How To Design Your Room With Bold Area Rugs?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: March 15, 2022

Have you ever gone window-shopping and seen the most wonderful, bold retro Rug that you had to have? You made that impulse buying thing and now you’re stuck with a rug that is vibrantly colored, with a fun pattern, and a huge statement.

The main question here is how to style it so that it fits nicely with the rest of your room.

Luckily, there is no such thing as a bad area rug. The bold ones are fun to play with, and interior designers love making statements with them.

If you want to show off your personality, then you’ve made the right choice buying it. Store away your old, boring area rug, because it’s time for something modern!

Fit in bold area rugs

Choose the right bold Rug

Bold Rug

If you’re redecorating your home completely, this is an easier task, as you can purchase the area rug in the color and pattern that you love. But, things can be a bit limited if the area rug is the only thing that you’ll change.

Your choice may be limited, but it will be much simpler as well. Look at all the area rugs and pics of several that have the dominant color of your room.

For instance, if you have lots of small, green elements in the room, such as green ornaments and pot plants, then you can pick out area rugs in all shades of green.

For the best outcome, pick out deeper shades, in our case that would be dark, emerald green. Pastel shades do wonders as well, but if you want the Rug to become a centerpiece, you need to go all in.

Generally, choose area rugs that have at least one or two colors that fit well into the surroundings, or are complementary to the rest of the colors.

Bold pattern instead of color

10 Creative Ways to Use Rugs as Statement Pieces in Your Home

Bold can mean lots of things, especially with floorings. Area rugs can have some pretty great patterns, that will even change the whole room in terms of width and length.

You can make the room look bigger just by investing in the right Rug. If you have bigger rooms, bold patterns, and texture are highly recommended and encouraged. Your area rug can have a complex pattern that stands out in the otherwise neutral coloring.

For example, look for an area rug that has a complex pattern in vibrant colors, on a neutral background, such as beige, brown, or black. Neutrals fit well with the surroundings, and the vibrant color can be paired with ornaments in the same color, even some flowers that are in a similar shade. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Choose your space wisely

Choose your space wisely

While we highly recommend going bold, you should pay close attention to the surrounding area, and of course, you need to know when to stop. Once you see how well the area turned out with the Rug, you’ll want to continue your bold spree, but that can overcrowd the room and make it look cluttered and unpleasant.

When it comes to interior design, it’s all about balance. If you add a bold rug, you need to add neutral curtains. If you plan on adding an accent wall in bright yellow, green, or red, you should tone it down with neutral furniture, etc.

So, if you go for a bold area rug, pair it with an accent wall, or some ornaments in the same shade, but avoid going for furniture in the same shade, or curtains with complex patterns and vibrant colors. Instead, add some neutrals and pastels as well.

Your furniture can be a neutral color, such as beige or brown, or it can be a nice, complementary color to the one the Rug has. Think of blue and yellow, red and green, blue and green… those are all colors that look appealing, and you can never go wrong with them.

Start from scratch

Start from scratch 

We mentioned this in the beginning, but let us elaborate. If you’re redecorating the whole room, then you’ll have unlimited choice when it comes to furniture and other decorative pieces.

You can start with the area rug and build the whole space around it. That way, you’ll know what style you’re aiming for, and you’ll be able to fit all the pieces together, without any fallouts.

By starting from the bottom of the room, A.K.A. the flooring, you’ll get complete freedom in choosing the materials, patterns, and colors, and the best of all is that you don’t have to pair them with anything else.

The bad side of this is that you have to pair all of the rest with the Rug, such as the furniture, ornaments, and even the smallest details in the room. Choose your style of decorating, go for it, and most importantly have fun while doing it!

Here are a few tips to consider when buying your Rug

The Rug’s Size

When you go rug shopping, you should take your room measurements to choose a rug that will fit your room. Taking up every square inch of a room doesn’t look appealing, and a rug that is too small can look strange, as well.

Rugs should only be placed in areas where you are likely to walk barefoot, and there should be enough space around them.

The room where the Rug will be placed

It’s always a good idea to measure the room and sketch out a floor plan. You will likely want to place the chairs and table on the Rug when choosing a dining room rug to help define the space. If you choose a rug for a family room, you might want one that accommodates just the coffee table.

A long, narrow Rug would be ideal for a front entryway. The bottom two-thirds of the bed can be covered with a large rug, or two long runners placed on either side of the bed should suffice. Consider how much traffic the Rug will receive, whether it will get stuck under doors or present a tripping hazard.

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