4 Steps to Start an Amazing Family Movie Night Tradition

If you’re looking for a great family bonding activity, there’s nothing better than getting together for movie night. However, one of the most difficult parts is deciding what to watch. To help you out, here are some steps that can be taken to plan the perfect movie night.

1. Home Theater Setup

Nothing makes a family movie night more special than watching it on the big screen. Make sure you have the proper home theater equipment such as a projector and screen, surround sound system, or large TV. You can find the best projector under $300 so you don’t spend a lot of money. If you do consider a projector, think about buying a short-throw projector. These projectors do not produce the highest quality image, but they are much more affordable and can be used on a smaller screen. Along with a projector, you’ll also need a screen. If you’re planning on using your projector outside, you can buy a portable screen made specifically for this purpose. For more indoor use, a white projection screen will work best.

2. Choosing the Right Films

Once you have all of your equipment ready, it’s time to decide what films to watch. Think about the films your family members have seen and enjoyed before. If this is the first time watching a certain film, think about whether it has been rated G or PG for younger viewers. Some of the most popular films to watch on movie night include:

Classic Films

Many families love having a tradition of watching old black and white films such as Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” or Walt Disney’s “Snow White.” You can also watch classic films that were released in the 1960s, such as “Mary Poppins” or “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.”

Not-so Familiar Films

If you’re looking to introduce your family to a new movie, try something outside of your comfort zone. The first step is to decide who should pick the film. Once you decide, watch the trailers and read reviews before settling on the perfect film for tonight’s movie night.

Cult Movies

If you’re looking for something comedic or full of action, try out one of the newer cult films. Many families have enjoyed watching “The Big Lebowski” or “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” You can even go for some movies that are more for the mature audience but can just as well be great for the entire family as well. This includes cult classics such as “The Godfather”, “Pirates of The Caribbean”, “Lord of The Rings“, etc.

Horror Movie Night

If you’re up for a more spooky night of movies, why not try out a horror film? This is the perfect way to get your adrenaline going. Make sure if you do choose to watch a horror movie that every person in the room has made the choice themselves. Some classic scary films include “The Exorcist”, “Halloween”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and many more.

3. Snacks and Beverages

3. Snacks and Beverages

Just like home theater equipment, snacks are also an essential part of movie night. You’ll need to decide whether you want a themed celebration or if it will just be a normal movie night.

Theme Nights

If you’re looking for something fun and nostalgic, try having a theme night centered around the film you’ve decided to watch. You can go with full costumes or you can get creative and set up the mood beforehand. This also includes the food and beverages you choose to include in your movie night. For example, you can include popcorn, candy, and soda to match the theme of your film.

Budget-friendly Night

If it’s just a normal night or you want to save money, then you can get creative with your movie night snacks. You might even end up surprising your family by choosing better snacks than what they would have picked for themselves. Keep in mind what you would normally choose to eat when planning movie night so there’s no need for a lot of trial and error. Some of the most popular food options include popcorn, soda pop, candy, cheese & crackers, and fruit snacks.

4. Planning the Perfect Outcome

To avoid any distractions throughout your movie night, make sure you have a designated viewing area. This can be your living room or basement if it has been properly set up with a projector and a screen or a large TV for more traditional movie nights. If possible, try to remove any electronics from this area so you can enjoy the big screen without any distractions. You’ll also need to think about the seating arrangement. An ideal seating arrangement will include a large couch or bean bag chair for those who love to cuddle up and watch movies on the big screen.

Make The Movie Night Carefree

You might also choose to create your own “cinema room” so you can detach yourself from all of your distractions and simply enjoy the movie as if you were in a movie theater. Once you’ve set the mood by turning off any electronics and creating your seating arrangement, you’ll want to make sure there are no distractions for family members or friends who will be watching the film with you. This means getting rid of video games, cell phones, tablets, etc. so everyone can have an amazing time.


To make watching a film as simple as possible, you should also try to keep the snacks and drinks as close as possible. This will help avoid having your guests or family members get up from their seats while trying to grab a snack. Once everything has been set up for movie night, you can turn off the lights and start watching your film! You might even want to have some fun by creating two different types of viewing experiences. For instance, you can have one showing of your film on a more traditional TV with options for subtitles or another movie night where everyone can watch the film on a projector while wearing 3D glasses.

Amazing Family Movie Night Tradition

If you’re looking for an amazing family bonding activity, there’s nothing better than getting together for movie night. However, one of the most difficult things about movie nights is deciding what to watch. Keep these four steps in mind and take action to plan the perfect movie night.

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