How to Design a Trendy and Durable Rental Property?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: April 9, 2022

Understanding our ideal renter is key to finding success in the rental property investment game. If you want high-class, high-income renters, you must find ways to make your property feel trendy, modern, and appealing. With the speed at which design trends shift and their sometimes-costly nature of them, this can be a daunting task.

How to Design a Trendy and Durable Rental Property?

First thoughts stick with you for a long time. A prospective tenant may not want to come inside if the appearance of your property isn’t up to par. Simply emphasizing your property’s positive aspects is a simple way to give it a facelift. Search for residences that are similar to yours in terms of location, price, and features (such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and square feet)

Trendy and Durable Rental Property

If a competitor’s property emphasizes a completely remodeled kitchen, avoid competing in that area if yours is over ten years old. Instead, emphasize the apartment’s large, floor-to-ceiling windows, which flood the space with light.

However, there are many amazing, durable, and money-saving design trends that can be implemented into your rental properties with ease. Whether you’re investing solo or co-investing, these upgrades are within your grasp. To get you started here is how to design a trendy and durable rental property:

Modernize Your Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets have been the same for many decades. That is, until recently. USB connections and other “smart” features are now being installed in trendy, modern living spaces (and your rental property can benefit greatly from this update). The more energy-efficient nature of modern outlet setups will help boost the durability of your project as well, so seriously consider this upgrade.

As an extra bit of spice, you can invest in stylish, painted electrical outlet covers to make renters (both current and potential ones) remember how unique and trendy your spaces are. These electrical outlet upgrades will begin to become more expected by renters in the near future, so this is an opportunity to get ahead of the competition in your area.

Lighting is Everything

Comfortable Lighting

Having proper, comfortable lighting set up in a rental property is crucial in attracting qualified, reliable renters. Poorly set up lighting fixtures, outdated lighting styles, and incorrectly maintained light bulbs will be major red flags to renters when they tour a rental property space. Tenants are impressed when they can see a property lit up in a stylish, inventive way when they are led on tour. As an added bonus, residents are less likely to cause accidental property damage in well-lit spaces.

Finding trendy lighting fixtures, eco-friendly light bulbs, and energy-efficient setups are all crucial when designing your rental properties. There’s an intimacy and professionalism to a well-lit space that not only draws in renters but that can make a space appear larger than it is in reality. Hanging lights are back in style, so consider if they fit the aesthetic of the property you’re updating. LED lights being strung up around a room to create a magical aesthetic has seen consistent success with renters as well.

Look Up When Considering Your Interior Design

Interior Design

Do not make the interior look boring and dull. Ceilings are one of the most under-utilized areas within rental properties. The plain, often-unkempt nature of ceilings in most rental properties is one of the key reasons they often feel less comfy than an actual home. That being said, new design trends are beginning to find ways to spice up this lesser-appreciated space and are revolutionizing interior design in the process.

A fresh coat of paint, trendy designs, or a nice day of maintenance on a rental property’s ceilings will wow potential renters. Looking up causes an awe-inspiring state of mind, and if you can make your ceilings beautiful, they’ll be much, much more likely to remember touring your spot. Additionally, it will give them a gorgeous piece of art to stare up at as they go to bed every night and prevent damage that’s caused by a poorly-maintained ceiling.

Outdoor Presentation is Key

The inside of a rental property is far from the only area that can have its design amped up. Entry to a rental property unit can be made fresh, appealing, and trendy for a reasonable price. With this particular upgrade, the durability of your property’s hallways and entryways will be boosted as well.

Outfront of any rental complex, it’s essential to make the rows of apartments seem warm and comfortable (otherwise, attracting renters becomes difficult). If you can up the style of your exterior design to be eye-catching from the road, you’ll draw in more style-conscious renters (who happen to have more money on average). After all, you want your residents to feel happy and proud to pull up to their new homes day after day.

Not only outdoors but do make the indoors look presentable and well shown to everyone. Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms must also be neat and fresh.

Bidets are All the Rage

Bidets are All the Rage

If you want your space to appear trendy and make the unit more efficient in terms of water usage, a bidet provides an excellent solution. Your renters will feel fresh, clean, and grateful if you provide them with one of these life-changing bathroom amenities. The rising popularity of bidets (and their now highly affordable nature) make them a solid investment for any type of rental property.

Large rental properties with many units will benefit especially well from bidet installations. The installation process is simple and quick as well, making it a perfect last-minute addition if you do not have a lot of time and money to invest in making your rental properties trendy enough to stick in renters’ minds. Finding the perfect bidet is the key to nailing this potential upgrade.

Your Rental Properties Will be the Talk of the Town

With all the amazing upgrades you add to your rental properties, competitors will be scrambling to feel as modern and trendy as you’re becoming. For rental property investors who are seeking to keep control of their properties throughout the upcoming decade, making these durable yet trendy upgrades becomes that much more important to your chances of continual success in finding qualified, well-off renters.

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