6 Tips to Help You Make Your Home More Luxurious

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: June 15, 2022

Make Your Home More Luxurious

We would all love to live in a high-end, beautiful, luxurious-looking home, but is it that simple? If you can shop around and get some pieces of posh furniture and décor items, you are maybe midway there, but you will still need some styling wit and interior designing tips to build the house of your dreams.

There is a common myth that we need a substantial budget to get a luxurious home. But the truth is you can make a few tweaks and changes to make your home feel as elegant as a hotel suite all while spending very little.

To make your home more luxurious, you need to consider all the aspects of the interior design, from the floor to the walls and the ceiling. There should be no surface left untreated. You want to have a visual language, from the pattern on the floor to the color of the walls.

Let’s dive deep into the designers’ secrets and tips to make your home more luxurious.

Bright And White Walls

When it comes to redoing a space or freshening up the home, usually, people start with the wall colors. So, if you decide to stick to a neutral color palette and white walls, you will have a high-end, more luxurious-looking space.

White paint is timeless as it can brighten up your home and make it look new and fresh. White walls give you the liberty to add different colors and textures to rugs, furniture, and decor. It is also beneficial in making your home look bigger and brighter. When designing your small living room or dining area, consider pairing your neutral color palette walls with warm white or gold lighting. So, if you have all beige or multi-color walls around your house, paint them white and experience the vast difference.

Add High-End Materials

One of our favorite high-end materials to add to a home is granite, which works like a charm in creating a luxe home interior. The simplest way to have this luxurious-looking material in your house is by placing prefab granite countertops in the kitchen aisle or a wooden Chester table top. The information provided by Francostone indicates that customized granite can give your home new life. You can add this material in various forms around your home, all according to your preferences.

Balance Out Lighting

Spread the light around a room by placing lamps in each corner. Implementing soft light will upscale the vibe of the entire room. Depending solely on ceiling lighting is not a good idea. It will present the room as dull and bare. Try placing a giant lamp on the hallway chest to create a warm, welcoming ambiance, especially during the fall and winter.

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. A good lighting plan hinges on the light source’s features. For instance, color temperature is used to control the warmth in a space. We can use different lighting sources to design a room’s lighting plan.

Apply The Rule of Three

Apply The Rule of Three

According to this rule, use different items in sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Group them in a set of three. It will give dynamic angles and layers and quickly create a comfortable, well-styled space.

One of our favorite settings consists of a plant, dried or stem, in a basket or vase, with a ceramic piece to add an architectural shape and something to add texture like a book or tray. When styling those three pieces, think about what they are. For instance, if you have a plant whose stems are high, have something flowing in the lower base. Then, throw in a décor piece in between. It will surely give you a designer look no matter what you use to decorate that space.

Get Matching Dishes

When you open your cabinet and see different colors, sizes, and materials of dishes, it just looks messy and tacky. So, one easy change you can make is getting matching plates. You don’t have to buy expensive dinner sets. You can just thrift the entire collection at a thrift store. You will get a more luxurious-looking kitchen, whether with a closed cabinet or open shelving, as long as they all fit.

Accessible Furniture Layouts

There is just something comfortable and easy to look at about a well-put-together space with a good furniture layout. If you have furniture pushed against the wall and not organized in a way that allows for conversation and focal points, your home will not give that high-end luxurious feel.

You need to be creative with your furniture layout. It should be something that can be changed up and moved around as desired. The same thing goes for other rooms, for instance, the bedroom. Try making it symmetrical and balanced. Your bed should be the first thing you see when you walk in. Do not push your bed towards a corner of the room.

Bonus Tip: Set the Stage with Scent

So, you may have noticed that when you walk into a hotel room or a designer store, they have a certain scent to them. This is simply because scent matters and is very memorable. When you walk into someone’s home and smell something misty or not pleasing to the nose, it doesn’t create the homey experience you are looking for. Use scent as an element of your interior design to make the first impression of your house simply rich and upscaled. Sometimes, you can either light up some scented candles, use a diffuser with your choice of scented oil, or go with your favorite room spray. You will then surely start getting compliments about your luxe-feeling house.

Your home is an extension of your energy and should feel that way to you and everyone who visits you. You just need to be more selective about what you choose to put in it, how you put it in and stay keen-sighted about the latent energy. So, do not waste your money buying expensive items. Instead, buy the affordable décor and style them like a professional designer following these instinctive tips.

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