Home Security Tips: How To Feel Safer And More Relaxed

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 15, 2021

Every person deserves to feel safe in their own home. Unfortunately, all too often, people overlook feelings of security. In part, this has to do with the cultural norm of invalidating children’s feelings—particularly fear—from an early age. How many times did an adult tell you there was nothing to be scared of when you were little and frightened?

Home Security Tips

How often did someone tell you to quiet down and go to sleep despite how terrified you were? It turns out that this doesn’t teach children to be less afraid; it teaches them to ignore feelings of fear which can result in them ignoring the signals of being in a dangerous situation later in life.

Couple this cultural experience shared by millions with access to all the world’s terrors within seconds via the internet, exploding crime rates, and general unrest, and you have a recipe for people feeling unprotected in their own homes.

The following will explore some of the things you can do to increase your feelings of safety at home. Before you start, it’s critical to emphasize that if you have any reason to believe you’re a target of a specific crime or have received threats, you must contact local authorities as well as take these steps.

Reconsider Your Social Media Use

It’s easy nowadays to get caught up in posting, sharing, and connecting without realizing that we give away vital information about our location. Safety begins with keeping private information private.

If a teenager posts the name of their school, for instance, and has a picture of their friends heading to a school dance out front of the house, someone can figure out where they live. You don’t even have to be a very smart someone to figure that out. If you’re on vacation and posting about your trip, it’s pretty easy for someone to figure out your house is empty.

Couple that with what your teenager posted revealing the location of your home, and you’ve created an invitation for burglars. Get conscious about what you and those in your household are posting and if you go on vacation, wait until you get back to post the pictures.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

Know Your Neighbors

If you can develop a friendly relationship with your neighbors, you’re less likely to get robbed. This is because a friendly neighbor will speak to someone snooping around your home.

They might say something like: “Hey, you looking for Jim? Want me to take a message for him?” This sort of culture in a neighborhood repels criminals as there’s a greater chance that someone will pay attention to their movements.

Upgrade Your Front Door

Upgrade Your Front Door

The front door is the most common point of entry for a burglar. Because of this, having a front door that is sturdy and has a high-quality lock is critical. At first, you might think that secure doors won’t work with your aesthetic choices.

Those who install Perth’s best security doors point out that many highly secure doors have the look of non-security doors. For instance, if wood appearance is your visual preference, you can choose doors made from a sturdier material that mimics wood.

Get A Dog

Get a Dog

Of course, if you’re allergic to dogs or don’t have the time or energy to provide one with all the love and care it needs, this tip isn’t for you. But dogs are one of the most effective deterrents for crime.

Yes, most pets are friendly and are more likely to lick an intruder to death than to attack one, but most burglars won’t take the chance. In addition to deterring crime, dogs also bark when people are on the property or near the door, meaning you’ll be more aware of movements near your home if you have a dog.

Be Wary About Advertising Gun Enthusiasm

Gun Enthusiasm

Believe it or not, having a bumper sticker hinting at gun ownership or some other indicator that you like hunting or hanging out at the firing range (either on your person, home, or social media profile) can be dangerous.

Burglars view guns as some of the most valuable items to steal from a regular home, and advertising that you might have one inside increases the likelihood of them targeting you. It is important that children also know this if you keep guns in the house so that they don’t tell people at school.

Leave Something Auditory On

Another thing that deters criminals from entering a house is the sound of someone being home. Playing music or leaving the television on reduces the risk of burglars choosing your home for burglary.

If someone approaches the home and hears the television, they are likely to assume that someone might be inside. Nearly all burglars attempt to enter empty homes.

Be Wary Of Displaying Wealth

If you’re constantly posting pictures of expensive jewelry high-end fashion or other indicators of wealth, or if your home’s exterior puts wealth on display (expensive cars, opulent decor, etc.), you are increasing your chances of being targeted. Be conscious of the messages your home, person, and social media presence are sending.

Be Cautious Of Privacy

At first, this tip might seem odd, but the more private your home is, the more likely burglars are to target it. This happens because high fences, thick shrubs, and tall trees can provide cover for them.

Thieves actively steer clear of being seen by people driving by or living across the street. Therefore, if the layout of your yard or home allows relatively private access, it becomes ideal for them. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed and consider lighting any areas hidden by shadows.

The above tips should help you increase feelings of safety in your home. It’s a good idea to express your feelings of insecurity to everyone in your household and get the whole family on board with some basic security measures. It’s also important that you validate and respect fears presented by members of your household, as this can help encourage people to speak up when they feel like something is frightening or a little off.

Burglars frequently survey locations a few days before they strike, so if you feel like someone is watching you or observe small things appearing out of place, it could indicate an imminent

In particular, if people come to the door dressed in a delivery uniform dropping off something you didn’t order or are asking questions or trying to get you to sign a petition but are giving you the impression they are studying your home, they might be scoping out your property for a crime. Always listen to your gut instincts.

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