Tech Solutions You Need To Create A Modern Kind Of Comfort: Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design

Technology is becoming more advanced with every passing day, and as more devices become connected to the internet, we are seeing a fast rise in the IoT culture. However, while many of these things are designed for business and tech users, there are also a lot of things that can benefit the average homeowner. Especially after the pandemic, as more people spend time at home, it is nice to have technology that can make your life a bit more convenient and comfortable. Moreover, as these smart devices help us save energy and lower operational costs, it helps to have smart solutions. What’s even better is that as the cost of technology decreases more and more of these things are becoming affordable. In the past, just something as simple as a home video surveillance system would easily cost several thousands of dollars, today you can get an entire system in less than $300. Here are some fantastic tech solutions that you can use in your home to make life that much easier and that much more enjoyable.

  1. Smart Cleaners

Cleaning is something that we have to do every day and no one really enjoys it. It can be quite physically taxing and it is a rather mundane activity. If it were possible no one would think twice about hiring a professional cleaner to manage cleaning the windows, vacuuming and wiping down the dust and dirt. Luckily, you can buy a cleaner for your home that might actually be more effective than you are at this task. Robot vacuums are more affordable than ever and they are also smarter than they have ever been. Entry-level workers start at around $200 and high-end versions can be over the $1000 mark. However, considering that this investment can save you several hours a month of cleaning, it’s a good choice. Plus, they are really good at what they do. Some good robot vacuums can even dock themselves when they are low on battery and start to recharge and they can even empty out the rubbish into the container in their dock which you can clean out once a month or once every two months, depending on how much dirt it accumulates.

  1. App Control

Tired of looking for remotes all the time? Too lazy to get out of bed and switch the light off? Are you about to arrive at your destination and you are wondering whether or not you locked the house? Fortunately, there is a solution to all these concerns, and that is a smart home app. Things like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant give you the ability to control your home through your app. There are also a lot of other smart home apps that you can use, and as long as the hardware is able to connect to the software, it can all be controlled through your phone.

  1. Reliable Alarms

The toughest part of the day for most people is being able to get up and out of bed in time. Even though they have alarms on their phone and even an alarm clock next to the bed, they hit the snooze button and continue. The Clocky alarm is one such alarm that knows this weakness in humans and when it is time to wake you up the Clocky alarm will hide somewhere while it continues to sound the alarm to wake you up. This leaves you with no option to get out of bed, find the device, and switch it off. While it is a painful process, it is for your own good.

  1. Lighting

You might be thinking that it is your largest appliances that are the heaviest power consumers in the home, but they aren’t. It’s actually the smaller appliances that stay on for their entire life that consume the most electricity, and in this regard, lights are at the top of the list. Even though LED lights save a lot of money, it is still comparative savings, the best solution is to turn a light off if it is not in use. If you have a large home then it can be tricky to control all of your lights, so it helps to have a solution that allows you to do this through your phone. Plus, you can use the app to see which lights are one and which aren’t. You might not even know that you forgot the light on in the kitchen. Secondly, it also gives you the ability to control it more precisely, you can set the brightness and if you have the right bulbs, you can even change colors.

  1. Water Management

Water Management

One of the most precious things on our planet is clean drinking water or even just clean usable water. Unfortunately, we waste hundreds of thousands of gallons of it every year just through irresponsible behavior and poorly designed gadgets. One of the best solutions to save water is the automatic faucet. These simple devices replace traditional faucets that you have to manually open and close. Rather, as soon as you place your hands in front of the faucet it will start, and when you remove your hands it will stop the flow of water. In this way you don’t have to touch the faucet, it’s much more hygienic, and you also save a lot of water. If you brush your teeth with the water open, this problem is going to be solved right away.

If you enjoy your food then you will enjoy a smart fridge. Modern versions of the humble fridge not only incorporate the internet and an interactive screen, but they even have the ability to monitor what is in the fridge and they can provide you with a real-time inventory of what is available. In fact, some fridges can even give you the option to order groceries right from the fridge or you can even set them up to order automatically. They can keep an eye on the condition of the goods in the fridge and with the in-built entertainment solutions you don’t even need an additional TV in the kitchen.

Together, all these little gadgets can help make your home much more comfortable, personalized, and even secure. To take the experience to the next level you can get an app like Amazon Alexa that will allow you to sync everything together and control it all just through voice commands. It’s like having a real assistant in the house, except that you don’t have to pay them and they are available 24/7.

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