If You’re Living in Texas, Invest in these Security Measures

Invest in these Security Measures

Moving into a new space can be a fascinating yet daunting task. Unfortunately, just as exciting a phase is, it is riddled with problems concerning security measures. Moving items into your new home would require you to keep them safe and protected from potential threats. The data from the FBI suggest that close to 68% of American residential households face burglaries that incur a total loss of $3.4 billion.

However, there are several effective ways to protect your home from the risk of burglars. First, of course, a new home-owner would undertake every measure to make their home appear modern – be it contemporary home décor, best energy-saving solutions, or advanced security measures. Regardless of how superior your home may look in terms of the interior, it has become increasingly important to safeguard your belongings from theft or damage. In this article, we shall look at a few investments every homeowner has to take to ensure security, especially living in Texas.

Security Measures for Texas Residents

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the burglary rate was around 470.4 every 1000 residents. Even though the crime rates have seen a downward trend, there is a rising need to ensure one protects their property at all times. Theft or damage to personal property can cause serious repercussions and hefty losses that can otherwise be avoided with good security measures.

The reason for precautions is to protect one’s belongings in case of an adverse event. Paying to replace the lost items can deplete a person of their savings. If the security measures fail at all, one can easily avail of homeowners insurance for Texas residents. A homeowners insurance will allow you coverages that pay for damages, burglaries, medical protection, and destruction to personal property. Therefore, let us look at the security actions one can take to avoid the worst scenarios.

  • Ensure good security on your doors and windows

The first and foremost action one should take to secure the household is to ensure that the doors and windows have locks on them. Intruders in Texas are adept at breaking and entering, which calls for investing in proper lock systems. It is always easy to secure the openings in your house with strike plates and deadbolts. The rates of risk make the use of smart locks far more efficient than a manual lock system.

The front doors in your home require extra reinforcement – consider hardwoods and alarm systems. All main entrances are better secured when they contain an intelligent lock and preferably a surveillance camera. Make sure that the wooden doors are strong enough so that intruders cannot kick them down. Alternatively, the sliding doors can make use of safety bars and reinforced glass. Get hold of a foot lock or a floor bolt so that the slider doors can stay put in their place.

  • Extra Reinforcement on the Windows

Extra Reinforcement on the Windows

The windows are alternatives when it comes to breaking in – thus, they require extra support to shut out all opportunities of breaking in. Develop the habit of locking all your doors and windows when you hit the bed and step out. Just a lock system on the window may not suffice at all times – a blunt force can break any and all latches.

The modern-age window sensors can set off an alert and send a phone notification when the window glass breaks. You can also install a pin lock so that you can fix your window in its place if you wish for some ventilation. The alternate options include the use of high-resistant glass and put-up curtains.

Secure your windows so that they not only safeguard the entrance to your home but also keep the valuables out of sight.

  • Secure the garage door

The garage door is the second most favorite entry point for intruders. The main reason for this is the low structural integrity of the door – kicks, latches, and lifts, and even blunt force can cause the door to give way. Therefore, ensure that the garage door remains locked at all times. Furthermore, intelligent locks are great for this opening in the house as well.

You could also invest in a home automation system so that the garage door shuts close each time it is opened. In addition, the use of padlocks and motion sensor lights can upgrade the security levels in your garage.

  • Home Security Systems

A home security system is the best investment one can make for their home. It is the most effective way of preventing burglars, stalkers, and intruders from breaking and entering. In case such a situation arises, you receive an alert and record the data through that time. In addition, security cameras deter intruders as well as they do not wish to leave a trace of their presence. Thus, homes with security cameras are less likely to be broken in.

Some home security systems may even alert law enforcement, thereby bringing any illegal activity to immediate notice. In addition, home security systems are affordable and efficient – invest in one to allow all-around protection of your home.

Of course, the easiest way to ensure security at home is to upgrade and tighten the existing security measures. The rest depends on how well you can conceal hidden items or keep them away. Keep your valuables away – preferably in a safe.

Concluding Thoughts

Apart from home security measures, a well-kept and organized household attracts less attention from intruders. Make sure to install enough light systems on the outside. Yards that are well kept allow fewer hiding spots. Most importantly, you should be extremely careful about your hiding spots for a key. It is good practice to keep a light on so as to leave an impression of someone being home. This makes burglars and intruders wary and thus, they think twice before making a move.

Take the right measures to discourage burglars from breaking into your home and causing havoc. With the proper steps towards a secure home, you can easily avoid a breach of security.

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