Replacement of Kitec plumbing fixtures in apartment buildings

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 6, 2022

Kitec plumbing fixtures were originally developed in 1995 by Kitec Plumbing Inc. Kitec was made of a combination of plastic and metal, making it cheaper and faster to install than traditional brass or copper piping.

Kitec fixtures are prone to corrosion and leaking, leading to costly water damage repairs if left unaddressed. Kitec plumbing fixtures have since been recalled, and building owners are encouraged to replace Kitec with a safer alternative.

All over North America, replacing Kitec plumbing fittings is a standard practice in apartment complexes. It’s critical to understand what this implies if your building has Kitec. We will go through the particulars of Kitec replacement, what to anticipate from your property management firm, and how to submit a claim if required in this blog article.

Kitec plumbing fixtures

  • Kitec plumbing fixtures were recalled in 2007.
  • Many buildings still have these fixtures installed.
  • The recall is due to the risk of the fittings rusting and leaking.
  • Property managers are responsible for replacing these fixtures.
  • Property owners should replace these fixtures as soon as possible.
  • Replacement is a costly and time-consuming process.

Kitec Plumbing

IPEX produces a specific kind of plumbing system called Kitec plumbing. Aluminum is placed between two plastic layers that make up the Kitec pipes. The fittings on these pipes are brass.

Kitec is, in a word, a plumbing nightmare time bomb. Because the consequences of having this plumbing system in your property may be expensive, all home/building purchasers, brokers, and homeowners need to be aware of this.

What to expect from your property management company?

Your property management company Commercial Plumbing Toronto should have already taken steps to inspect Kitec plumbing fixtures in your building and take the necessary steps for Kitec replacement. They must provide you written notice of the Kitec replacement along with details on what to anticipate during the procedure. The length of time it takes to replace Kitec depends on the layout and size of your structure. Planning beforehand is essential since water shutoffs can happen during this period.

Filing a Kitec claim

You may be eligible to make a Kitec claim if you have Kitec plumbing fittings and think they’ve led to water damage in your building. Kitec lawsuits are often brought against both the building owner or Management Company and the company that makes the Kitec fixtures. Contact a Kitec lawsuit lawyer to explore your legal options if you think Kitec is to blame for water damage to your building.

Why do You need to Replace Kitec Plumbing?

Why do You need to Replace Kitec Plumbing

Short Kitec Pipe Lifespan

The term “lifespan” in this context refers to the normal time interval before significant plumbing issues with Kitec plumbing arise. Only 10 years after its debut, Kitec plumbing saw its first product recalls, which points to a short average lifetime, poor product quality, and complete financial waste.

Orange Heat Cannot Be Withstood by Kitec Pipes

Orange or hot water Kitec pipes are only capable of withstanding 82 degrees Celsius. Since standard water heaters operate at a greater temperature, this is problematic. Accordingly, pipe leaks and breaks are more likely to occur in Kitec plumbing as a result of degradation.

Pressure Causes Kitec Brass Fittings to Crack

Plumbing fittings should not be made of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. The brass component of the fittings ultimately corrodes due to a chemical reaction known as “dezincification,” in which oxygen and moisture interact with the zinc component of the brass. This result in zinc oxide clogs in the pipes, which may reduce water flow and raise pipe pressure. The result of this increasing pressure is pipe rupture.

When the Kitec Breaks, It Pours

It is a well-known fact that Kitec pipes often do not simply leak when they are broken. Instead, these pipelines rupture and then immediately burst, which might cause catastrophic flooding and water damage.

Kitec will need expensive repairs with no chance of maintenance

In certain places, Kitec pipes tend to decay more quickly. This implies that you can need frequent and expensive repairs depending on the water chemistry in your neighborhood or the continual exposure to high temperatures from your water heater. Unfortunately, there is no tested method for correctly maintaining Kitec pipes to increase their lifespan.

Your mortgage will be affected by Kitec Plumbing.

Considering obtaining a mortgage for a home with Kitec plumbing? Although this is conceivable, your options will be limited since few lenders would consider

Your options for insurance will be limited by Kitec Plumbing

Due to the inevitable failure of this plumbing system, some insurance providers have taken the extreme measure of denying coverage, restricting coverage or requesting higher deductibles from property owners who had Kitec plumbing installed in their buildings.


What should I do if my building has Kitec fixtures?

To discuss about Kitec replacement, get in touch with your property management company or a lawyer for Kitec. They must provide you with written notice of the Kitec replacement along with details on what to anticipate during the procedure. The length of time it takes to replace Kitec depends on the layout and size of your structure. Planning beforehand is essential since water shutoffs can happen during this period.

Can I file a Kitec claim?

You may be able to make a claim against Kitec if your building has Kitec plumbing fittings and you think they’ve led to water damage. Kitec lawsuits are often brought against the Kitec fixture maker as well as the property owner or management firm. To explore your legal options, if you think Kitec is to blame for water damage to your building, get in touch with a Kitec lawsuit lawyer.


Kitec replacement is important for keeping the security and safety of your apartment complex. You should get a written notification from your property management firm informing you of the replacement of the Kitec and any associated expectations. If kitec plumbing has caused water damage to your building, you may be able to file a Kitec claim against the manufacturer and property owner or Management Company. Be sure to contact a Kitec litigation attorney if necessary.

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