What Does a Home Buying Guide at Perch Include?

By: John | Date Posted: August 4, 2022

If it’s your first time having a home buying session with Perch, then it’s better to know more about the home buying guide. People working at Perch have managed to include all the relevant and necessary information you would need to know when bidding for the property.

Here is a comprehensive but non-exhaustive list of all the things a buying guide includes. It would be best if you were sure to use the Perch application and check all of them before you make a binding offer to buy any home property.

Electricity and Amenities

First, you need to know this home’s electricity and electric amenities. Their condition, as well as the electric circuit blueprints, should be readily available to all buyers. That means you should be ready to provide it to mechanics and ensure that the internal damage is minimal when you are performing renovations.

Plumbing Network

Secondary but also important would be the condition of the plumbing network. It’s necessary to know the types of pipes used to bring water into your home and remove it from the sinks.

Their trail through the walls and ceilings is also important to avoid unnecessary drilling when renovating the place. With the Perch application, you can be sure that the buying guide will reveal to you anything you need to know about the plumbing network.

Roof Access and Condition

Some people don’t know that not all homes give you access to the roof. The attic remains one of your home’s most important and unrevealed parts. That way, you should know if there is an internal ladder to enter the attic and what is the condition of the roof from the outside.

That way, you can adjust your offer to the current owner since roof works cost a lot of money and can make the home non-livable for a certain amount of time.

Crawl Space

Crawl Space

Most Canadian homes do have a crawl space that goes directly to the foundations. With the Perch application, you can be sure that the crawl space condition will be revealed right away. Most termite issues start from that point, and any rotting wood phenomenon could substantially decrease the home’s current value.

The buyers need to check the buying guide online application to ensure that there is an easy-to-access crawl space and that its condition remains great. That is the only safe way to send an offer to the owner and know exactly what you buy to send an offer to the owner an

External Terrace and Patio

The external terrace and the patio are other parts of the house that you need to know more about. These two parts belong to the surrounding space of your home and usually need a lot more support and maintenance from the previous owners. If you are about to have a virtual show of the home within the buying guide application, then it’s better to check the condition of the terraces and patios.

That way, you will know what the cost of their repairs and adjust your offer to be as fair as possible. With the Perch application, you are 100% protected against all the homeowners who want to hide from you the real condition of their homes.

Kitchen and Bathrooms Condition

Finally, kitchens and bathrooms are so important to know about, and you can view their condition through the buying guide application. Perch has managed to gather all the information about the kitchens and the electricity and plumbing networks passing through them. You can also know details about the kitchen cabinet and the sanitary appliances in the bathrooms.

That way, you can estimate the renovation costs for these two main room types and ensure a fair value proposition for the home. Don’t start giving a bid for the home before you are completely sure about it, and use the Perch application for the buying guide.

That way, you will be safe to give any offer and ensure that you give a fair amount of money for a home that has the amenities and comforts you have always wanted.

Surrounding Area Estimate

With the Perch buying guide, you may expect to know everything about the surrounding area of your new home. Canadian homes need to have a great backyard where kids play all the time and homeowners throw their parties.

When buying a new or existing property, it would be better to know about the extra cost to fix the surrounding area, which could add some thousands of dollars to the final bill.

Even if you don’t plan to renovate the area, you will still have a good chance to negotiate the final price with the previous owners. No matter your cause, it’s better to have an online tool like the Perch calculator to ensure that you pay a fair price for the amenities you are about to buy with the house you are viewing.

Perch has been the first online service to give you such consultation that keeps on being completely free. It’s for the buyer’s benefit to know his rights and ensure that the list is checked twice before engaging in buying a new property.

Canadian homeowners cannot simply rely on the information provided by the realtors and the previous owners. Now they have a new tool that gives them the chance to see and compare information from millions of home buying transactions.

That will make them more knowledgeable and reduce the risk of buying something at a price that makes them totally ripped off.

The ultimate online buying guide has many simple inputs, and you may also use the online tutor to know exactly what you need to put as values to get the right result. After all, you only need to use your computer to know all you need for the current real estate transaction you are about to make.

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