Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter

By: Dustin | Date Posted: June 5, 2021

The showering diverter valve enables you to redirect water back & forth between the tub faucet or the showerhead if you have the shower-tub mixture in the bathroom.

Shower diverters, though being essential equipment, could malfunction & require replacement from time to time. First, however, we will explain what the homeowner deserves to learn about diverters, whether choosing the appropriate new valve and repairing one that already exists.

What Are Shower Diverters & How Do They Work?

A water pipe that connects the tub faucet with your showerhead likewise extends upward. Thus, water runs directly via the tap & in the tub whenever the diverter opens the gate.

Meanwhile, when you wish to take a bath, you shut the diverting valve by lifting the knob/handle the water was forced upward or out from the showerhead due to the force created.

What Does A Diverter Valve In A Shower?

A shower diverter ensures that water flows easily from the showerhead to the Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter. We can commonly see such valves in older houses built earlier; built-in valves had become the norm.

Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea what a shower diversion valve is and how to detect related issues when they occur.

Shower Diverter Valves Types

Three-Valve Diversion: A three-valve absorber would be a tap/lever that sits between warm/cold taps of the two-tap faucets. Flip the diversion 180 ° to engage it, and rotate it again until you’re finished.

Two-Valve Diversion: We could put the two-valve diverter between the faucets of something like a two-tap valve or even in the center of a singular spout that adjusts the temperature.

A Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter has a single valve diverter called a tee diversion. Lift mostly on the lever throughout the faucet and activate your diverter.

What Would The Diverter Shower Valves Perform?

However, regardless of the sort of shower valve diversion you have, they all serve the same function. The diverter resembles a pin raised forward from the spout of a Mobile Home Tub Faucet With a Shower Diverter. It could appear as a third handle or even a button that requires it to be pressed or pulled.

Whenever the valve turns on, it contacts the rubber stopper, causing the liquid to travel in the other direction. The fluid is forced up towards the shower heads by this force, allowing you to bathe. Likewise, when we withdraw the plug, water will flow in the opposite direction, filling the bathtubs.

Diverter Valves: When Do You Should Replace Or Repair Them?

It could be hard to identify problems with the bathroom diverter valve only with an inexperienced gaze. It is because it is concealed behind the surface or within the faucet directly.

Although you might not be capable of seeing any visible damage, any problem in your valves could be easily detected by looking into how the flow of water out of the showering head and faucet.

Here Are A Few Things To Keep An Eye Out For

Leaking faucet making a sound. There seem to be various conditions that can cause continual dripping, & continual dripping can annoy and unnecessarily increase energy bills. A constant drip is usually a symptom of a problem with the faucets, and it might even be a diverter-valve problem.

Leakage handles. Because often, positioning the diverter valves beneath the handles is typically a telling sign that anything is missing. As the sealing between the outside of the grip and the valve within the water system is subject to deterioration, leaky handles could become rather prevalent over time.

There are problems with showerheads. You must be ready to detect issues with the shower quite quickly. The shower valves control whether it dispenses the liquid from the bottom bath faucet or the showering head.

Water might keep flowing from the bath faucets, whereas the shower diversion valve is activated in some cases, signaling the need for repairs.

Rust & filth. Personal injury or corrosion and dirt on your bathroom diverter valve would be brutal to see due to its placement.

It’s better to call a professional quickly as you realize something is wrong with the faucet/valve. As case of putting that off, your regular utility bills may continue to rise.

There are branded mobile home tub faucets with shower diverters available on the market. Here we would tell you about some good tub faucets for home.

5 Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter Recommendation

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1. Rv Danco Mobile Home Tub Shower

Rv Danco Mobile Home Tub Shower



  • Designed for mobile homes & RV
  • Handle Finish- Clear
  • Faucet style- offset & center set
  • Weight- 1.25 pounds
  • Pattern- Full
  • Color- Chrome/ Acrylic

Towards the faucet’s tub/shower or your basin, a center-set tap seems to be the most prevalent form. The water connectors are spaced 8 inches away, with a 4-inch gap between the outside & middle connectors. For precise control, the 2-handle design elements separate knobs for warm & cool water.

Made Danco’s newest Off-Set Portable Home faucet with a rigid plastic that will endure long. The freshwater connections were spaced 8 inches away, with a 4-inch gap between the outside & middle connectors. For better control, the 2-handle unique features distinct handles providing warm & cool water.

It required the shower faucet to complement worn-out, leaking shower valves found in prefab, modular, mobile home & RV homes.

CENTER-SET Layout: For real warm & chilly water changes, the 8-inch center-set form has distinct plastic knob-style controls.

This pull-up design showering diverter distracts water from tub outflow to a showerhead unit on this 5-inch Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter.

The 3-hole layout of plastic threaded hocks underneath the faucet head makes Assembly a pleasure.

The long-lasting plastic construction ensures performance & longevity in everyday use.

CHROME FINISH provides your Mobile Home Tub Faucet With Shower Diverter in a traditional vintage style that would suit your current shower fittings.


Danco is among the significant plumbing repair, replacement, & remodeling suppliers inside the house improvement market, focusing primarily on providing plumbing options that are both practical and economical, giving your house a younger look & restored beauty.

They offer beautiful, user-friendly, creative home solutions to help and inspire people to independently take on home improvement projects – even without the high cost of professional services. For example, Danco’s Tub & Shower Faucet in Mobile Homes are a great way to upgrade plumbing fixtures.

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  • Intended For Portable Homes & Recreational Vehicles (RVs).
  • A Two-handle Design Allows For Exact Warm & Cool Water Temperature Adjustment.
  • Included Is A Faucet Regulator.
  • The Plastic Structure Is Long-lasting.
  • Underneath The Faucet Head Is Pvc Threaded Shanks.
  • Small House Faucet, Center-set 8 Inches.
  • For Assembly, it didn’t include a rough-in regulator.


  • The plastic material used is not good

2. Laguna Brass Mobile Home Shower Diverter

Laguna Brass Mobile Home Shower Diverter



  • Brand- Laguna brass
  • Material- Plastic
  • Finish Type- Chrome
  • Installation Method- Wall-mounted

Laguna Brass has a wide range of creatively designed plumbing fixtures and accessories. They want to provide you with a faucet that does much more than just distribute water. This faucet is a perfect match for your lifestyle and personal taste. Consider what you’re doing with your tap, & we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Created the Tub-shower diverter with two handles with the non-metallic (polymer).

Ideal for prefab, modular, & mobile houses, three holes 8″ setup

For the convenience of use & precise temp regulation, they use the lever grips having quarter-turn limits.

The cartridge’s lack of a washer guarantees that it will endure a long time.

Installation is simple.


It developed Its non-metallic polymer faucets & showers to meet minimum hygiene requirements. And also to adapt into a small space & save water with the most simple hand-held single-function showerhead to such high-arc faucets to brass spout.

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  • It is enhanced with Traditional Transitional décor by the elegant design.
  • For the convenience of use and precise thermal insulation, it uses lever grips with quarter-turn limits.
  • The cartridge’s lack of a washer guarantees that it will endure a long time.
  • Plumbing & connections that are normal in the United States
  • Style: 8″ center-set
  • Included are rough-in valves.
  • Brushed nickel & brushed bronze finishes are also accessible.


  • When you push the handle hard, it breaks easily
  • Materials are not of good quality

3. Faucet Set Of Pop Shower 

Faucet Set Of Pop Shower 



  • Weight- 8.33 pounds
  • Water consumption- 6.8LPM
  • Size- 8 inch
  • Flow rate- 1.8 gallons per minute

WHAT YOU WILL REQUIRE: Are you fed up with having to replace your complete shower system every year? Do you want a long-lasting, elegant-looking shower system that will endure the passage of time? It now has the ideal option!

Superior Quality Equipment: This showering set is made entirely of high-quality, hand-selected metal components guaranteed to last for years despite heavy use. The combination of Stainless Steel & Brass is non-corrosive, & Oil Rubbed Brass gives any bathroom design a beautiful appeal!

AIR INJECTION Technique: The novel air injection method could save you about 30% on liquid which is also great for noise removal. For places with low water flow, the air and water combination is ideal!

8 PIECES Available IN Each PACKAGE “All you’ll need for the best shower experience is a showerhead, a bathtub spout, a water holder, as well as control valves. 


Easy Installation: There are no particular skills or work required to install this showering kit & this is suitable for any type of piping. Place your purchase with assurance & have the eight installed as soon as possible. “In your restroom, place a rainfall showering head over the hidden water pipe!

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  • Rainshower heads & tub spout are included in the complete showering set.
  • Shower Arm with a Concealed Walls Mounting Installation
  • Corrosion is number three. Resistant and long-lasting
  • Durable Ceramic Cartridge for Longer Service Life.
  • Helpful Customer Service for Any Installation Issues
  • Ultrathin shower head
  • High-flow tub sprout


  • Sometimes the valve leaks. 

4. American Brass Shower Diverter

American Brass Shower Diverter


Manufacturer-American Brass

Model- 381

Weight- 1.1 pounds

For RV Maritime & Home Installations, American Brass Casting Company manufactures lavatory taps, dining faucets, showering valves, gardening tub fillers, rain shower sets, lavatory drains, & soap dispensers.


Such a brand is for multipurpose use. Unfortunately, many do not know about this brand. But it is available on the online market.

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  • 4″ on center mounting width
  • installation with two holes
  • Compression of 3/4 turn; strong brass structure
  • It includes a vacuum breaker for the optional showerhead hose connection.
  • It also includes Shower equipment.


  • Comparatively made it with materials of less quality.

5. Hose Sprayer Sink Faucet By Klleyna

Hose Sprayer Sink Faucet By Klleyna



  • Brand- Klleyna
  • Weight- 1.72 pounds
  • Finish- Chrome
  • Installation- screw-in

To the faucets, attach an extended shower head complete hose & holder. There’s no need to be concerned about the prior holder and hose not fitting.

Also used for Hair washing, cleaning, refilling buckets, washing pets, elderly care in the sink, bathtub faucet, or kitchenette faucet.

Connect to the contemporary washbasin, tub, or utilitarian sink faucets. It is also a good idea to use it as a kitchen front sprayer. We offer a variety of adapters to accommodate various installation scenarios.

It is not necessary to eliminate the hoses & shower heads after each use.

Make a child shower a fur rinse or even a sponge scrub for your pet. The stainless hose is extra long at 5 feet (59 inches) and can reach almost everywhere.


You won’t have to invest hundreds of dollars on a new faucet if you’re using the tub faucet’s spray attachment. Instead, enjoy the bath inside the tub, simply diverting water from a spout.

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  • Easy installation
  • Good sink attachment
  • Suitable for many areas
  • Multi modes available
  • High-pressure showerhead
  • High-quality parts 
  • Safe materials


  • Some hose leaks after continuous usage.

Final Thoughts

We can set the Mobile house tub faucets on the side and one edge of the bathtub, typically seen in earlier tiny houses. Such tub faucet often features a diverter that may pull upward to block all liquid inside the spout & push it upward into showerheads that links to the taps through a separate tube beneath the walls.

Tub faucets for mobile homes come in various styles, but changing one is simple if you select one that fits the whole arrangement that currently exists.

Tub faucets are available with holes six or five-inch in the center (the distance between the center of hot & cold water pipes). It mentioned a few tub faucets that would help you resolve your bathroom shower issues. I hope you find this helpful.

Thank you for reading!


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