Living Room Renovation Ideas on a Budget

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: September 16, 2022

Homeowners often get bored of their living room decor and wish to change it. However, not everyone might have a high budget.

Don’t worry; we have created a detailed list of some of the cheapest living room renovation ideas for homeowners. From getting a new wallpaper to a fresh coat of paint for your existing furniture, there are numerous ways to make your living room look modern and trendy.

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Affordable living room renovation ideas

Here are some cost-effective living room renovation tips to give this special space a makeover.

Rearrange the furniture

This is probably the best way to give your living room a makeover. If you are bored with the layout of your living room, then why not try something new?

For example, you can pull the furniture away from the wall and use a painting or artwork as a focal point instead of the TV monitor. You can also rearrange the sofa set and the coffee table.

Get new paintings

A great alternative to photo frames and pictures is to get an attractive wall piece. They can be easily bought online or in retail stores. This is a great way to liven up a blank wall in your living room.

If you have an attractive bed sheet or blanket, you can always use it as a wall hanging. This can help you save a significant amount of money in addition to making the space look more attractive.

Get house plants

Plants are an effective way to add design to your living space. They add color and life to your house. You can easily buy indoor plants from any retail store or online.

Nowadays, they are also available as wall hangings and in small pots. On the other hand, larger plants can be expensive, so getting a group of small plants of different heights is advised to create the illusion of greenery.

A trendy yet inexpensive idea is to have a gallery wall. This is a great way to fill a blank wall and give your living space a personality. You can use old photographs, prints, and record covers put them in a frame, and hang them up like collages.

Removable wallpaper

If you are confused about what wallpaper to get for your living space, you can always buy removable wallpapers. If you are not satisfied with the alterations, you can remove the paper anytime you want.

Change cushions or cushion covers

Change cushions or cushion covers

Changing the cushions in your living space is a good idea as they are the most versatile part of soft furnishing. Cushions are available in different sizes, shapes, and textures. So you can select any matching pillows and cushion covers to uplift your living room.

Budget-friendly paint

There are thousands of painting options available in the market. You can easily select a budget-friendly paint to transform your room entirely. Remember to choose the wall colors that reflect a pleasant mood and calmness and one that also goes with the type of furniture you own.

Upgrade living room accessories

For a cheap living room makeover, you can replace old items. Minor upgrades won’t be expensive; you can simply replace fabric lamp shades and coffee table items.

Underfoot makeover

A good idea for a living room renovation is to start from the ground. You can buy a few carpets or rugs, preferably neutral colored or solid colored options which complement your living room colors and furniture.

Add a mirror

You can also consider adding a decorative mirror to your living room. This will instantly add some depth to your room and uplift the decor. Also, you do not need to hang it on a wall; you can simply keep it in a corner.

Consider the lighting

Most people tend to forget that apart from the furniture and room color, lighting is also an important part that adds to the look of your living space. Using different colored lights is a great way to add to the ambiance and mood.

So, quickly grab a pair of table and floor lamps to add instant elegance. You can also try out a chandelier to give your room a professionally finished look.

Give your old furniture some TLC

Nothing looks sad than an old piece of rugged furniture in your living space. So if you have an old sofa, you can consider covering it with new and attractive colors which can change the entire look of your living room.

However, reupholstering large furniture can be pretty expensive. So an affordable solution is to cover them up with a nice cloth. If your living room renovation ideas budget is modest, this is a great way of saving some money.

Consider painting the floor

This might be a troublesome task, but it is also a budget-friendly option for renovating your living room. Painting the floorboards is an exciting project which won’t cost you much. However, it will entirely change the look of your space.

Curate interesting items

A unique but budget living room renovation Idea would be to shop for items that display your style and personality. Of course, you can always surf the internet or thrift shops in your locality to look for prints and display items that you can arrange on the center table.

Get new curtains

Have you noticed that your living room curtains have slightly faded and do not match the color and items in the room? Then this is the perfect time to switch your curtains.

You can go to any furniture store and get modern and light curtains that match the color of your room and will make your room feel brighter and fresher. It is always advised to hang these curtains a couple of inches above the window frame to make your windows look longer.


Your living room is the most used space in your apartment. Therefore, it needs to look attractive and welcoming. You can always follow these living room renovation ideas to get a completely new living space at an affordable rate.

Good luck with the renovation!

Thank you for reading!


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