Pros and Cons of Installing Tempered Glass Countertops

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: August 30, 2022

Long gone are the days when materials such as wood or stone were only used for home renovation and remodeling. Now, homeowners want a sophisticated yet modern look. They prefer elegant styling over conventional styling.

The same is the scenario with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Again, materials such as glass are preferred over wood. For instance, tempered glass countertops are now quite common. Glass countertops add a unique touch of styling to your home decor.

These countertops are also quite strong and durable. But, like any other material, there are some pros and cons. This article highlights some of the common pros and cons of installing tempered glass countertops. So let us get into it!

Tempered Glass Countertops – What’s So Special about Them?

Usually, it is tempered glass countertops that come to our mind when we discuss glass countertops. Well, that’s because tempered glass is a safety glass ideal for kitchen or bathroom remodeling. It is commonly known as toughened glass.

Unlike standard glass, tempered glass panels go through extreme processing and testing. This makes them less prone to minor damage and doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces upon any major damage. Due to these safety characteristics, this glass type is mostly used for home decor.

Now, let us explore some pros and cons of these glass countertops. Here are a few of them.

Pros of Installing Tempered Glass Countertops

  1. Great Durability

As mentioned earlier, tempered glass is specially treated during its manufacturing. The added durability and strength of this glass are something not to overlook. When it comes to bathroom or kitchen countertops, durability is the primary concern of the majority.

Thankfully, these glass countertops offer great durability. Moreover, tempered glass panels don’t require frequent replacements. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and also impact resistant. Therefore, they are preferred by the majority of homeowners.

  1. A One-Time Investment

A One Time Investment

If kept well, your tempered glass countertop isn’t going anywhere even for decades to come. First, the durability, added strength, and safety it offers are worth its hype. Second, it doesn’t fade away or change its appearance over time.

Standard glass usually loses its shine within a few years. The specialized coating on top of tempered glass panels makes them look as good as new. So, the anti-aging factor here also contributes to its reliability. That’s why you won’t have to think of replacing these countertops that often.

  1. Modern and Elegant Looks

Modern and Elegant Looks 1


The primary reason to opt for glass countertops is their looks. The feel of shiny, smooth glass is matchless, especially if you have a customized countertop installed. In addition, it gives a different look to any kitchen or office front desk (wherever you install it).

On top of the looks, the practicality factor wins the race. You don’t just pay for the looks of these countertops. You can use them the way you want. So you have that peace of mind in the case of tempered glass countertops.

They don’t break easily and handle minor impacts with ease. So, tempered glass is the right option for a modern yet practical countertop.

  1. Low- Maintenance

Glass countertops are quite easy to maintain. For the most part, a clean cloth is all you need to wipe off the dust, food residue, and crumbs. You can even use your home dishwashing liquid and a clean microfiber cloth for regular cleaning.

There are also dedicated cleansers available for tempered glass countertops. So, maintaining them isn’t an issue at all.

  1. Plenty of Room for Customization

Plenty of Room for Customization 1

Compared to natural stone and wood, glass countertops offer nearly endless room for customization. You can choose the glass type, it’s styling, thickness level, and even the design of your choice. There are many unique styles available to choose from.

For instance, a textured glass countertop is quite unique. The textured feel further enhances its look and feel. Similarly, you can even go with back-painted glass. Further, Glass art is also in trend nowadays. So, the room for customization is something homeowners really enjoy.

They can drastically change the looks of their chosen space by opting for a fully customized glass countertop.

Cons of Installing Tempered Glass Countertops

  1. Higher Installation Cost

Higher Installation Cost That’s a fact that tempered glass countertops aren’t that cheap. But again, the quality, durability, and safety you get in return is something invaluable. So, we can’t really say it’s a bad deal. But for homeowners who are on a tight budget, it might be a tough choice.

  1. Expensive Repairs

Usually, tempered glass countertops don’t break that easily. However, on major impact, they can get cracked. In such a case, its repair can be expensive. Further, you’ll have to replace it if it gets fully damaged. So the replacement cost is also a bit on the higher side.

Where to Buy a Quality Glass Countertop?

The overall quality and finishing of any glass countertops also matter a lot to the glass vendor you buy from. Unfortunately, some glass marketplaces don’t send the quality that they show on the internet.

So, it is recommended to always buy tempered glass countertops from a reliable and trustworthy glass vendor.

You’ll get that peace of mind and top-notch quality if you order from the glass genius marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are The Disadvantages Of Glass Countertops?

The initial installation cost may be a deal breaker for some. In this regard, it is essential to note that quality glass countertops, such as tempered glass countertops, are safe, durable, and impact-resistant countertops. So, they are worth the price.

  1. Can Tempered Glass Be Used As Countertop?

Yes, tempered glass can be used as a countertop. In fact, it’s a great idea to use tempered glass for countertops. This glass type is a strong, durable, and safe option for installation at nearly any place.

  1. Is Glass Good For Countertops?

Yes, glass is a good option for countertops. Today, quality glass options are available for great strength and durability.

Final Thoughts!

Is Glass Good For Countertops? So, now you know some of the common pros and cons of installing tempered glass countertops. You can easily observe that the pros overtake the cons. Mainly it’s the installation cost that may bother some.

However, the durability, strength, and protection tempered glass panels offer are worth each penny.

As mentioned, tempered glass is specialized glass that is tough to break. It is heat-resistant, scratch resistant, and also impact-resistant. Its safety characteristics make it the best option for installing countertops in nearly any place.

Thank you for reading!


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