Modern kitchen tips for a cutting-edge design

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 22, 2022

Let’s dive into how to design a modern kitchen with this complete guide.

modern kitchen

The secret to designing a modern cooking space is to consider all the room’s elements and create a cohesive look. Designing any room starts with inspiration, but when it comes to creating a modern design for the kitchen, you must ensure the space provides adequate storage space, a practical layout that makes preparing meals easy, sufficient countertops, and the necessary appliances.

A successfully executed kitchen will balance functionality with aesthetics, so it’s essential to research both aspects. You can look for information online on what layouts, cabinet styles, appliances, and storage are suitable for a modern kitchen. And don’t forget that the positions of services like water supply, lighting, drainage, and ventilation should be decided before installing the cabinets and countertops.

Your kitchen is an investment, so establish the budget and write a shortlist of companies that provide services and products within your range.

Make a portfolio of modern kitchen ideas

Before buying anything, get inspired. Open Pinterest and collect your favorite modern kitchen ideas in a folder to determine what you like and what you don’t. Pin ideas for cabinets, drawer fronts, cabinet finishes, kitchen looks, handles, materials, and accessories. Look for countertop ideas and research online for the average price for each material because your budget might restrict you to a limited range. You can choose from wood, ceramic, natural stone, concrete, solid surfaces, engineered stone, and plastic laminate countertops.

Consult with your family on the kitchen ideas you prefer, and ensure each detail is established before hiring the contractor.

Choose the color palette

The colour palette in the kitchen dramatically impacts the feel of the room; hence you must decide what atmosphere you want to create. If you want to build a lively space where your family and friends enjoy spending their time, you could use a pop of color. This might imply using bright hues for the cabinets, drawer faces, walls, or appliances. However, when you bring pops of colors into a room like a kitchen, ensure you contrast them with the other elements. If you don’t like bold hues, you can pick warmer tones like neutrals and browns because they make the space look cozier. When browsing through Pinterest boards with modern kitchen ideas, you can decide what colors you like more and what kind of vibe you desire for your cooking space.

Decide how you want to use the space

white wooden table with chairs

Before ordering cabinets and drawers, you must establish your priorities and needs. Think carefully about how you want to use the kitchen and what requirements it should meet. Do you want to cook daily? Do you want to serve family meals? Do you need a kitchen island? Is your dining or living area incorporated into the design? What appliances do you want to fit in?

Answering the above questions will help you establish what kitchen layout is ideal for your cooking space, so think about how you want to use the kitchen to identify the best kitchen shape.

Ensure your kitchen provides you with enough storage

A modern kitchen should integrate smart storage, so consider the spaces from the very start. You can create storage solutions throughout the kitchen to serve your needs. You can build a kitchen pantry to consolidate appliances and food stores into a single location, easily accessible to everyone. In case you cannot fit everything into a single place, set priorities. If you want to extend the storage space, install ceiling-high cabinets and place the items you occasionally use on the top shelves.

Decide upon the finishes

The modern design brings natural and industrial elements into the same space to create a form-follows-function look. A modern kitchen often includes materials like wood, glass, steel, and chrome. Reflective textures and surfaces are also specific to this style, so when shopping for furniture elements, look for high gloss cabinets because they fit it best. If you want to design a warm room, use wood and wood-like colours because they soften the overall look of the space.

Some modern kitchens also pair steel elements and fixtures with wood for a more dramatic look. Depending on what accessories you want to bring into the kitchen, you can also welcome leather in the design. Look for chairs and stools made of wood and leather.

Use lighting for function

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Modern kitchens welcome natural light, so before adding any fixture, asses how you can bring more natural light into your house. Natural light from windows and doors can open up the space and make it look bigger. Rectangle and square windows are specific to the modern style due to their straight lines.

Once you maximise natural light, you can switch the focus on lighting for functional purposes because the kitchen is where you complete various tasks requiring several types of light. You can use pendant and under-cabinet task lighting to make working on the kitchen island and countertops easier.

If you want to add more personality to your cooking area, you can install a statement lighting piece that will draw attention when you enter the room. Choose something that contrasts with the cabinets and hardware finishes to achieve the desired effect.

Install neutral floors for focus

Neutral Floors

Your floor can become a statement piece on itself, or you can use it as a blank canvas for the other elements. If you install bright-colored countertops or cabinets, stick with a neutral-toned floor that allows you to draw attention to the focal points. Black, light grey, or white floors are ideal for modern spaces, so depending on what hues you pick for the other elements, you can decide which colour would fit better.

As mentioned earlier, natural elements like wood and stone also work well with the modern style, and you can opt for such a model if you want to make the space look more luxurious. Light wood is an excellent solution to create a warm color scheme and maintain neutral hues.

In the end, your modern kitchen is functional, clean, and great looking

The above suggestions help you transfer your room into a modern masterpiece.

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