won’t be having AC problems regularly, as the job was completed the first time correctly.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Any AC repair is more time-consuming when a person lacks knowledge of HVAC systems and the right equipment. However, this repair may also be dangerous, particularly when it is an electrical component within the system that is faulty.

HVAC units rely on electricity to operate properly. A person who lacks knowledge of the electrical system within the unit may harm themselves while trying to make a repair. In addition, they may be putting their home and their family in harm’s way when they attempt this repair on their own.

What many people don’t realize is that a homeowner’s insurance policy may not pay for any damage or injuries resulting from a DIY HVAC repair. These bills become the responsibility of the homeowner. It’s best to leave this work to a licensed and insured HVAC technician. If any problems arise, the resulting bills become their responsibility.

Warranty Considerations

Many homeowners know they must have the air conditioner regularly serviced by a licensed HVAC technician or risk voiding their warranty. What they may not realize is a DIY repair can also void the warranty.

While the repair may fix the problem that the homeowner is currently experiencing, other components in the system might be damaged during the repair. That’s why warranty companies require repairs to be completed by a licensed technician.

Any money the homeowner saves by doing the repair on their own may be lost in the future. The owner could find they have expensive repair bills that would have been covered by the warranty had they not done the earlier repair.

A Costly Repair

A Costly Repair

What may appear to be an inexpensive air conditioner bill could actually cost the homeowner more than if they had called a licensed technician to handle the problem right away. In addition to the time spent completing this repair, the homeowner must purchase the part. They may also find they need to buy special tools to complete the repair, and these tools might only be used one time.

Furthermore, if the homeowner begins the repair only to find that they cannot do the work, they may spend more to have an experienced HVAC technician come behind them and fix what they damaged along with the original repair. Why not just call a professional and allow them to do the work from the beginning? Doing so often saves the homeowner money and frustration.

Refrigerant Problems

Refrigerant Problems

How hard is it to put refrigerant in an HVAC system? Many homeowners might assume they can add refrigerant to their AC without calling someone in to do the job for them.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, roughly 75 percent of cooling systems in America today don’t have the proper amount of refrigerant. This leads to the unit blowing warm air and the home never reaching the desired temperature.

The refrigerant used in the cooling system is considered a hazardous material. As a result, the government heavily regulates it. Only certified technicians are permitted to add it to HVAC systems under current law. Avoid any legal issues by calling to have this work completed by a licensed HVAC professional.

A Comprehensive Solution

It’s very irritating when a homeowner fixes their HVAC system only to have it break down again a few days or weeks later. This is a common problem when a homeowner attempts their own HVAC repair.

When a professional HVAC repairman visits the home, they not only make the repair they were called to the home for, but they check the entire system. If there are additional parts in danger of failing, this inspection allows them to be found before they cause the system to break down again.

These parts may be completely unrelated to the repair the technician was called to the home to handle. However, they may also be parts that were required to pick up the slack when the part in need of repair started to malfunction. In either situation, the technician will be able to uncover these potential issues and address them.

Inside Information

HVAC technicians have access to information the average person doesn’t. For example, they receive bulletins alerting them to product recalls. No homeowner wants to learn they carried out a repair that would have been covered under a recall, and they are now out the money spent to purchase the part.

In addition, they know if the manufacturer has discovered a design flaw in the system. This flaw might easily be overcome by making an adjustment to a setting or apart. Those who don’t work in the industry don’t have this information and won’t know to make the adjustment for better system performance.

It’s tempting to try to complete an AC repair without help. However, the reasons mentioned above show why doing so is not a good idea. Call a licensed technician to complete work on this system. Doing so actually costs less in the long run, and it’s nice to know the work was done right. Make the call today.

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