Southwestern Architectural Trends To Know

Southwestern Architectural Trends

Just like the Southwest region is known for its rich history, the architectural trends here are also adapted from various cultures and have a huge variety to opt from. For someone obsessed with rustic vibes and earthy tones, Southwest interior design ideas are perfect and alluring.

Their aesthetic charm is incomparable to the rest. Spanish mission homes are the most popular among Southwestern houses. Though Southwestern trends bring nostalgia, there are also many architects today adding a touch of modern style designs as well to keep the houses look contemporary yet rooted to their ancestors’ designs.

The Influence of Spanish Inhabitants

The architecture of the Southwest to date is seen to be greatly influenced by its Spanish residents, who are also among the first settlers of the region. Considering the climate similarity between Spain and the Southwest, the people thought of using conventional architecture techniques to build houses. Though they were desert dwellers, they had great ideas, which they translated into creating masterpieces for decades.

The traditional Spanish-style Southwest homes that you observe today are stemmed from their bold and creative ideas. One must say that they paid honor to the deserted climate of the region and introduce such artistic interior designs that the natives kept liking and admiring for generations.

They Appreciate Natural Elements

The reason behind the huge success and popularity of Southwestern architecture is that they know how to celebrate nature. Despite living in a drought environment, the natives didn’t let their cities develop without attracting visitors. Their nature-inspired houses aren’t less than a heart’s delight. These houses, from each and every feature of them, pay honor to the land. You can make yourself happy to make buying a new home in Arizona.

The key elements of the Spanish style include terracotta exterior stucco walls complimented with white interior ones, adobe-style flat roofs or red-tile roofs, molded edges or curved shape nooks, and wrought iron accents used throughout the hallways and entryways to captivate the beholder’s attention. Natural woven fiber rugs further add beauty to the interior. While some inhabitants prefer having native plants indoor or outdoor which can breathe life into their houses.

The Influence of Native Americans

The Influence of Native Americans

Before the Spanish style, the region was dominated by the designs and traditions of the Navajo tribe, the most powerful and influential among the native tribes. They have a long history of producing many handwoven items which are still famous among the countrymen. Since they were ancient, it’s pretty challenging to find original and authentic Navajo goods. However, you can search over the internet to look for the vendors which deal in goods originally produced by Navajo artisans, or you may find one yourself.

Specialties of Navajo Artisans

Textile craft is something Navajo craftsmen and women are best known for. They have been producing very beautiful and delicately designed woven textiles for ages. And this weaving tradition has even been passed down from their ancestors to peers. Besides vibrant, woven blankets, they are also experienced in making woven baskets, handmade pottery, leather items, and exquisite turquoise jewelry.

Even today, locals are quite fond of Navajo-inspired accents that they often find searching for decorating their homes. That’s the reason whenever you visit a Southwest-inspired household; you observe Navajo décor items placed in several places.

Color, Furniture, and Décor That Compliments Your Southwestern House

Picking up furniture, color, and patterns is all about your personal taste. However, as you have gone for nature-friendly architecture, you will have endless options at your fingertips to choose from. Moreover, you will also have room to experiment with new and bold ideas.

To create a comprehensive look of the desert-inspired house, you can luckily opt for both minimal and fancy pieces. A wooden coffee table, woven rug, cowhide pillows, and leather upholstered furniture all are good to go with the theme. Besides that, if you have enough space, accent pieces and hammered metal light fixtures can also be accommodated to make the rustic vibes visually appealing. Wooden finishes along with layered texture can also add depth and dimension to your house.

Final Words

Southwestern-inspired homes are undoubtedly the epitome of beauty. Their nature-inspired, mesmerizing beauty isn’t only soothing to the eyes but has a charm no one can resist.

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