How to Get Rid Of Dog Smell in a New House

Get Rid Of Dog Smell

Who does not love dogs? But when it is time for buying or renting a new house, no one will proceed if the house has a dog smell. And if you are the owner of a beautiful house who wants to sell or rent it, you may face these issues a lot.

So, how to get rid of the dog smell in a new house? This is the burning question for every house owner.

Though it is challenging to remove dog-related odors, we have found some ways for you. So, check the methods and apply one or more in your house until you get a satisfactory result.

13 Steps to Remove Dog Smell in a New House

13 Steps to Remove Dog Smell in a New House

1. Vacuum, Vacuum, and Vacuum Every Possible Thing

Vacuum every single thing. Yes, this is a serious solution for the dog smell problem and you must do it in every square inch.

Your carpets, floor, and corners hold a lot of hair, dander, and dust. So, it is really important to remove them. And a vacuum mop will do this job easily. Why vacuum mop? Well, the vacuum mop can vacuum and wash the floor at the same time.

After you are done with the carpets, start vacuuming the furniture, walls, and every other thing you can. Any type of vacuum will serve the purpose, but you can purchase one specially designed for pet houses to get a better result.

2. Wash Everything

If only vacuuming doesn’t give a satisfactory result then you need to wash everything possible. Wash carpets, cushion covers, blankets, bed covers, and every other thing that your dog touches frequently. Wash them regularly.

3. Air Out and In

Airing out helps a lot in removing dog odors. Let the air in the house get out and some fresh air gets in. It will refresh the environment inside the house as well as remove dog smells.

Open all the windows and doors you can. Then, turn on all the ceiling fans but keep the air conditioners turned off. This will start the process of refreshing the air in the house.

In this process, make sure you keep an eye on your lovely dog. Do not let him go outside through the open doors.

4. Sweep and Mop All the Floor

Sweeping the floor is a must for removing any odor. Any kind of dust including dog hair falls on the floor. So, cleaning the floor is way more important.

Gently sweep all over the floors. Make sure, you turn off all the fans and air conditioners and don’t do the sweeping roughly. Otherwise, you will make the dust fly in the air.

After, mop the entire floor to remove the dust you missed in the sweeping. Use dog-friendly products for mopping.

5. Steam Clean Carpets

Carpet fibers hold a lot of dust, so clean all of them as soon as possible. Clean them carefully and don’t use any chemicals that are harmful to your dog. Also, keep your dogs away until the carpets are fully dry.

6. Wash Pet Beds, Toys, Dishes, and Other Thing

Pet beds, toys, food pots, dishes, and other things, as these are directly used by your dog they will spread the odor most. So, wash and clean them as well as possible.

7. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda is an excellent odor remover. Scatter some baking soda on the floor, bed cover, couch cushion, etc, wait a few minutes and then vacuum them up. It will neutralize bad smells.

Vinegar also works well for this purpose. Mix vinegar with water and spray on the floor and carpets and see the magic.

8. Change the Air Filters in Your House

If your air filters are too old then you should change them or at least clean them. Dust stocks in the filters and reduces the airflow. So, you have to clean it to restore the airflow.

To change the filter, just remove it and go to a hardware store and buy one of the same sizes. And then replace the filter easily.

When you remove the old filter, take a polybag and directly put the filter in the bag so that the dust doesn’t fall on the floor.

9. Install an Air Purifier

Air purifiers keep the environment fresh. You can invest in a purifier to get some extra results in your odor removing process.

10. Paint the Walls

After trying all the ways mentioned above, if the house still has some dog odors then you should paint the walls. As dogs may sometimes have urine on the walls, it is normal that you get odors from the walls. A smell-sealing paint will remove all of the bad scents from the walls.

11. Relocate Your Dogs

When you are in the process of removing a bad smell, you can keep your dogs away from the house until the job is complete. If you keep them outside, you must be careful with their safety.

12. Bathe Your Dogs Regularly

Most of the dogs hate to get bathed. But you must do it on a regular basis to keep your dogs clean. Because, if you keep them clean, they will keep your house smell-free. So, you can make a schedule for giving your dogs proper bathe regularly.

13. Use Perfume

If everything fails, just use perfume in the house air and on everything inside the house. This will obviously hide any bad smells.

Also, you can do nothing but use perfume to get some immediate results. Though this result will not last long, it will help your house to be sold or rented.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of the discussion and hope you have got some solution on how to get rid of dog smell in a new house.

The above-mentioned methods will surely solve your problem and give you a fresh environment in the house. The house you are trying to sell will be sold in no time.

So, you can apply one or multiple methods according to the smell condition in your house. If you can apply them correctly, there will be no dog smell in your new house.

Thank you for reading!

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