How Can You Spot a Spy Camera in Everyday Objects

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 5, 2021

Technology is one of the greatest blessings that has ever happened to humankind. It has introduced countless developments that have presented a positive outcome. With the improvements in technology, people can smartly connect and become efficacious.

How Can You Spot a Spy Camera

Cameras are a consequence of technological invention, and they have reformed with the passage of time. Besides, they came to have levels beyond imagination. This lies in the idiosyncrasy of the image along with its size.

Hidden surveillance cameras are used for different purposes, such as to detect thieves, criminals, and offenders. But, there are many bounders who set up spy cameras in any public washrooms, hotel rooms, or dressing rooms for dreadful purposes that are illegal and unethical.

In that case, to be on the safe side, it is necessary to know how to detect spy cameras. Here, we have listed some approaches that will help you spot a spy camera in everyday objects.

Ways To Spot a Spy Camera in Everyday Objects

Several types of spy cameras are available, such as USB Flash drive spy cameras, Toilet Brush spy cameras, Cell Phone Charger spy cameras, Hidden Clock spy cameras, and more. According to Charles Theisen at voiceofsafety, “Hidden Clock Spy Cameras Are The Best Ones That Work With Wi-Fi Broadcast Signals & It Is Difficult To Find Them.” But, in this segment, we have demonstrated some of the best ways that can help you spot any kind of hidden surveillance camera. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Scan Your Surroundings For Dubious Objects

When you are in public washrooms, hotel rooms, or dressing rooms, take a look at your surroundings to detect suspicious objects. The most common places to set hidden cameras indoors are

  • Books
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Electrical outlets
  • Desk Plants
  • Tissue Box
  • Air Filter Equipment
  • DVD Cases
  • Teddy Bears
  • Tabletops
  • Couch Cushions
  • Shelves
  • Wall Socket
  • Pens
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Hairdryer Holder
  • Lamps

Common positions to keep hidden cameras and microphones outdoors are

  • Holes on The Doors
  • The House’s Roof
  • Holes on The Door
  • Doorbells
  • Ventilators

You may find doubtful wires, lights, or lenses as well that are signs of hidden spy cameras. If you notice some unusual adapters or outlets, you should unplug them immediately. Some spy cameras make an inaudible sound when you walk through the entire room. So, you have to listen carefully.

Use Mobile Apps To Spot Hidden Cameras

Using mobile apps to detect hidden cameras is one of the easiest and most effective ways. All you need to do is download an Android app from the Google Play Store that can detect IP cameras. There are thousands of camera detector apps available on the Play Store. Alternatively, if you are an iPhone user, you can download the detector app from the Apple App Store. For Android users, we recommend using the “Hidden Camera Detector” by FuytureApps. As for iOS, “Hidden Bugs Detector/IR Camera Detector” would be the ideal choice.

Now a question may come to your mind: how does an app detect spy cameras, right? Well, when you download and install the app and then launch it on your phone, it shows a red glow when your smartphone detects a hidden camera. Keep one thing in mind it will also display a light when near other types of hardware along with radio-frequency.

Find Hidden Cameras In Low-Light Environments

Every particular camera holds a lens that reflects light to some extent. You’ll also find some cameras that contain red or green LEDs. The LEDs will flash or shine when in a low-light environment. In ill-light conditions, the LEDs around the camera will automatically switch to the lighting for the camera to release night vision images. However, you can follow the below steps to find hidden IP cameras when in unlighted conditions.

Step 1: First, pull the curtains in your room and switch off the lights

Step 2: Now, inspect whether there are winking green or red LEDs in your room

No matter what types of hidden cameras you want to reveal, follow this way to detect any surveillance cameras in your stores, washrooms, living rooms, or bedrooms at your home or hotels.

Deceptive Mirror Test

Sometimes, hidden cameras are placed under the mirror. In that case, to enhance your privacy awareness, particularly in public spaces or bathrooms, consider implementing a deceptive/false mirror test. By conducting a simple finger trip test, you can easily determine whether the mirror in the bathroom or hotel room is real or not.

All you need to do is just keep your finger on the mirror’s surface. It is surely a real mirror if you notice a gap between the reflective surface and your fingertip. The gap you are seeing is the diameter of the mirror between your finger and the reflecting coating. If there is no gap, that means there might be a spy camera, and you should be alert immediately and look into it further.

Get a Professional Detector

It is an effective but costly way to find a hidden camera. A professional detector like an RF signal or wholesale bug detector is efficacious for locating covered security cameras. But, a question may fall into your subconscious mind about how a sensor detects hidden cameras. Well, let us explain.

  • First, purchase a professional detector from Amazon or other online stores.
  • After getting it in your hand, unpack it and turn it on.
  • Now, sweep it in your entire room.
  • It will beep when it detects any signal, providing you with an audible sign when you are near a potential camera.

Use Flashlight To Find Hidden Cameras

You can use your mobile flashlight as well to detect hidden security cameras that work best in low-light conditions. Follow the below steps to find out the security cameras that are hidden.

  • In the beginning, turn off the lights in your room,
  • Turn on the flashlight
  • Swing the flashlight around the room

Move slowly and inspect any dubious positions from different angles. If you see any reflective lights from an object, there might be a spy camera.

What Should I Do If I Detect Hidden Cameras

If you detect any hidden spy camera in your place, you should follow the steps below.

Step-1: Don’t touch the hidden camera [The Police Would Collect The Fingerprint To Find The Real Criminal]

Step 2: Don’t move the place until the police reach

Step 3: Haul all of your pertains out of the camera’s viewing angle

Step 4: Take all the images of the camera for evidence

Step-5: If you suspect hidden cameras in hotel rooms or public washrooms, call authorities to take action immediately.

Hidden cameras can be used for both good and bad purposes. Here we have given some reasons to use spy cameras; if anyone uses the cameras only for the mentioned reason, it is legal; otherwise, not!

To Monitor Intruders

Hidden cameras can be set up to monitor intruders, thieves, and other people coming to your home or office. If there are hidden security cameras in the house, then there is nothing to worry about the safety and security from trespassers to lose things.

Keeping Eyes on Employees

Nowadays, most companies set up security cameras to keep an eye on and observe the activity of employees. In this way, the authority of the companies can monitor their employees from everywhere.

Watching Kids and Pets

If you stay outside the home but are thinking about your kids and pets, you can use a spy camera that will enable you to watch them from anywhere, anytime, and whenever you want.

Certain Areas

Police can use hidden security cameras in certain areas if they think the place is not safe for people to use. It helps them to find out the real culprit who is involved in dangerous crimes.

If anyone would like to use spy cameras because of the mentioned reason, then it’s legal. But, if someone uses security cameras in public washrooms, hotel rooms, or other’s living rooms that harm one’s privacy, then it’s completely illegal.

Final Thought

So, this was all about how you can spot a spy camera in everyday objects. We have given 6 different approaches in the above that will surely help anyone find spy hidden cameras with ease.

The easiest and most effective methods to detect spy cameras are using a professional spy camera detector or a hidden camera detector app.

As having a professional camera detector is expensive, we recommend using the free app. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store without confronting any complications. The false mirror test is also effective, but it is a bit difficult to apply for everyone.

Thank you for reading!


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