5 Tips for Those Who Searches the Dreamful Closets

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: January 31, 2023

The closet is an integral part of the home interior. It must be capable of storing all we need in common life and easy to exploit. In this case, you can install the furniture even in the kids’ room. This will be a long-term investment in their environment. The clothes and warm things will replace the toys there.

This object is very hard to choose because of the high range of sizes, colors, configurations, etc. The AllianceMillwork team shares 5 useful secrets of the right choice.

Type of closet

Type of closet

Start brainstorming what you need from the furniture. Its type is proportional to the space it occupies. Suppose you have plenty of space, so choose the wardrobe with extra features. These may be not only the additional compartments but the TV stand or mirror.

Another option is the built-in wardrobe for small spaces. However, even the owners of spacy homes embed the niches for this furniture for safety purposes. Some handleless models look like wall fragments. Great idea if you want to put the safe there.

Closet dislocation

Closet dislocation

It’s important to know where you want to install the closet. Each type has the tactical characteristics specified for every zone in the room. Logically, you can’t install the children’s wardrobe in the guest zone because these rooms have different standards.

Yeah, the kids need lower units accented on the pullout storage departments to keep the toys, clothes and accessories. Its top part can be the working space or extra play area for them. Adults need full-size storage and other accessories. They can open the coupe doors, unlike kids. The compartments with doors mix with pullout ones for bigger comfort.

The next important aspect of this tip is the design. The closet can be the focal point of the room. Built-in units are impossible in this case. Put the press on the size (larger than other units), positioning or color palette. For example, the guest’s eyesight catches the distant wall opposite the entrance in the room. After that, it turns to other sides. So that place will be great. Otherwise, choose another location or embed the furniture if you want the closet to be unnoticeable.

User age, gender, lifestyle

These parameters affect the choice. They are important for choosing the right configuration. The single user has more freedom in the choice, especially if it has rare guests. If somebody chooses storage for the family, consider spacy accommodation for the clothes plus some extra compartments keeping the footwear and tools. The extra features are welcome in this case.

The next aspect touches the people who share one room. Each of them needs personal space so it’s important to choose small individual closets or one big. The latter may be inconvenient for children. Small clothes are preferable in the temporary stay zones because people need fewer things to store there.

Closet doors

Closet doors

Question number 4, but its importance is prioritized. All doors shouldn’t harm the residents and visitors. Besides, there must be easy access to all wardrobe areas. Summarizing, there must be free space. The distance between walls and other furniture determines the type of doors for the closet.

The hinged doors require at least 18 inches of space to operate safely and open without problems. If you will exploit it in the room, it’s ok. But the tiny lounges or hallways need sliding doors. These constructions save space. Besides, they have the advantage because the sliding tools don’t disturb someone who needs mirrors.

Another type are folding doors. These are the doors consisting of two panels rushing opposite each other They can open both horizontally and vertically. Two panels may be toughly joined to open simultaneously.

Of course, modern closets combine different types of doors. The central part is the siding or folded doors with a mirror on one side. The surrounding areas combine the hanging doors and pullout options. Some models, mostly for kids, need more doors for comfort.

The doors also have an effect on the interior structure. The units with hinged doors are shallower and need more density to handle all items there. The sliding doors add some valuable space. Kids will admire them because that’s a perfect idea for the hiding game! But please be at home because any problems with the mechanism cost a life your little pranksters.



Here is our latest point. The classic middle-sized closet must contain the rail for seasonal clothes and such items as fur coats or anything you can’t fold. The shelf for foldable clothes and packages should be close to it. At least one drawer is essential. Other structure depends on your needs.

The pullout drawers are the perfect solution to store the toys, papers or everyday cosmetic things required for everyday things. The hinged door compartments can locate higher, so they hide the long-term dry cans, bottles and souvenirs you need rarely or infrequently. The sliding and foldable doors are good for that zone with foldable items and rails.

The number of ideas is proportional to the number of people. We understand the absence of the ideal Custom Closets & Wardrobes in Toronto because this notion needs to be more objective. All you need to find your structure is to estimate the family’s or personal needs and visit us. Our skilled managers will help you solve the hard choice dilemma. Alternatively, please send us an online ticket with desired parameters and expect a great result.

Thank you for reading!


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