How Long Does It Take to Renovate a House on Average?

Did you know that most US homeowners spend about $15,000 on average to renovate a house? Such projects are done once every few years to improve living conditions and quality of life. Each homeowner knows how much it costs to renovate a house, but how long does it take to renovate a house? That’s a different question.

The answer depends on various factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the house, etc. Keep reading to learn more about how long it takes to renovate a home as well as the average time to renovate.

Cosmetic Improvements

As mentioned earlier, the complexity of your remodeling project dictates its duration. For example, cosmetic renovations might take a few days or a few weeks. This includes painting a few doors, replacing some kitchen cabinets, etc.

Cosmetic renovations can be done with the help of a professional or completely on your own. You will need to supply the tools and materials and perform the renovations over the weekend or during your free time. Such renovations are simple to do and that’s why they don’t take long.

Medium Renovations

If you need to do more than just painting a few doors, you’re in “medium renovations” territory. These projects can take a few months and they involve replacing the floors in one or more rooms, maintaining a badly damaged roof, replacing a fireplace, etc.

Additional examples in this category would be adding a new bathroom, replacing or updating the HVAC system as well as changing old pipes.

These are more complex renovations where professional contractors are also needed. In some cases, as-built drawings are needed too. Your project could stretch for a few months, especially if your house is large and spacious.

You should embark on such a project if you have some free time at your disposal to closely supervise the work of the contractor.

Full-Scale Renovations

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Some houses, needing full-scale renovations, can take up to 12 months to renovate completely. These massive projects involve large operations such as replacing the HVAC system, expanding the garage, adding a greenhouse/sunroom/patio in your yard, etc.

Other operations performed by your contractor could be waterproofing your basement and improving a leaky foundation. You will eventually spend tens of thousands of dollars on such a project, but you’ll have a brand new home in the end.

You might want to do full-scale renovations if you have a large budget and you like the location of the house. Instead of buying a new house, you renovate the existing one and make it your dream house. Make sure that you have a lot of patience for such a complex project and find an experienced contractor to help you.

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a House? Now You Know

Hopefully, this article answered your original question, “How long does it take to renovate a house?” It’s up to you now to establish a budget, come up with a few drawings, and screen out contractors in your area.

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