5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Front Porch

5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Front Porch

Whether you have a small porch or one that wraps around your home, it might be time to utilize that extra space. Front porches offer a chance to extend your living space by sprucing it up and making it both comfortable and welcoming.

A well-made porch offers a place for entertaining guests or family. Additionally, it can double as a reading nook or a quiet space for kids. You can easily extend your living space outside by utilizing fabrics, colors, furniture, lighting, plants, and many more.

By sprucing up your front porch, you’ll get another oasis to enjoy and spend quality time with your loved ones. Note that sprucing up your front porch doesn’t mean breaking the bank. However, you need to set your budget and look for alternatives that will help you save on costs but still end up with a welcoming entrance.

So, whether you want to change a few things or overhaul everything that makes your porch an eyesore, you can use the tips discussed below. Happy reading!

  1. Paint Worn Out Areas

Painting is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your front porch. However, before choosing a color and getting done with business, you must consider some factors. For one, choosing colors for different porch parts might need extra consideration. For example, you might need a front door color that compliments the rest of the porch to create a concrete look.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your patio is in good condition. Patios with damaged wood or crumbled concrete can be limiting as they might conceal issues that might destroy your porch in the long run. However, if yours is in great shape, using paint will freshen it up and protect it.

The painting also conceals concrete and wood imperfections while decreasing the chances of fading, staining, and discoloring. Always incorporate a pop of color that will easily match your patio accessories. Use color to tell a story and create a feeling around the house.

  1. Use Plants To Add Colors

A great but overlooked way to increase your curb appeal is using fragrant plants and herbs. No matter the size of your porch, plants can create a positive mood, reduce stress or boost your cognitive performance. All you need to do is get plants that fit your space and complement it without being overpowering.

For instance, consider getting large container plants that will impact space if you have a large porch. To add some symmetry, you can group your plants depending on the height or width. You can use small pots to frame your outdoor space if you have a small porch. Remember that choosing pots that complement your aesthetic will achieve a modern effect.

Take advantage of these plants and use them to add fragrance to your space, especially if you aren’t allergic. However, note that fragrant flowers attract insects that might annoy you. Some great flowering plants with great fragrance and are beautiful to look at include; lilies, roses, lavender, lilac, and sweet peas.

But if you can’t stand fragrant flowers, consider getting herbs such as mint, thyme, oregano, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, lemongrass, etc. If you have limited space, consider getting plants that aren’t on ground level. Use hanging baskets to showcase all your plants and keep them fresh and vibrant.

  1. Find Durable Outdoor Furniture

Find Durable Outdoor Furniture

For a patio to feel complete, it needs quality furniture that offers comfort and adds function to your space. To start, look at your budget and how expandable it can be. It might be smart to save before getting your furniture, as the cheaper alternatives can fail to last long.

So, a big chunk of your budget should go to items that will be used more often. Before buying any furniture, check some reviews which will guide you to getting the best deals. Next, consider the function you want to add to your patio before buying outdoor furniture.

For instance, if you want a place to entertain, you’ll need furniture that offers sitting and tables. If you want your patio to be a lounging area, you’ll need to get the furniture for comfort. It means you should find furniture with plush cushions and with soft fabrics.

Additionally, your furniture fabrics must be weather-resistant as they’ll be exposed to harsh weather elements. When getting quality furniture, ensure it won’t fade immediately or have mildew.

If your porch is small or you don’t have enough storage space for those harsh climates, consider getting furniture that can fit into compact storage. In addition, when saving space, look for stackable chairs that maximize storage space.

  1. Add Appropriate Accessories

Outdoor accessories have many benefits, the main one being making the space welcoming. The right accessories will add a cozy touch that warms up the space, protect your floors, and covers up most damages.

One great accessory is an outdoor rug that’s both functional and stylish. These items should be made of long-lasting materials based on your preference and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Quality materials should protect against harsh weather and resist stains and fades.

Some other materials to choose from include; polypropylene, sunbrella, jute, sisal, nylon, and polyester. When placing your rug, ensure it’s large enough to cover most of your patio. If you are using a rug under your furniture, it should be able to take major furniture pieces.

Additionally, consider getting pillows and cushions for your furniture. These accessories should be made of fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The designs of your pillows and cushions should contribute a new feeling to your space.

Keep the color of your patio furniture in mind before choosing your pillows and cushions. You can add a pop of color without destroying your color theme.

  1. Utilize Lighting To Create A Warm Atmosphere

Choosing the right lighting is vital to transforming your patio, especially at night. So, when choosing your lighting, ensure it’s brightening and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Some great lighting choices include; spotlights, string lights, and step lights, amongst many more.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways of sprucing up your porch and making it welcoming and comfortable. Consider all the details you need in terms of color, texture, lighting, and scents before settling for your theme. Additionally, come up with a flexible budget and timeline that works for you. So, get creative and have fun when sprucing your front porch; your porch will show off your personality.

Thank you for reading!

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