Things That You Need to Consider Before Installing a Stairlift

Installing a Stairlift

When people change their living spaces it’s important that they’re not just good to look at. It’s when renovations are practical as well as aesthetic that people really reap the benefits. It may be that you’re thinking of having a stairlift installed in your home, office building, or hotel. If you’re wanting to access more information, this article will tell you everything you need to consider beforehand.

The Basics

Stairlifts are devices that provide a way for people who have difficulty climbing stairs to travel between floors in their homes. They are typically for the elderly and those who have physical disabilities. They can be manual or motorized, and some models even have detachable seats so they can also be used as a wheelchair lift. Many stairlifts have electric-powered chairs that run on a track mounted to the stairway.

Stairlifts typically fold up against the wall when not in use, making them unobtrusive additions to peoples’ homes. There are also many commercial applications, such as in-office buildings or other public places where people need to move between floors quickly and easily.

Speaking To A Specialist Company

It’s strongly advised that you talk with some professional suppliers and installers before you make any decisions. They will have the necessary expertise and experience to best advise you. No two buildings are the same so it’s important that you end up with something that perfectly suits your requirements.

You may wish to visit the internet in search of companies that have an online presence. If you want a chair lift for stairs you can request a free in-home consultation, access live chat facilities and read helpful FAQs. It’s also possible to have virtual consultations over the phone and read about the safety features and costs.

The Staircase And Railings

There are two kinds of stairlifts commonly available on the market: straight stairlifts and curved ones. A straight stairlift is used when the staircase has a consistent shape, while a curved stairlift goes round corners and is designed for use on winding stairs. Your particular stair type will affect both the cost and installation process.

If your staircase has open railings on at least one side, you will require a seat belt system in order to safely operate the lift. This feature ensures that people will remain securely fastened during transit.

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The Safety Aspects

The stairlift must be sized appropriately for both the individual and the staircase – if it’s too large or small it could be dangerous or difficult to use. It should be anchored securely to the staircase and/or wall. Make sure there is enough space on the landing at the top and bottom of the staircase for the lift to stop safely.

If you have pets or small children, make sure they are supervised when using the stairlift as it could be a tempting place to play or hide. It’s essential that the passengers are within the weight limit of the lift, including if there are multiple users. Failing to do so could result in an accident or injury to passengers. Make sure there’s access to electricity nearby so that the unit can run without interruption or complication.

The Installation And Preparatory Work

This is not a DIY project that most people can do on their own. If you try to install the stairlift yourself, it may not be safe and you could be putting yourself or someone else in danger. It’s important to have a professional company that knows what they’re doing installing the device. If the company that supplies the stairlift installs it for you, they will be best placed to understand the product and to put it correctly in place.

Before the work begins the company will need to measure your staircase. This is so that they know how much available space exists for the device to fit into. They may also need to do some alterations (e.g. cutting through walls or making holes into other surfaces (such as doors)). This is so that the cables, wires, and pulleys can have access from one place to another without being obstructed by obstacles.

Additional Features

One extra feature you could consider is having a door opener. This provides convenience when it comes to connecting and disconnecting from the chairlift system. The auto-door feature can make life easier for users as they get in and out of their seats. It can also help avoid accidents, e.g. through someone leaving the door open when others need to use the stairs.

There is another extra feature that can help people who are carrying bags and other items on the stairlift. With some models, it’s possible to have external storage compartments installed on the stairlift carriage. This can come in handy for carrying groceries, laundry, or other necessities up and down the stairs. It means that the passenger won’t need to carry them in their hands or arms during transit (which could make them vulnerable to accidents).


Stairlifts require periodic maintenance just like any other piece of equipment in your home. In order to keep your lift running smoothly, it’s important that you schedule regular checkups and service appointments with the installer or a qualified technician.

Many companies offer annual contracts that include regular maintenance visits. If something goes wrong with your lift, be sure to call out the company immediately so they can send a technician to fix the issue. And remember, if there is ever an emergency (e.g., power outage), always have a backup plan in place.

Additional Considerations

It’s also worth checking out the warranties that companies provide, and reading online reviews regarding their stairlifts and customer service levels. You may also wish to speak to your insurance company in case they are willing to contribute anything towards the installation costs.

Whilst it will take time to do the research, it will be worth it for the end result. If you choose wisely, the stairlift will be fit for purpose and valuable addition to the home for many years to come.

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