How To Choose Flat For College Time

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: October 2, 2020

While in college, your room becomes the go-to place after a tough day. It is also the place you will retreat to when working on personal projects to boost your career or finances. A flat is also a place where you will spend several years of your life, meaning that it must be at its best. While living here and studying, you need to feel comfortable yourself. Hire professional college essay writers for the best homework writing services for any topic or subject.

The choice of a flat is so crucial that it also affects your academic performance. Other factors like finances and the quality of the company you want while in college must also be considered. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best college flat and enhance your experience while on campus.

Inside Or Outside Campus

Do you want to live on campus or outside? The decision to live will spill over to many other aspects of your college life because each decision comes with unique advantages. For instance, campus hostels are always cheaper and keep you within the school compound, unlike living outside where you are considered an ordinary citizen.

Living outside campus comes with more freedom, but you have to bear the cost. Other factors like security and the expense of traveling to campus each day have to be considered. Further, you might miss the company of fellow students and the escapades that come with it if you are living too far away from campus. Still, living away from campus helps you to build your independence early and acclimatize with ease once you graduate.

How To Choose Flat For College Time


How close do you want to be to your campus? While it appears natural for students to enjoy the convenience of living in campus proximity, the idea might not appeal to everyone. Personal preference and availability of the room at your chosen location will affect your decision.

Living near campus reduces your transport costs. It is also convenient since you get to college within a short time, especially when running on a tight schedule. Proximity is one of the significant considerations for college students when choosing a flat to live in. It has a direct impact on your college experience.


A student must consider the price of renting an apartment before making a choice. The primary consideration is the rent you will be paying to live in the flat. It should be within a range that you can afford. The lease terms should also be favorable so that you are not forced to pay during the months when you are away from school.

The cost of renting an apartment should also consider amenities like water and electricity. Transport to and from the flat as you attend classes will also add to the price. Choose a location that reduces your expenses so that the little you have while in college can fund entrepreneurial ventures or be used to enhance your college experience.


Do you want roommates, and where would they want to live? A flat within campus may come with the condition of living with three or four other students. If you are comfortable with such an arrangement, a lot of such flats are available. Consider the choice of roommate because it will define your college experience. You might end up with a noisy one who distracts you while studying or denies you the opportunity to rest.

If you need a room to live alone, you might have to choose a flat outside campus. While it is available, it comes at a higher cost. However, you have the chance to enjoy privacy and personal space to engage in all the projects you envisage. It will be expensive to rent such a room. You might also suffer from loneliness or miss opportunities to interact with people from diverse social backgrounds.

How To Choose Flat For College Time

Surrounding Environment

In what environment do you want to live? Campus life with thousands of students might not be your ideal environment. Based on the projects you might be running, the best choice could be a quiet place away from campus. Consider the serenity of the surrounding, hygiene, and social life around the area you have rented. The surroundings should support your personality and the desired college experience.

Personal Preference

In what kind of flat do you want to spend your college years? Some want time in town, around other students, or alone. You might also want to live alone or with peers away from campus. The decision could be informed by social considerations like race, religion, and indulgences or interests that you enjoy as peers.

Choose a flat where you are comfortable spending endless months. If you have the budget, you can look for luxury Berkeley apartments for rent with your choice of amenities.  It should enhance your academic life, giving you a more enjoyable experience. Avoid any area whose environment is detrimental to your social and personal life.


It is enjoyable to live in a beautiful area. Identify a flat with exquisite finishing, a manicured compound, excellent aeration, a relaxation space, and such amenities. The view from your room should be relaxing and enjoyable. The address should elicit pride every time you invite friends or family. Furthermore, a beautiful place is cozy. Choose a beautiful place to create your college memories.


The flat should offer the perfect level of privacy you desire in your life. It begins with roommates’ presence and the opportunity to conduct personal business without people’s eve-dropping. Privacy also comes with a quiet and serene place where you can focus more on your projects or classwork. It helps you to work faster and deliver personal projects on time.

Furnished Or Unfurnished

Do you want a furnished apartment or one where you can customize the fittings? Furnished apartments are many and more comfortable to move into, but they come with restrictions. That is a choice you have to make, and it will affect your finances and comfort while in college.

A flat means comfort and the ability to work on personal projects with ease. It also means convenience to attend school as well as personal projects. Make the right choice, and your college experience will be memorable.


Is it cheaper to stay in a dorm or apartment?

Apartments are generally cheaper than dorms. That is because dorms require you to pay for room and board, including additional costs for things like food, laundry services, utilities, and more. When you move into an apartment, you only pay for what you use.

Why shouldn’t you live on campus?

1. The room and board costs can sometimes be higher than living off-campus.
2. You have to share your bathroom and space with many people.
3. You are more likely to be required to have a roommate.
4. You may have less space than living off-campus.
5. Dorms come with rules and RAs who oversee students.

How do I choose a flat for college time?

Before renting a flat for college time, you should ask yourself several questions:

1. Do you want to live on campus or outside?
2. How close do you want to be to your campus?
3. How much are you ready to pay for rent?
4. Do you want roommates, and where would they want to live?
5. In what environment do you want to live?
6. In what kind of flat do you want to spend your college years?

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