7 Things You Ought To Know About Maintaining A Large Property

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: August 18, 2022

Every home needs maintenance. Whether it is cleaning up the bedrooms, painting its walls, repairing the roof, or cutting the lawn, a house will always demand your attention. Although almost no one enjoys doing these activities, most of us simply accept this as a fact.

Large Property

However, certain issues are more prone to appear in bigger houses than in smaller ones. These tend to catch owners by surprise. This is why we are providing 7 relevant things to know about large home maintenance.

Always Check for Foundation Problems

The weather does nothing but damage to your house. Although we are focusing merely on large homes, the truth is that every house suffers from harsh weather conditions. The only issue with bigger properties is that it takes a bit longer to do a quick check-up and find any potential issues.

Look out for exterior cracks, rotten wood, tile cracks, nails popping out of the drywalls, and worn paint. Unfortunately, even if you take proper measures to prevent these problems from arising, you’ll have to face them sooner or later.

In other words, sometimes, the best solution is not only to solve a problem but to prevent it from happening altogether before it escalates.

Take Care of The Garden

How Gardening at Home Helps the Environment

More often than not, large properties come with big gardens. Naturally, you’ll have to spend some time cutting the grass, removing fallen leaves, and doing other outdoor chores.

We recommend applying certain techniques to have a healthier garden and avoid unnecessary hard work. First of all, consider using organic fertilizers, and add them annually. This will keep your flowers and plants healthier.

Second, mow your garden in rows. It is better if you have a big riding lawn mower. That way, you are facilitating this tedious task.

Lastly, opt for plants that are easier to maintain. These include small trees (like the smoke tree), Peonies, and Barberries. Check for more plants whose leaves rarely fall, so you save yourself from such demanding activities.

Watch for Burglary

Burglary is a huge threat to your family and belongings. Sadly, larger houses tend to be the main target of this. Protecting it is a must, and you should be aware of your house’s weak points.

For example, if a hole in the roof or wall leads to your attic, that’s a possible entrance for a burglar. Make sure these weak points are covered, even if it requires nailing a few planks on it.

In addition, install some lights in your front yard. The brighter the lights, the better. After all, thieves fear exposure. You could try installing some move-detector lights to avoid spending too much on electricity bills.

Last but not least is analyzing the strength of your locks, doors, and windows. If you notice any weak door or glass, replace it with a stronger one. Change locks in case they are rusty or seem inefficient.

Cleaning Is Time-Consuming

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Picture the following. You return tired from your job. Your boss was mean to you, and you’ve been stuck in traffic for hours. A terrible day, indeed. You want to go to sleep and forget about it once and for all. However, this is impossible: your house is messy, and you must clean it up.

This is an unfortunate event. No one should have to clean their home after returning from a long day of work.

The best solution is to contract a cleaning service that takes the burden off of your back. As the information found at https://www.happyhomehelpers.com states, a home should be a happy place and deep cleaning should be left to the professionals.

Results matter and no one enjoys returning to a sad home after a sad day, this is why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come a few times a week.

Although maintaining a large house requires hard work and effort, you have to give yourself a break now and then. Not to mention, it is almost impossible to own a large property and take care of it alone.

Heating Issues

If you have a big house, then you’ll need more heat. More heat means more bills. To avoid spending more money than you should, simply make sure that the boiler is working properly.

Another tip is to check every window. More often than not, there might be a small gap from which warm air leaks to the outside. This, of course, is a heat waster. If you take a day off to re-check everything is in order, you’ll be amazed at how much money you end up saving by the end of the year.

The Sink Is a Silent Enemy


Sinks present lots of problems that need to be addressed sooner or later. The main issue, of course, is a leak. These not only stop water from running properly but could also affect your sewer system due to leaking water and rusting the tubes.

There are more problems, such as clogs and drips. The wisest step you could take is to have them checked by professionals now and then. After all, you’ll find many potential threats way before they become a huge menace.

Unnecessary Lights

A big house has many rooms. This means that the more rooms a home has, the more light and electricity it consumes. It is natural to forget to turn a light off. As soon as we return to that room, we find that the light has been on for hours on end.

If this happens once, it will not cause problems at all. The real danger relies on doing it repeatedly. This is why you need to make it a habit to check that all the lights are turned off, and electric outlets are as well to save energy.

Having a large property demands a lot of effort. Maintaining it is tedious, and too many details need to be attended to. However, with the help of professionals, nothing will go wrong. On the contrary, you’ll realize how much of a joy it is to have a large property.

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