The Home Bar: Pros & Cons

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: December 26, 2022

The home bar has always been a thing, and often when people have come into a bit of money or have that extra little bit of space, they’ve gone all out and fitted what looks to be an entire pub in their space.

That phenomenon was heightened during the lockdown and across the world, many gardens, basements and garages are filled with bar stools, wooden worktops and as many optics as can be fitted in.

But is it all that having a home bar? Well, yes and no…

The Pros of a Home Bar

Home Bar

You have a relaxed space to hang out

First and foremost, one of the major pros is you have a great space to kick back and relax in. Bars and pubs are naturally comfortable environments, and after a hard day at work for many, there’s no better feeling than just letting your hair down over a glass of wine or pint of beer.

You’ve got the perfect place to socialise

You’ve also got the perfect spot for socializing and inviting friends over, not taking up space in the living room but rather all hidden away in a cool bar.

You can invite people over whenever you like, for big sporting events, celebrations and more. No need to worry about reservations or other people, and you can even get the drinks that everybody loves. As the owner and bouncer of the bar, you can decide what company you allow into the bar. With a home bar, you don’t have to worry about third parties disrupting the night or competing with a bartender for attention. There is nothing better than a home bar for entertainment, making your house the go-to place for parties and get-togethers. We mentioned there was no cover charge, right?

Cheaper Drinks and More Stock of your Favourite Tipple

Drinks and More Stock of your Favourite Tipple

It is no longer necessary to wake up after a fun night out with a depleted bank account. You can save money by having a home bar rather than spending it at a bar gratuitously. Get twice the size of the drink you’d reluctantly buy at the club for a quarter of the price. In addition to saving money, making drinks at home allows you to sharpen your bartending skills.

It is a savvy investment to invest in a home bar if you are an aspiring mixologist.

It will always be possible to find drinks that match your preferences if you have a bar in-house. If your favorite brew or red wine aren’t available at your favorite bar, there’s no greater disappointment. A home bar eliminates this problem completely. Your bar will be ready for a fantastic night when you stock it with your favorite liquids.



A home bar lets you enjoy the scene however you want, whether it’s a dive bar or a club. You can customize your home bar to suit your preferences, which is one of the best benefits of having one. Your mood and your company determine the mood, so you can put an end to lousy bar tunes.

Choosing the right décor and furnishings can also create the right atmosphere. You can set your own schedule for the last call with a home bar!

As winter approaches, the desire to stay inside is stronger than ever. With a home bar, you can enjoy all the fun of a night out without having to worry about finding rides or paying for them.

It’s cheaper than going out

What’s great about a home bar, and one of the predominant reasons why many people install one, is that it’s, in the long run, a lot cheaper than going to the pub itself. Consider everything you spend on going out, from the alcohol to the taxis, food and more. You wouldn’t need to spend nearly as much as that walking the few yards to your bar. You just need to make sure it’s stocked up.

The Cons of a Home Bar

It could affect your health in the long run

Naturally, having alcohol quite literally on tap could be problematic and lead down a slippery slope toward health problems and addiction if the bar is abused. Alcohol rehab cost isn’t cheap, and you may not only be hit financially by such problems, but it can lead to the likes of liver disease, cancers and heart problems. Not to mention a deterioration in mental health too.

Being a host can become tiring.

While it’s great having friends around, you don’t want them over all the time. It can become tiresome and in fact, you may even start feeling like friends start taking you for granted, perhaps using your space for the space more than seeing yourself.

You need to strike a healthy balance. What’s more, you don’t want to be cleaning up after everybody every single time you do something with your friends.


What is the best place to place a bar at home?

Home bars can be installed in areas such as living rooms or dining halls. In case you have a balcony with a lot of views, you can arrange a home bar there as well.

Is it called a wet bar when you have one in your home?

When entertaining in your home, a wet bar is a great place to make alcoholic drinks for your guests. Wet bars always have sinks, hence their name.

What are the uses of a home bar?

It is important to have a functional yet inviting home bar. It is often used as a storage space, so fitting glasses, shakers, liquor, flowers, and fun accessories is important. Clients’ favorite wine bottles are stored in custom-made drawers.

If you want to build a bar in your house, how much does it cost?

The average price of a home bar is $8,000, ranging from $500 to $22,500. A custom piece of work costs between $5,000 and $20,000. In addition to plumbing, outlets, and lighting, premade units cost between $800 and $6,000. A design and labor fee ranges between $200 and $8,000.

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