How to Organize Your Living Space With Shelves

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: April 28, 2023

A shelf on the wall is one of the oldest and simplest pieces of furniture. They allow you to find what should always be at hand quickly. But in modern design, shelves play a much more significant role, making it possible to keep the necessary in sight and decorate the interior.

How to Choose a Place for a Shelf

Maintenance services London provides most often focus on functionality, missing the visual component. Therefore, it is crucial for you to think over the most successful location of the shelf in the interior before calling handyman services. When choosing, consider:

  • helf size: it is better to hang large items separately, while small ones can be combined into a composition;
  • material: glass and plastic create an airy view, while wood and metal look more solid and heavy;
  • color: transparent shelves will suit any interior, and painted ones should be selected in accordance with the color scheme of the room.
  • style: do not hang futuristic designs in a room with a rustic interior style, etc.

If you have technical questions, for example, you want to estimate the walls’ strength and the possible shelf weight, consult any handyman services in London. Experienced professionals will help you make the right choice.

Additional Tips

Here are some more recommendations regarding shelf positioning:

Choose the size and type of shelves based on the room size. Ribbon and hanging shelves require a lot of space, while geometric and box shelves will brighten up even a tiny room.

When choosing a shelf material, think about how durable it should be. Shelves for the nursery should have the most durable fasteners.

When decorating shelves, follow the layering principle and alternate the number of items on the shelf. If you put three groups of items on the top shelf, then limiting yourself to two on the second shelf is better.

As you can see, choosing a shelf is a responsible task. Think carefully about this issue with the knowledge of all factors so that later you do not have to get rid of the shelf or move it.

Important Things to Consider

Shelves are great for camouflaging pipes and other home networks. In this case, you improve the interior and get additional storage space for the necessary things. However, it is required to consider the characteristics of the premises and the type of communication to avoid possible problems. For example, gas pipes need a particularly responsible approach. Visit the site to consult with the best gas engineers in London. They will estimate the possibility of shelf installation and help you with the process.

Shelf Care

Using shelves in the interior, consider the possibility of easy and simple care for items on display. You need to choose vases, watches, figurines, photographs under glass, and other things from which you can remove dust with a special rag or brush. It will be much more challenging to keep in order a composition of dried flowers or a collection of porcelain figures, for example. In this case, cleaning will take too long.

A Planned Receiving area

It’s a dream, isn’t it? to save time when hosting parties by not having to frantically search for belongings. to have the option to go into your front room and see all things where they ought to be.

As you make your goals, write them down. Follow your day’s plan and communicate your lounge association goals with the Make a Move Printables Cover.

You can read the guide from beginning to end or look through the table of contents. It will be beneficial to you!

How to Get Started Organizing Your Living Room

How to Get Started Organizing Your Living Room

To get started organizing your living room, all you need to do is put your mind to it. Always start off slowly. One stage marks the beginning of each mile. There are ways to become coordinated without worrying if you are overpowered.

Let’s talk about the specific steps you can take to make your living room a clean, well-organized place for entertaining and relaxing.

Identify the Purpose of Your Living Room

The first step is to determine the purpose of your living room. The whole course of sorting out will be directed by this decision.

Is it will be a permanent spot for your loved ones?

Only for amusement? Who and how will use it most?

For example, if it is only going to be used to engage visitors, you shouldn’t leave personal items like bills or clothes around.

One of the best examples of clearly defining your living room’s purpose is Lory from DesignThusiasm.

Start by organizing the shelves and drawers in a small way. Organize them first in your living room before you do anything else.

You truly need to have a planned spot to store your free things. It would be best if you also wrote down or make a mental note of how much space you actually have.

Put everything in your front room in little heaps, and choose where and how you will store them in the event that you need more space. Do you need additional containers? Should you really keep them?

As you organize your drawers and shelves, toss or donate as much as you can. Stop the cycle here because keeping too much stuff led to this mess.

The next step is to organize the tops of your tables, counters, and basically any horizontal surface in your room. You can start taking care of things since you have a few clean drawers and skill much will fit in them. With the help of these shelf styling ideas, you can display sentimental or useful items you’ve chosen to keep.

Do you need more room? Make An Overview!

The next step in organizing your living room is to keep track of how much storage you have and decide if you need more.

These notes can be written in a date book or a notepad as you clean. Take a break and step back.

Do you have any items that you can’t seem to find a home for? Try not to stuff them where you find the least resistance. Make a list of the kinds of things that need space, pile them up, and then buy space made just for that.

You won’t have to buy a tub that is too big if you buy storage that is made to fit your needs. A half-full tub just invites unorganized stuffing.

Additionally, storing your belongings in perfectly sized boxes or hanging organizers will make it simpler for you to locate what you require later. There will be no more digging through cardboard boxes.

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