How to fix shower diverter? Shower Repair Explained

Turning your shower on should be as easy the flip of the switch, but if your shower diverter has a problem, then you are likely to have difficulties to operates the shower. How to fix shower diverter? What most people don’t know is that you can repair your shower diverter quick and easy. In this article, we shall explore the various ways in which you can repair the diverter valve and continues to enjoy your shower.

 What is a water diverter valve?

It refers to a valve that diverts the flow of the water from the bathtub faucet direct to the showerhead. It helps facilitate you to have the shower and a bathtub in the same space, which is very important while taking your shower. Most of the shower diverters are controlled by a pin knob which you are supposed to pull. However, there are different type of shower diverter which you can use. Sometimes the diverter gate gets stuck and when you try to turn it on or pull it up and then it refuses to budge or makes squeaky. The highest chance is that it has accumulated some dirt and limescale and therefore you need to fix the problem.

How to repair a shower diverter?


Once you realize the shower diverter is broken, you need to proceed and fix the problem. A broker shower diverter is likely to waste a lot of water which could increase the water bill and also limit the shower experience. You can follow the following steps and fix your shower diverter.

  • Remove the valve diverter

You need to shut off the water first and turn the faucet on until that time when the water will stop to flows. Seeping water is likely to mess your workplace, and this could make it difficult for you to fix the broken shower diverter. Once you have ensured, there is no water leakage, and then you can move to the next step. It would help if you were more careful while removing the valve diverter to avoid causing more damages.

  • Troubleshoot the diverter

You need to identify the main issue which needs to be fixed on the shower diverter since there are some which may not need much to get restored. For instance, there are some shower which needs to tighten the screw while others need more repair and therefore troubleshooting the problem is essential. Once you try to fix the diverter and the water continues to pour then you to get further and fix the problem.

  • Remove the old shower diverter

How to fix shower diverter

You need to disassemble the shower diverter and remove all the part of the diverter, especially if your diverter has a rotating valve.  Ensure that you have unscrewed the nut of the diverter and also remove the entire valve and this would allow you to detect the problem.  You are likely to diagnose the problem and fix it if you open all the part and check the parts which could be causing the leakages.

  • Choose another new diverter

Once you have removed the old diverter, then you need to replace it with the new shower diverter, and the most suitable thing is to ensure that you get in the store with the old diverter to get the right one. There are different types of shower diverter which have different valves, and therefore you need to choose one which is the best fit for your head shower. You need to get the best replacement from the reliable store which could ensure you get a reliable item.

  • Install the new shower diverter

You need to install the new diverter in your bathroom by ensuring that you have connected all the parts of the valve with each other.  You need to make good use of the wrench, and this would help to tighten the diverter valve by ensuring that you are more careful not to overtighten. In addition to that, you also need to adjust effectively and ensure the valve is placed in the right position to ensure there is a good flow of the water.

  • Test the valve

Once you have installed the valve, then you need to proceed and test the valve by turning the water supply back and then ensure that you engage the shower diverter. You need to ensure that you have directed the water flow to the showerhead and this would ensure there is no water leakage from the bathtub.

With the above steps, you will have successfully replaced the shower diverter and stop the water leakage. A broken shower in your house is likely to cause more damage to your house, and therefore you need an urgent solution for the shower problem. It’s important to note that there are water diverter valves which are located in the spouts and therefore it would be prudent for you to take out the entire spout off and get replaced with a suitable mechanism.

There is a quick check-up which you can undertake when you have your shower diverter having a problem which includes soaking the parts in a mixture of the vinegar and water for about 15 minutes. Then you will need to use the brush and gently scrub away and then rinse off thoroughly. There are times when the shower diverter could be clogged, and this could lead to damage to the valve, and once it has been cleaned, you can be able to use it.

Prevention of shower diverter to wear and tear

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To ensure that you reduce the strain and the wear on your shower diverter you need to undertake some measures which will be aimed to prevent the leakage which includes allowed the water flow from the tub faucet for some few seconds before you can turn off the water. In addition to that, it’s worth noting if you find it hard to replace your shower diverter by yourself then you need to hire a reputational plumber who would ensure that your shower valve is replaced well.

There are readily available tutorials in the YouTube and also Google, which you can always use and fix your shower diverter within some few minutes. For the two-valve or the three-valve bathroom spouts, you need to be more careful as it needs more care for you to replace them.

How to fix shower diverter FAQ

Can you repair a shower diverter?

Yes, you can if you feel like a pro it will be easy and a little more difficult if you are a beginner.

Can a shower diverter cause a leak?

Yes, it can be, infrequently, but not never. Call the master if you think that you can’t repair it alone.

What does diverter valve look like?

It’s always have a golden color. Do not confuse it.

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