Ideal Fabrics For Restaurant Chairs

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: April 6, 2022

Fabrics For Restaurant Chairs

Consider durability, comfort, style, and ease of maintenance when choosing fabrics for your restaurant chairs.

If you want to redo your restaurant, one way to make the space look attractive and modern is to choose suitable fabrics for your restaurant chairs. You want to find material that looks durable, easy to maintain, but smart. Restaurant chairs’ upholstery can be broadly classified into natural and synthetic materials.

Natural upholstery restaurant chairs

These are woven from natural materials such as plant fibers or animal products. They are breathable material and very comfortable.

Upholstered restaurant chairs provide comfort and enhance the overall look of the restaurant. However, it is essential to choose a suitable fabric as restaurant chairs are prone to leaks and food stains.

Leather restaurant chairs

Leather can give your restaurant an elegant and modern look. The advantage is that they are durable, and you can easily clean stains or spills with a damp cloth. In addition, you can maintain leather gloss by using cleansers and conditioners.

The leather is made from animal hide. The leather upholstery is rich, effortlessly infusing a sleek and sophisticated look into the restaurant. Various grades of leather are available, so ensure quality by using top-grain leather.

When considering interior design, leather restaurant chairs have many advantages. For centuries, restaurants have been furnished with simple wood furniture, and leather resurrected the interior industry, giving rise to a modern chair style that has become increasingly popular. It is possible to find three types of leather restaurant chairs – genuine, faux, and bonded – each with its own advantages and features.

Real leather restaurant chairs

Real leather restaurant chairs

When it comes to enhancing your restaurant’s interior, select from our vast collection of genuine leather restaurant seating. Its true fragrance fills your atmosphere with that luxurious, designer experience. In addition, they offer your customers a great dining experience, as well as premium, looks with unique features.

Resistant to peeling, cracking, or tearing, it is a practical and durable material notorious for aging. Through gaining softness and beauty over time, any area gets a polished, elegant look, enhancing its character. It has pores that mimic skin, and its temperature changes based on how much heat your body produces, so it is typically warmer. Since it doesn’t absorb dust, it’s resistant to dust mites and fungi, A great dust-free alternative for allergy and asthma sufferers. Resistant to sun, heat, and fire, it is a safer option.

Faux leather restaurant chairs

If you wish to purchase restaurant chairs on a budget, the Fox Leather restaurant chair is an inexpensive option and has a smoother, more consistent feel for a fraction of the cost.

The faux leather is less likely to wrinkle with the stretch component, ideal for round restaurant chair styles. The main advantage is that you can dye it in the colors of the rainbow to complete a variety of tastes and decorations. Pale shades such as cream, green and purple create a calm atmosphere, while bold colors like red, yellow, and orange will create a visual punch.

The low maintenance and resistance to scratching and fading features of leather restaurant chairs make them popular among business professionals and families who come to your restaurant. Its water- and stain-resistant surface means it can be easily cleaned in case of any spills, making it ideal for busy dining halls, especially for children. Since it is made from synthetic material, it uses no animal products and is an excellent choice for vegetarians who oppose actual leather products.

Bonded leather restaurant chairs

Bonded leather restaurant chairs draw the features of both natural and faux leather restaurant chairs. It is made from the remnants of genuine leather, glued and coated with vinyl, recycled materials, and is a popular “green” option among many of our environmentally conscious consumers. As a result, its vintage brand finish and budget cost make them in high demand.

Regardless of the style of your restaurant, a leather restaurant chair is a reliable option and is worth investing in. You can browse our full range of restaurant chairs and check out the variety of styles.

Synthetic upholstery restaurant chairs

These are artificial and are made by combining chemicals and natural products to form synthetic solid fibers.

Vinyl restaurant chairs

Vinyl is budget-friendly and is known as leatherette. The significant advantage is that it does not fade in UV light, is porous, waterproof, and can easily clean food or liquid stains. Moreover, vinyl is readily available in various prints and colors.

Reasons to choose Vinyl restaurant chairs upholstery.

The most straightforward project to impact your restaurant environment is using upholstery chairs or benches.

It’s easy to clean. Stain and splatter resistant, to take care of vinyl after light soiling, you only need to use 10% dish soap with lukewarm water, wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry.

It is permanent. But vinyl can withstand 50,000 double rubs. The double rub value is the number of times the durability test machine touches the fabric before it wears out. Stylish and durable cotton, canvas, or decor fabric is usually around 15,000, so vinyl is an intelligent choice for durability.

Leather is a high-quality upholstery. Many types of vinyl have done well to emulate the same high-quality look and feel. Diverse textures add character, and since faux leather comes in rolls instead of Vinyl patch leather, it’s easy to work.


So, while you’re still in the cold winter, you can use one of these vibrant vinyl options to challenge you to re-holster something in your restaurant before spring arrives. This basic makeover will give instant freshness to the winter blues in your restaurant.

Vinyl upholstery fabric is commonly used in many establishments, including restaurants – you may have already selected this material for your indoor or outdoor restaurant chairs because you always know the benefits.

Many people think that vinyl is a better alternative to traditional leather for their upholstery projects. Even though leather provides a sleek and elegant look, many turn to vinyl fabric for upholstery or restoring old restaurant chairs.

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