How to Fix Shower Diverter? Shower Repair Explained

By: Jan Hajek | Date Posted: July 28, 2020

Imagine you go to the bathroom for a shower, and you find out the shower stall diverter is not working. What will you do? No need to panic. We have a comprehensive guide to stop the leaking water from the broken shower faucet. Repairing and mending the broken shower diverter is a bit easy task.

How to Fix Shower Diverter

A shower diverter is a device that changes the water path from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead. Most shower diverters work by a knob or pin, located in the center of the two hot and cold knobs. 

Most diverters have three valves known as tub diverter valves. Other than valve diverter showers, the showers which have detachable or handheld heads have built-in diverters.

How to Discover that the Shower Diverter Is Not Working?

After triggering the shower diverter, if water continues to leak from the shower faucet instead of the showerhead, the diverter is broken. The reason for that is a busted rubber seal, or another part of the shower diverter is blocked.

We have created a detailed step guide to troubleshoot this problem.

How does a Shower Diverter Valve work?

Shower Diverter Valve work

A shower diverter valve steers the water from the tub knob into the showerhead. The valve excludes the requirement of a segregated shower. Ensuing, we will shortly describe the varying valve types.

Some Common Shower Diverter Gates/Valves

Among the numerous shower diverters, some common types of diverter valves are:

Three-Gate Shower Diverter

Usually, these valves are in between the cold and hot taps of the main faucet; when the user turns the handle, the water direction changes to the showerhead—the cold and warm water combined to the coveted temperature.

Two-Gate Shower Diverter

These are two L-shaped valves and are similar to a three-valve diverter in a way that it leads the flow of water to the showerhead after setting the chosen temperature.  

These valves have one dial for the temperature control of the water. Usually, these valves are in between the guards on a bathroom fixture.

Tee Shaped Shower Diverter

The Tee-shaped diverter has one valve and is usually within the tub nozzle. It works by setting the desired temperature first, then pulling the top handle of the tub spout to reroute the water to the showerhead. 

The tee-shaped shower diverter is plausibly the most common sort of diverter valve. This valve has to mend benefits than the other types of valves. It is easy to change because of the simple construction and alignment. These valves cannot get integrated into plumbing pipes within the walls.  Hence, it becomes easy to replace and mend.

Showerhead Diverter Valve

The showerhead diverter valves are suitable for multiple showerhead installations. These diverter valves are best for modern and contemporary showerheads that feature a detachable handheld showerhead. Unlike the other diverter valves, it directs the water from the tub spout to more than one showerhead.

Showerhead Diverter Valve

How to Repair a Broken Shower Diverter Valve?

When you turn on the shower and found that water is not flowing out from the showerhead or water is leaking from the showerhead and tub spout simultaneously. It shows that the shower diverter needs replacement.

To repair a broken or defective shower valve, one needs to know how the shower fitted into the bathroom. Different shower settings have different repair ways. The three-valve and two-valve are inside the walls, and they need a professional plumber to replace or mend them.

How to Repair a Common Shower Diverter Gate/Valve?

To repair, replace, or mend a three-valve and two-valve shower diverter requires removing the shower controlling handle first. 

Every shower faucet has a plastic cover; push it with a screwdriver’s help and remove the handle nuts. 

The next step is to push the sleeve up the diverter. With the help socket wrench, raise the diverter gate/valve. For the correct replacement, take the removed diverter valve to the plumbing store. Therefore, you will get the right one. After that, reverse the above steps for the installation of the new one.

How to Change or Repair a Shower Diverter Gate/Valve Within the Tub Tap?

Shower Diverter Gate/Valve Within the Tub Tap

If the shower diverter valve is within the tub tap, it requires adjusting the whole tub tap. 

For this, one should have a matching screw set of the broken tub tap. So, it will unscrew without any difficulty. Always start the repairing work with all the things required to make the mending easy. 

Push the tub tap from the tiled wall, and if you do not find any screws to remove, check the inside fitting. 

Unscrew the tub tap cautiously as a slight mistake will damage the wall tiles or the plumping pipes behind the wall. After removing the tub tap head, clean the area with mild detergents and wipe it. Then install the new tub tap by screwing it up on its pipe. 

 Before fixing the new tap wrap plastic or thin rubber seal on the screw head, a pro tip is. It will prevent any leakage from the tub tap.

How to Repair or Change a Shower Head Valve Diverter?

The shower with shower head valve diverter needs to push the valve from the shower pipe by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. Check whether you want to repair the existing one or want to install a new one in it. The new showerhead diverter installation is quite simple.  

One needs to be cautious while removing the damaged one and installing the new one. To avoid any leakage after installation, make sure to tighten joints.

For repairing the broken diverter valve, you need to detach all the parts of the damaged or broken diverter valve. After close inspection, change the damaged areas with new ones. And reinstall the repaired shower head diverter.

In the given article, we provide you with the best and most simple ways to fix the broken shower diverter. Along with that, we also tried to educate you about the types of standard diverter valves. Now you can repair your shower diverter without any problem.

How to fix shower diverter FAQ

Can you repair a shower diverter?

Yes, you can; if you feel like a pro, it will be easy and a little more difficult if you are a beginner.

Can a shower diverter cause a leak?

Yes, it can be, infrequently, but not never. Call the master if you think that you can’t repair it alone.

What does the diverter valve look like?

It always has a golden color. Please do not confuse it.

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