9 Modern Tools Used By Truck Service Technicians

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: August 12, 2022

Modern Tools Used By Truck Service Technicians

Trucks are prone to damage and require maintenance at some point. You need the right tools to fix a faulty truck as a mechanic. However, choosing the appropriate tools can be difficult, mainly if you are a novice. To begin working on a vehicle, you must have essential and modern tools to handle complex truck issues.

Below are handy truck repair tools that you should know:

  1. Oil Filter Wrench

An oil change tool is one of the most frequent tasks for a mechanic. Essential equipment for removing spin-on oil filters is an oil filter wrench. Because oil filters collect a lot of dirt and grease, it could be impossible to remove them without the proper equipment.

You can remove any oil filter during truck repair Toronto services using a filter wrench. The oil filter is designed to fit a particular oil filter, allowing a technician to grip the filter snugly and twist it lose. Finding a wretch that fits a particular truck is easy because it can be found in any locomotive store. It allows you to hold the oil filter canisters for simple removal.

  1. Oil Filter Wrench

Test lights are employed when examining blown fuses, diagnosing starter issues, troubleshooting broken lightbulbs, and other electrical problems. A dual polarity test light is the kind of test light used by Cargo Fleet experts. Any technician will find it quite helpful because it will enable them to conduct an accurate electric diagnosis. This is a modern hand tool, primarily if you work on truck electrical systems.

  1. Tire pressure gauge and inflator

Tire repairs and maintenance are frequent tasks performed by mechanics. As you make the adjustments, you must check the truck’s air pressure. This process will only get more straightforward if you acquire an excellent tire pressure and inflator gauge.

The most straightforward air-compressed tool is a tire pressure gauge. You must receive this tool as soon as you purchase a compressor. You can maintain proper tire pressure at all times with the help of the tire inflator gauge. Only acquire an efficient pressure gauge inflator from reputed dealers to ensure efficiency.

  1. Wrench set

Wrench set

A good wrench set is undoubtedly one of the most valuable items in every mechanic’s toolbox. You’ll need at least one or two wrenches for almost every mechanical task you undertake, so get the best set you can afford. Get both the measure and ordinary sizes of wrenches. But, if you must pick, purchase the metric set and acquire a collection ranging from 6mm to 24mm. The wretches come in various sizes and shapes and are used to grip, fasten, tighten, and loosen bolts in trucks.

  1. Jack stands

Jack stands are vital tools that help keep your truck in place once you’ve lifted it using a hydraulic jack. These stands are crucial equipment for your safety and shouldn’t be compromised. A pair of jack stands is a need for every truck mechanic, and you should make sure they can support a weight ranging from 2-3 tons. Jack’s stands help to make lifting thousands of pounds look mundane. However, with the reliability of modern juck, users disregard safety precautions. It is important to ensure all safety percussions are enhanced to avoid accidents and other related injuries when lifting loads.

  1. Locking extension bars

You’ll have to become used to working in confined spaces if you want to be a good truck technician. On occasion, you’ll need to use extension bars with your sockets to tighten and loosen bolts. Thanks to these extension bars, you can access bolts that would otherwise be out of your reach. Regular extension bars occasionally lose their hold on sockets and leave them behind after a component installation is complete. You can solve this by utilizing locking extension bars.

  1. A large and small magnet

The use of a magnet is a repair technician’s best friend. Magnets are used to hook tools to the side of appliances to hold screws where there is no surface or cup and to fish screws out of places that are hard to reach. Technicians are advised to consider using both small and large magnets in the tool. The preferred magnets should have a keychain hole to hook and detangable and stick them directly to what is needed.

  1. Length of string and long chain

Long chains are essential tools that keep a truck in place when fastening and folding of the lid are required. It is always important to have something flexible and long when repairing your truck. A magnet at the end of a string is used for fishing out a magnet and reach a latch that is not easy to reach. A string with a hook is the common tool for folding and fastening a lid of appliances open to avoid falling shut or too far from the opposite direction.

  1. Air Ratchet

An air ratchet is a vital tool used by car technicians to reinstall bolts and nuts. When using the air ratchet, it is important to ensure that the threads in the air ratchet are fully engaged before hitting the trigger because the ratchet is powerful enough to ram across the threaded bolt Silicon Jar Opener.

Last but not least, a silicon jar opener is a must tool for a truck technician. In the past, individuals used hand towels, although hand towels are still an important kit item. However, the introduction of silicon openers has made work easier. The truck technician can now pry open bolt touch, improving the tools grip and handling overheated equipment safely. Silicon jar opener can be a useful addition to the toolkit technicians when they want to learn more about appliances and to work with tools.

Final thoughts

You must possess all the necessary tools to handle repairs as a truck technician. The automotive tools are designed to make repairs in automotive, servicing, and modification. However, as technology evolves, truck spares keep advancing; if your truck has a problem, seek help from a truck repair company using modern tools. To begin working on a vehicle, you must have essential and modern tools to handle complex truck issues.

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