How Long Do Wooden Indian Swing Last?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: May 23, 2022

A porch swing may create memories that will last a lifetime, and a well-crafted Indian swing can do the same. If you are contemplating getting a wooden porch swing for your house, you might wonder how long it will last.

A high-quality Indian swing made of wood should last between 15 and 20 years, although there are several cases of its lasting considerably longer. The World’s largest patio swing, constructed of wood and aluminum in Hebron, Nebraska, in 1985, is still running strong over four decades later.

A wooden swing’s durability is best evidenced by your own memories, however. The sturdy porch swings are still being used by members of the family today, and a great number of happy childhood memories were created and will surely last for decades.

The materials that are used in the construction of a porch swing, such as the kind of wood that is used for the bench and the kind of frame or suspension system that is used, as well as the maintenance that is required to maintain the swing’s structural integrity, are two of the most important factors that determine how long the swing is expected to last.

This book discusses the durability of several types of wood for porch swings, suspension, and metal framing concerns, and the recommended maintenance procedures to guarantee that your patio swing will survive for years.

Learn about What is the Best Material for Your Indian Swing

Learn about What is the Best Material for Your Indian Swing

There are a variety of materials used to construct outdoor swings. Common materials include metal, wood, plastic, and wicker. Plastic and metal are often resistant to rain and snow, although wicker is recognized for being lightweight and very simple to clean.

But if you want your porch swing to endure a lifetime, solid wood porch swings are your best bet.

The most common types of wood used for Indian swings are cedar, cypress, cedar, teak, and pine, but when it comes to durability, only some species of wood can survive the weather throughout time.

Cypress or cedar-made porch swings can survive for decades, while woods that are low quality, such as pressure-treated pine or whitewood, are at risk of warping and decaying rapidly over time. The following are some of the most common wooden Indian swing materials that are sold in the market:

  1. Cypress


  • The durability of cypress-made porch swings exceeds 20 years.
  • Emits a natural protective agent called cypress pine, which prevents wood from bending when exposed to decay, rot, insects and heat.
  • The product is suitable for both warm and cool/wet climates.
  • Among the most eco-friendly options for a porch swing’s frame material.
  • Defined by exquisite wood-grain patterns seen only in the highest-quality wood. It receives wood stain nicely as well.
  1. Cedar


  • Can endure 15 to 20+ years. 
  • The presence of natural oils confers resistance to decay and insect damage.
  • Appropriate for both warmer and cooler/wetter areas.
  • Defined by its red hue while young, which fades to silvery-gray or brown as it ages. It receives wood stain nicely as well.
  1. Teak


  • According to experts, teak furniture can endure more than a century outdoors due to its resistance to insect damage and temperature variations.
  • Considered to be the finest wood option, and hence the most costly alternative.
  • Less sustainable than cypress or cedar. Clear-cutting tropical forests produce exotic timbers such as teak.
  1. Pine

  • Typically lasts little more than a few years.
  • Has a tendency to warp because it lacks natural protections, such as the oils present in cypress and cedar. Pine swings should not be hung in unprotected areas since the wood is susceptible to rapid deterioration when exposed to the elements.
  • The most affordable wood for a porch swing.
  • Outdoor paint is required for protection.

Porch Swing Frames and Suspension Made of Wood

Several porch swing frames are built from the very same type of wood as the bench, but a galvanized metal frame offers more durability.

The cypress wood bench parts are mounted on a lightweight steel frame and hung from galvanized, aircraft-grade steel wire for a uniquely contemporary appearance and increased durability. In addition, the frames are powder-coated for optimal resistance to scratches and daily use.

Since a coating of zinc or magnesium shelters the iron against exposure to oxygen and water, galvanized suspension cables are your best choice for preventing rust.

To prevent the chains on your porch swing from corroding, you must prime them if the swing is not suspended by a galvanized cable. Rust causes iron to become thin and brittle via corrosion.

According to Everything Backyard, this implies it has a far greater possibility of coming apart and breaking while in use which is why it is recommended that you verify the health and strength of the chain on your swing annually and replace it if you notice any symptoms of rust or wear.

Maintenance Required to Preserve Your Wooden Indian Swing

To prolong the life of your porch swing, adequate care is essential, as is the case with any quality wooden furniture, in fact, you don’t even need to be a carpenter, and you don’t even have to detach the swing from its mounting if the wood of the swing is not too decayed. Keeping your wooden porch swing in excellent condition requires, in most cases, less than an afternoon every year.

Pine is more suited for painting, whereas durable cypress is better suited for staining. Furthermore, cedar and cypress contain natural oils that inhibit paint adhesion over time. Since paint has a propensity to chip and fades more quickly, high-quality timbers require less upkeep in the future.

As a precautionary measure against sun damage, it is essential that you apply sealers that are oil-based and contain UV protection, so make sure that you check on the label to determine if the sealants, cleansers, or coatings are suitable for the wood type of your porch swing.

In general, it is better to avoid teak oils and varnishes, as these finishes may destroy the wood’s natural oils, which prevent rot and mildew and make the wood less sensitive to insects.

There is no doubting the natural beauty and sturdiness of porch swings made from cypress wood. It is a porch swing material that, with appropriate care, will give your family many years of enjoyment.

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