Keep your Garage Organized with these 10 Tips

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: October 6, 2022

Keep It Clean

Initially, people built garages for the safe parking of vehicles. Over time, they have turned into more than just a parking lot. Garages have continued to serve as assets in many homes. A trip down memory lane would show businesses like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all taking off from a garage space.

However, for a space that offers so much value, we must keep it tidy. You don’t always have to search hard for that spanner or fall over that gardening hose each time you walk into your garage.

Wouldn’t you like it if you knew where every item was without dialing Sherlock Holmes? It all begins with keeping your garage organized.

We have put 10 tips together to help you keep your garage organized.

  1. Light it Up

Well lit garage workspace with modern lighting fixtures

Have you ever considered the effect of a properly lit room? Aside from its aesthetic value, it could affect your disposition towards a place or thing more than you realize. A study by Kenan-Flagler Business School proves that better-lit environments equal better productivity and alertness.

A poorly lit garage is more likely to look like a junkyard than one with much better lighting. Better illumination gives you a better view of your immediate environment. This makes staying organized a lot easier.

  1. Draw Out a Reasonable Plan

Planning is the bedrock of any successful activity. It is necessary to plan ahead for a garage cleanout. A good plan would help you partition your space and decide the best way to arrange your items.

In planning your garage cleanout, you should consider the size of your garage and the amount of load in it. If possible, a graphical representation can help give you a clearer picture of how you’d want your garage to look.

  1. Categorize your Stuff

The next step would be to classify your items under different categories. You can achieve this by grouping items based on their use or function. Put items that serve similar purposes in the same category, for example, gardening tools or automotive equipment. Further grouping can be done based on the size and weight of the items to be kept in the garage. This should give you an idea of where to store smaller items, as well as how larger ones can fit in.

  1. Get Bins

Get Bins

Bins are plastic containers that serve as storage boxes. They can be labeled and used to store different types of tools or work materials. You could have a bin for mechanical tools like your hydraulic jack, a drill, wrenches, and other handy tools. Another bin could contain tools like gardening shears, hand trowels, hand forks, e. t. c.

Bins are often made of lightweight materials and are easy to lift. They also come in varying sizes to suit your needs. Storing items in bins would go a long way in ensuring that your items are not scattered all over the place. It has also been proven to decrease cases of lost or misplaced work tools.

  1. Racks, Racks, and More Racks

Spacious and organized garage with items neatly stored and labeled storage containers and items mounted on the wall

Racks are shelving units designed to hold items in place. Installing a few in your garage will help keep the place organized. One good thing is that racks come in varying sizes and can help you utilize space in a way that you never thought possible.

Rather than parking that bicycle in the corner of the garage or leaving those extra tires on the floor, installing a rack with hangers or wall trackers can free up the extra space on the ground. They can hold your bins in place while ensuring that other items like golf clubs, baseball bats, or even umbrellas have a place to hang. People check out sites like for racks to organize their garages.

  1. Get Rid of the Non-essentials

After creating enough room for the essentials, it’s time to rid your garage of the things with next to no value. These could range from damaged items like old gadgets and equipment to outgrown clothing or kids’ toys.

Whatever the case, if it’s no longer in use, it belongs with the refuse. Depending on the amount and nature of work, it could help to keep a waste bin in the garage. This should allow for proper waste disposal or recycling (in the case of recyclable waste).

  1. Use Movable Work Equipment

If you use heavy equipment for work in your garage, then you should use easily movable ones. Some examples are a rollable ladder, a workbench, a cupboard, or a machine with tires. These should enable ease of movement before or after usage.

  1. Lighten Up the Mood and Workload

If your garage has been out of the use or abandoned for a while, you may need to put in more work to get your desired results than the average garage that’s constantly in use.

You may need some help from a few family members or friends. As the saying goes, “The more, the merrier.” A little hand here, a little push there, and the job gets done much faster and with less stress on a single individual.

Another perfect way to lighten up the mood would be to include a playlist of your favorite songs. You might agree that chores are better done with some good music on. There is nothing like rocking to some good oldies collection with your garage as your stage and the mop stick or broom as your mic or electric guitar.

  1. Keep Pets Out

Many people do not want to hear this, but it has to be said. Your garage is not a pet house, nor is it an animal farm. Construct a pet house for your animal friend away from your garage. This will leave some extra space at your disposal for some other use.

  1. Dedicate Time for Periodic Cleaning Rounds

If you’ve gotten all way here, then you’ve done a great job. All the work you’ve done so far will likely go to waste with no regular clean-ups. Scheduling regular cleaning dates with your garage is vital to keeping it organized. You may decide to do it weekly, monthly, or whatever works best for you. Whatever you choose, be sure to follow through faithfully.

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