Top 7 Essential Moving Guidelines for the First Time Home Owners

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: September 10, 2021

Do you plan the move? Here you will find out the top 7 essential moving guidelines. Buying a home for the first time is a dream for many Americans.

Who does not want to leave the rented apartment and move into his own house where he has enough space to keep all his belongings and live as he wishes without the rules imposed by the landlord?

Moving into a new house can be an enjoyable experience if you hire proper movers and a Packers Company to shift all your possessions from the current residence to your new house.

However, since you have just bought your home and will move into a place where you will probably live all your life, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before moving. Here are the 7 moving tips for first-time home buyers. will take care of packing, relocating, and unpacking duties with utmost professionalism.

Carry Few Items

Essential Moving Guidelines

You may have decided to buy a new large flat-screen TV or a humongous two-door side-by-side refrigerator, but it is advised to put your plans on hold.

You should always try to reduce large items while moving into your new home. Loading and unloading heavy items is a difficult task and thus, the fewer items you have to move the better it is.

You can always buy those expensive furniture items and smart home appliances after you relocate to your new home. And if you really want to take all your furniture and stuff to your new home don’t take them all at once, first take the essentials and find places for them, and after that, if space is left then you take your other furniture and things.

Get Rid of the Items You Don’t Need

Get Rid of the Items You Don’t Need

Take a look at the items you have in your rented apartment. Will you use all those things in your posh, new home? The old mattress or the cheap table where you eat, do you need those? Make a list of the items that can be disposed of and get rid of those items. This way, you will be able to move your belongings in one truck instead of two!

Additionally, it will save you time, money, and other resources if you are using pods for moving. Furthermore, decorating your new home will be easy because you know that you brought only the items you wish to use for a few years more.

Make a List

Maintain a Checklist

The professional team of the moving company will indeed pack and unpack the items carefully, but sometimes we have some objects that may not look very costly, but has tremendous emotional value to you. For example, the portrait of your ancestors may not cost much but any damage to those photos will bring tears to your eyes.

Thus, it is important to make a list of the items that need special care. So in this situation, you can give over your valued belongings to the moving company and ask them to take extra care of them. In this way, you can reduce the stress of thinking if your valuables have been reached safely or not.

Figure Out What Will Be Placed Where

When the packers and mover will reach your new house, they will start unloading and placing things inside your new home. Now, they know that the bed will be placed in the bedroom and the sofa in the drawing room, but in front of which wall? Do want the bed to face east so that you can watch the sunrise from your bed?

Hence, it is a good idea to visit your new house a couple of days before the relocation. Mark the floor using a washable marker, mentioning the name of the items to be placed. This way, you will get an organized home as soon as the shifting process is done.

Check the Utilities of Your New Home

You are going to your new house to live a peaceful, hassle-free life. If your find after relocation that the water line is defective or the HVAC system does not work as intended, then you will have to spend extra time and money in your new house just to repair those facilities.

And as it is said by many people, realtors sometimes just want a house on their plate and sometimes they might even try to make you buy a house that has some problems with it.

Thus, it is a wise idea to take a final tour of the house to make sure that the water flow is alright in the kitchen and toilet, the heating and cooling system is working flawlessly.

Also, locate the fuse box and main water valve so that in case of an emergency you can shut down the power and water. This way you won’t be tricked into buying the house by your realtor.

Change the Locks

Locked Out Of House

The safety of your family members is your top priority. If it is not a brand-new property and you bought the house from someone, then you don’t know who may have had access to your house keys.

You may trust the previous owner, but do you know whether he shared the duplicate keys with his family member or friends?

So, when you finally settle in your new house, you should change the locks immediately. This will help you and your family members to live in your brand-new home in peace.

Change Your Address

Since you have moved to a new location, you must inform the bank, post office, and your workplace about your change of address. It is many a time seen that people don’t change their address which will result in causing troubles when the bills of electricity or bills from the banks arrive at your old address. So after you have comfortably settled in your new home make sure that you change the address.


Moving into a new house is certainly an overwhelming and stressful job. It’s not easy to move into a house totally unknown to you. But if you follow the tips mentioned above, you should be able to take care of the entire relocation process effortlessly and without any hassle.

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