Smart Home: Secret Helpers You’ve Never Heard About

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 7, 2022

It’s 2022, and a smart home is a new reality rather than a futuristic dream. Sure enough, the tech world keeps on moving and evolving. The progress doesn’t wait, and so neither should we. The reality of automated, smart homes is already here. So, it’s better to keep your fingers on the pulse and monitor all the novelties you can enhance your house with.

On the other hand, the amount of new gadgets put on the market is so high that it is easy to skip several novelties per year. No fear, though! We have prepared a list of secret helpers that you may have never heard of before but will surely want in your house now. Let’s see what we’ve got.

What is a smart home?

Smart home control through smartphone

First things first, let’s cover what a smart home really is and how everyone can achieve that. So a smart home is the same as an automated house. It’s a space where most factors can be controlled via gadgets and technologies. For instance, one may remotely control the room temperature, light intensity, kitchen and other equipment, security cameras, etc. To achieve that, people need a smartphone with the necessary apps and desired gadgets set around the house. So, let’s see what you can do to make home management as easy as possible.

Flood Sensor

These gadgets may not be for your everyday use or every home. Though, houses with higher chances of getting flooded should consider getting a few of those sensors. They are small, compact, and life-saving in case anything does happen. So, you can get several such things and place them in the biggest areas of concern, like in a basement, under a sink, next to the washing machine, etc. These gadgets have sensors to notice any changes in the environment. Further, they can alarm you when things go south.

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

Old-fashioned, simple mirrors will soon become a thing of the past. The new era of smart mirrors is around the corner. Thus, you can order a gadget that combines the qualities of a regular mirror and a touch screen. So, people can use a smart mirror to watch videos, browse, or play games. Perhaps, it’s especially convenient for people who watch tutorials, work on their looks and outfits, check their daily health stats, and more.

Sure such mirrors have their limitations. For instance, currently, you can’t play all available games on the app market. However, they already come in all shapes and forms, usually have speakers built-in, and are commonly suggested for new smart houses.


Have you ever wondered about a robot that can close and open your curtains? Well, before you answer that, such a robot already exists. It is called SwitchBot, and it is no bigger than your hand. Its functions are pretty simple. It can move one way or another, collecting curtains on their way, thus, opening or closing them.

Sure, it seems like such a small and silly thing to have. Yet, you get used to such a helper really fast. You should attach it to the curtain rod, connect it to your phone and control it remotely wherever you want to. In addition, you can schedule the time to move the curtain. Thus, they can help you wake up from the sunlight in the morning.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

How to Install a Sprinkler System for Your Lawn

Anyone with a lawn or garden knows the hardships of watering things on time. Predicting the weather, checking the water levels in the ground, and keeping a watering schedule can be a lot. Fortunately, you can now install smart sprinklers that will take care of your greens better than anyone. Such sprinklers can analyze the weather, rain predictions, and ground moisture levels and make a judgment on when to water the lawn.

Of course, you can also set automatic watering features or control the sprinkles remotely with Wi-Fi. You can set the watering duration and intensity, too. Overall, it’s a much more convenient way to take care of a garden.

Smart LED Wall Light Bar

You’ve probably seen or had neon lighting in people’s houses. These are incredibly popular at the moment. Likewise, you have probably heard of or tried smart lighting at home. These are super convenient, affordable, and fun lighting options to replace all your regular bulbs. However, have you heard about smart LED light bars for walls? Indeed, it’s quite a thing these days. The bar comes in pieces with several connecting parts, so you can make any shape you want with it. Plus, you can control the lights from your phone, making it take various patterns, colors, and more. Honestly, it’s a great way for young people to decorate their rooms. Plus, they are really cheap, so students don’t have to worry about choosing an essay at or ordering these smart lights. You can have both!

Smart Trash Can

Best Kitchen Garbage Can

A cherry on the top, a smart trash can, is something we don’t exactly need but what we surely all want. This newest trash can doesn’t do a lot. Though it deals with our least favorite tasks, and we are very grateful for that. So, first, a smart trash can will seal a trash bag once it’s full or whenever you press the right button. And while you are taking a sealed bag outside, the trash can prepares another bag to replace it automatically! Hence, our second least favorite task is complete.

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