How to Design a Living Room That Is Perfect for Entertaining

A home is meant to be your place to escape to, offering that sense of warmth and comfort. But for many people, it’s more than a personal space to enjoy; it’s also the perfect place for entertaining. If you’re the ‘entertainer’ in your social circle, there is no doubt you love hosting and everything that goes along with that responsibility. But being a great host goes deeper than just sending out invites and serving up drinks and food to your guests; it’s also about creating the kind of space that your guests feel welcome and comfortable in.

Here are several ways you can design a living room that is perfect for entertaining. The result will be so ideal that you’ll probably want to host even more gatherings.

Choose Flooring That Is Eye-Catching and Easy to Maintain

Here’s a design trick that the professionals often use, and that’s to pick materials that are visually pleasing and eye-catching as well as easy to maintain. If you plan on hosting regularly, then you want flooring that will be easy to keep clean and easy to deal with when it comes to messes and accidents because, let’s face it, they happen.

As you browse through your options, some of the materials that should move to the top of the list include solid wood flooring, which brings character, warmth, and elegance to the space. There is something so timeless with wood flooring and it tends to work well with any décor/design.

How to Design a Living Room

If you like the look of solid wood flooring but it’s out of the budget, another stylish and practical flooring is laminate. You can check options like the laminate flooring from Quick-step. Laminate flooring is watertight, stain and scratch-resistant, and available in a huge array of textures and colors, making it a very popular choice with homeowners. You know that this type of flooring will hold up well over the years.

In terms of the flooring to avoid, carpeting is likely the worst one to choose. Although it’s soft and plush under the feet, it will be very difficult should you have any spills or messes to clean up. It also doesn’t tend to impart the same level of sophistication, elegance, and style as the above-mentioned choices.

Seating Is a Top Priority in the Design Plan

Seating Is a Top Priority in the Design Plan

While seating may not be something you usually give too much thought to in a design plan, for those who love hosting, it needs to be a priority. Not only do you need to offer enough seating for all your guests, but it has to be arranged in a way that encourages conversation and socialization. Depending on how big your living room is, you can even create a few seating areas/nooks that would allow for multiple conversations to be happening at once.

When choosing and laying out the seating, here are some key tips to consider:

  1. How much space are you working with? Be sure to measure twice just to be safe.
  2. How many people would you like to be able to seat at once?
  3. How will you arrange the furniture? Keep in mind the pieces should face into each other to allow for natural conversation.
  4. What kind of pieces do you want (sofa, love seat, chairs, and so forth)?
  5. Choose furniture that is comfortable and supportive so guests can be seated for long periods.
  6. Choose furniture based on construction and quality rather than what is trending at the moment.
  7. Don’t worry about all the pieces matching perfectly, as this comes off a bit boring and stuffy. Instead, stick to a color palette or theme so the pieces work together but don’t necessarily look the same.
  8. Do you want your furniture to act as visual interest and pop in the space, or would you rather it be understated and blend in with the décor? Your answer will determine the color, fabric, and texture of the furniture.

Before you even start shopping for furniture, you can use another design trick, which is to lay pieces out in the room using painter’s tape. Just tape up the areas where you want to place a piece of furniture and you will start to visualize how the space will come together.

Give Guests a Place to Set Beverages and Snacks

A good host is always sure to offer their guests beverages and snacks, so where will they set them down as they enjoy them? Coffee tables and side tables are the perfect solution and should be strategically placed so that no matter where your guest is sitting, there is a table within reach.

Combine Different Styles of Lighting

Lighting should also factor into your design plan, as there’s no doubt you will entertain at different times of the day. Sometimes, artificial lighting won’t be necessary, whereas other times it will be required. Your best bet is to combine a few different styles of lighting so that you have options, and to create a customized look. Don’t forget, lighting is more than just practical since it also adds to the ambiance in the space.

Artwork and Décor Will Bring the Space Together

Then there are the final touches which are artwork and décor. Without these items, the room will feel bare. Décor gives you a chance to show off your personality, make the space feel unique, and bring all the elements in the room together. Common pieces you can use in the space include:

  • Wall photos and/or paintings
  • Plush throw blankets
  • Luxe decorative pillows
  • Sculptures and other such pieces of art
  • Vases filled with fresh flowers
  • Scented candles
  • Area rugs
  • Mirrors

The great thing about décor is that there is no right or wrong here; it’s all about what speaks to you.

Now that you’ve gone ahead and transformed your living room, all that’s left to do is start entertaining. You’ll find that, by making these changes, the living room becomes a more welcoming and useable space for you and your guests.

Thank you for reading!

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