Home Maintenance: How to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Having a small leak in the home can go undetected for a while, and thus start causing serious damage to the plumbing system, house, and potentially even the courtyard. Damaged water pipes could also increase the cost of the water bill. All these possible problems make it a priority to maintain one’s plumbing system in the hope of avoiding emergencies.

There are decisive measures that any resident can take in order to better prevent plumbing spillages and damage. Paying close attention to some hot spots where this could be likely to happen is one way of engaging in preventative measures. Preparing in due time can have a positive outcome and delay possible emergency plumbing situations.

The structural integrity of the house

It may seem odd to begging to assess the house’s foundational structure, but certain outside factors could affect the interior. For one, water seeping in from storms might not be gushing in with any degree of force, but it could make one think it’s actually a pipe leak. Depending on where these types of leaks happen, they can be tricky to firmly identify. Usually, the first place we think of when it comes to water leaks is our own plumbing system.

Maintaining the roof

Maintaining the roof

Dealing with leaks is not something anyone wishes, but they can happen. Identifying the source of leaks is important and sometimes hindrances can occur. Water seeping through the roof might infiltrate walls, reach existing pipes, and depending on their quality, affect the plumbing system.

Keeping the roof in good condition is an easy way to avoid this. Regularly checking the integrity of the roof, especially in the rainy season will make any damage detectable. Chimney repairs and gutter cleaning helps with leakages in the long run. Water leaks from other areas such as poor roofing further make detecting actual plumbing leaks harder.

Foundation issues

Having an unsuitable foundation can become an issue with regard to the home’s water plumbing. This usually happens where pipes are entirely or partially integrated within the foundation of a home. Weather conditions can affect the plumbing system inside the home’s foundation. Cold and warmth can cause soil movement which affects the foundation and implicitly the pipes inside.

Appliances that use water

Water leaks also often happen around these types of appliances as they are connected in some way to the water source and sewer system. Accidents can happen in these areas as multiple connectors can break down or be subjected to wear over time.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Washing machine and dishwasher

These two appliances use up a lot of water and can be very prone to leaks, if not properly cared for. Maintaining a washing machine is done with a few key factors in mind. Checking and replacing hoses every five years is one such basic maintenance necessity. It also helps to check the connections to both the water source and evacuation pipe every year.

Dishwashers have similar connections to the water source and evacuation pipes. Depending on where the appliance has been installed, it could be a little more difficult to see the connection and require taking the dishwasher out entirely. An appliance like this could stay unchecked for years, because of the inconvenience of taking it out.

Connections to water sources and drainage usually have silicone washers that seal hoses and prevent leaks. In time these washers can become damaged and could require changing them. It’s generally an easy fix and would also need some food-grade lubricant.

Keeping pipes and drains in good shape

Most issues with water leaks in the home arise from badly damaged pipes and drain. Sometimes these damages can be caused by water quality and limescale deposits from the water itself. It can be a very good option to invest in backflow preventers to avoid leaks due to clogged pipes. To help protect pipes, it’s recommended not to pour grease or burnt oils down the drain as they can contribute greatly to clogging and backflow.

When it comes to substances carried through the piped by the water itself, they can be reduced or taken out entirely, with the use of private water filtration systems. These appliances are capable of eliminating specific components from drinking water that can damage pipes and lead to leaks. More information about the many types of water filtration systems and how they work can be found at: https://www.watermasterz.com.

Colder climates pose a more serious danger with potential water leaks, as water can freeze and rupture pipes. To avoid this, the heating system in the home should be able to provide enough heat so as not to facilitate freezing temperatures. There could be instances where leaving a faucet slightly open so that the water drips will help with avoiding freezing pipes and massive spillages due to fissures.

Preventative measures against plumbing emergencies

Preventative measures against plumbing emergencies

Wanting to prevent plumbing emergencies is a common concern and thus many products have been developed to help with this. Alongside any maintenance procedures, implementing such tools will go a long way in avoiding plumbing leaks in the future.

Leak detectors

Installing leak sensors in areas that are at risk can aid in securing and preventing large water spills. What is more, certain devices have the capacity to connect to smartphones and give notification if it detects any leakage. Such devices are very useful when plumbing emergencies happen and the owners are away. A little maintenance for its sensors would be required, such as changing batteries when needed. Ordinarily, these types of sensors are very useful in large homes, so as to pinpoint exactly where a leak happens.

Smart valves

Multiple connections to the main pipe of water that comes into the home from different points will have certain vulnerabilities at these points. Outdoor faucets, as well as main water pipes indoors, will greatly benefit from smart valves. As they are connected directly to the pipes these valves can turn off the water entirely, using a phone connected to the valve.

Many different types of smart valve products are available for purchase, depending on pipe sizing or functionalities implemented. Apart from notifying owners if any leaks are happening, some valves can even indicate things like temperature and risk of freezing or increased water pressure.

All in all

Fearing water leaks is something to expect when dealing with home plumbing systems. Plumbing emergencies in apartments is one of the worst places to deal with, as it not only affects one apartment but could spill over to neighboring ones. Investing in maintenance, and even in special tools or devices to safeguard against such plumbing emergencies, will save a lot of headaches in case they happen. Fortunately, there are many options to help people deal with and prevent water leaks in their homes.

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