Outsourcing domestic tasks could elevate your business

Whether you are running a business and you are hungry and ambitious to grow and scale it or have a demanding job that you love, finding time to do everything is one of your biggest challenges.

Deciding what you prioritize is a painful process. Do you work on your business? During which the guilt sets in because you feel you should spend more time with your family. But then the house looks an absolute mess, and you know you should really mop and hoover and change the bedding. But then you resent the fact that you are not spending time with the kids, so you abandon that and decide to take them out for tea because actually there’s no food in the house because you haven’t had a chance to do the shopping. And all this time, you are frustrated and stressed because there is a myriad of projects that need your professional attention.

Outsourcing domestic tasks

You need to get a grip and decide what is important in your life. And changing the bedding is not one of them.

Outsourcing some of your most time-hungry domestic chores is an investment in both your time and your business. Here are some of the most important that will not only save you time and money but free you up to spend more time with those people most important in your family – your kids.

  1. Do your weekly shopping online

It might seem obvious, but we are still in the habit of going to the supermarket at least once, but invariably more, each week. For just a few quid, go online, and order delivery. Depending on your supplier, it will cost even less if you choose a delivery time slot that is considered unsociable when you are more likely to be at home. Knowing that the kitchen cupboards are stocked and that there is a bottle of wine waiting for you in the fridge will definitely help your day go smoother.

  1. Have someone pick up your dry cleaning

Why are dry cleaners never located in areas with convenient parking? Dropping off and collecting your dry cleaning while double-parked during busy lunchtimes adds to your stress levels tenfold. Don’t do it.

Jump on to Google and find your nearest dry cleaners who will come and collect, and then return deliver afterward. If you’re in Clapham, simply type in ‘Dry Cleaners Clapham’, and it will throw up a number of possibilities who will be ready and willing to relieve you of this onerous task.

  1. Get a cleaner

Once a week, once a fortnight, have someone come in a blitz your house. You don’t need to find a ‘lady the does’. There are many companies that have teams of trained professionals who will come in and will tackle everything in just a couple of hours. They even provide their own cleaning products, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a stock under the kitchen sink. Make sure you negotiate bedding changes within your contract – they’ll strip the beds, bag up the dirty laundry ready for collection by the ‘dry cleanersClapham’ you found online, and remake with clean sheets. Such bliss!

  1. Use a driver

Count up how many hours you waste behind the wheel of the car. Could those hours be used to better advantage? You don’t need to be chauffeur-driven, but if you have a day of meetings on the road, hiring a good local driver for the day may save you hours of catch-up time in the process.

  1. Get School Transportation for Kids

Get School Transportation for Kids

You have a driver though to pick up your kids from school what if you have taken him away with you for a business meeting or an official lunch. And if you have kids in different schools parting with a long-distance, it won’t be possible for the driver either to pick them up on the off time.

That way, you will also remain worried and your kid’s playing and relaxing time will also reduce. Hence, it’s better to get them school transportation so you will also remain stress-free and focus on whatever important task you are doing at that time.

  1. Use a homework club

Have someone else take the strain and stress of homework. Pick and choose the bits you enjoy (reading in bed before lights out). Otherwise, let them finish their homework with someone else, and make sure the time you spend with your kids is relaxed, happy, and productive in all the right ways!

  1. Lawn Maintenance

You love nature and have a huge lawn in your house to please your eyes. You often prefer spending time there either taking a sunbath on Sunday morning or enjoying the cold breeze after you have your dinner. But how will someone take a fancy to a lawn when it’s a mess?

Keeping a huge lawn is definitely a laborious task as you will need to clean and maintain it more frequently. The overgrown grass, dried and fallen leaves, all can make your happy place looks awful that you don’t want to step into. So it’s better to acquire professional lawn maintenance services. You can search over the internet for ‘lawn cleaning services near me and several names will appear. Based on the reviews, pick up the one, and call them over to deal with everything from cleaning to making your lawn more appealing.

  1. Household Projects

Thanks to all the DIY methods that people today have quietly indulge themselves in doing renovation tasks on their own. Though it seems more fun it’s time-consuming. Because of not having professional knowledge and skills, you even sometimes end up causing more trouble than relief. Therefore, looking for a professional to hand him off the task is the best to save both your time and money.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing house chores doesn’t always mean spending a big chunk of money. Instead, consider it a blessing as you can have more time to spend with your family or make more money from side hustles.

Thank you for reading!

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