Ranch House Landscaping Ideas To Give Your Home A Lift 

Ranch house landscaping ideas to give your home a lift you can find in this article. Outdoor spaces and gardens all across America are undergoing a makeover as a Porch survey reveals that the majority of 2020 home improvement projects were backyard renovations. The poll reveals that there has been a threefold increase in building decks, and fence construction was up by 144 percent. With people spending more time at home, it’s no wonder why the backyard has become a favorite for home improvement projects.

Making the most of your backyard enables you to create a place where you can enjoy nature and your family’s company in a fresh setting. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your outdoor space, consider taking some design inspiration from ranch-style homes.

Not only are ranch-style backyards easy to maintain, but this landscaping style is also budget-friendly and easy to do. Here are some ranch house landscaping ideas to reinvigorate and update your house’s look.

Install a traditional white picket fence

Those who have ranch investments or ranch properties in places like Austin or San Antonio know that keeping the authentic vibe and aesthetics of their property is essential to retain its value and charm. To instantly add ranch style to your backyard, consider installing a white picket fence around it.

It adds a layer of privacy and security to your property without giving your home an unwelcoming feel. Moreover, it’s inexpensive, easy to install, and gives your home a charming appearance. You can choose classic wooden picket fences, or go for a more modern material, such as vinyl, for an upgraded look.

You can hire a professional to do the work, but if you choose to go the DIY route, you’ll need to check if you need a permit for your fence. You’ll also need to talk to your local utility service providers just to make sure that you won’t hit any cables while you’re digging.

Once you’ve accomplished these, it’s time to map out your fence perimeter with some sticks and string. Use a retractable tape measure to ensure that your sticks are spaced evenly, then mark the spots in the ground with a bit of spray paint.

Dig holes for your posts, and make them about 18 inches deep. Once everything is in place, check that they’re secure and sturdy, then paint them in white for a classic look.

Add rustic or country elements

Ranch House Landscaping Ideas

If you have a large yard, take advantage of all that space and showcase your creativity by adding rustic or country elements. Turn an old wheelbarrow or cart into a planter or a sitting area, and make a sculpture out of watering cans to make an interesting water feature.

As much as possible, avoid using plastic decorative items and use wooden ones in natural tones for an authentic ranch feel. You may also add a wooden bridge through a thick brush of flowers leading to the deck for added charm and appeal.

Ranch House Landscaping Ideas

To heighten the rustic aesthetic of your garden, consider creating a small, natural stream that can flow underneath the wooden bridge. Building a stream enables you to enjoy the sound of flowing water in your backyard. Moreover, it will attract all sorts of wildlife to your gardens, such as birds and frogs.

If you have a yard with a slight slope, you’ve already got the perfect foundation to build a flowing stream, but if not, you can dig up the soil and use rocks to create a slope. Install a submersible pump, then make sure that the stream will be deep enough to cover the pump. Aim for a depth of six inches, but do make sure to follow safety precautions if you have small children since kids can drown in even just two inches of water.

To beautify your water feature ad some plants along the edges of the stream, as well as some rocks and submersible LED lights so you can enjoy looking at it even at night.

Create curves

Traditional ranch houses are quite angular in design, so most people choose to landscape in straight lines. However, those who wish to give their ranch homes an updated feel may want to incorporate curves for a more dynamic look and better visual flow. You can do so by creating curved paths, laying out a curved planting bed bordered with bricks or stones, and using sculptural elements with plenty of curves.

To create a curved garden border, get a paper and pencil and sketch out what you want your garden to look like. Keep everything to scale and draw a layout of what type of plants will be used so you’ll have a clear idea of the end result of your garden. Use some rope or a garden hose to lay a curved outline of your planting bed according to your plan, then mark the line with some spray paint.

Next, following the spray paint line, dig a trench wherein you’ll place some bricks to line your planting bed. Install the bricks, add some soil, then fill the garden bed with plants and flowers. Add some pebbles near the border, and some mulch around the plants to keep the soil from spilling over the bricks,

Choose the right plants

Every ranch house garden needs a mix of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants for an authentic feel. If you already have a large tree on your property, consider adding a few small ones such as a sand cherry tree, crab apple, Japanese red maple, or a dwarf Korean lilac tree to balance the look of your outdoor space.

As for shrubs, think of planting ones that remain small and grow in a rounded shape, such as dwarf English boxwoods, Winter gem, or Globe Blue Spruce. Add some flowering shrubs such as azaleas and hydrangeas, as well as some flowering perennials like geranium, catweed, tickseed, and shasta daisy.

Whatever you choose, make sure to plant native species and make your garden as colorful as possible to create a natural, ranch-style garden that will thrive and grow.

Consider these ranch house landscaping ideas to refresh your outdoor space. Doing so will enable you to have a yard or garden that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

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