Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

Top Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends work like any other trend. They are always emerging and are vast. We see new colors, materials, and textures each year but then there are moods that make a difference on whether you like a trend or not. As we move into the new year, blinking into the sunlight, we have realized the importance of our homes and the fact that we want to live a subtle life. We know how we want our homes to look like and how we want to spend time in the home. This has changed the purpose of decor and design, which also affects every decision we make about decor. How people want to decorate the home has changed. We want a better outlook, a space that can be multi-functional and positive. Over the past year, we have bought work, school, and play indoors and pieces like the dining table and dining chair are used for every purpose. This has led to a transition in the way we see our homes and we want a more relaxed and sophisticated space than before. Let us take a look at some of the top decor trends of 2022.

  1. Galaxy inspired finishes

New, magical material is on the horizon and it has galaxy-inspired finishes. We will see a lot of dark blues, and pale blue colors with white streaks popping up everywhere. It will be in the vanity unit, luxury tabletops, and everywhere. It is a new color combination that is going to be a huge trend in 2022. Pairing a deep blue marble top with a bronze brass base is a great idea. It is the essence of the rustic-luxury look. You can buy it as a coffee table and make it a focal point of your home. It can immediately uplift the space you put it in.

  1. Arches

Arches are here and whenever you see a new collection, you will see arches. Arched doors are big and they have become a huge part of renovations. The gentle curves are softening the hard edges which have been in existence for so long. Arches have become very contemporary and you can use them for any space in your home. They add grandeur to the space while remaining friendly. It is a space you can relax in, stylish but with curved edges. You can also use arched doors as a motif when decorating the space.

  1. The bathroom will see a new personality

A major bathroom trend is about injecting personality while maintaining the sense of spa-like serenity. This is where concrete makes all the difference. It has vivid hues and comes in depth and texture that makes it an ideal material for the space. You can also find colored concrete that is seen in a lot of places. You will see it in the kitchen, on the floor, and the exterior of your home. It is the world’s most favorite material for design.

  1. Checked tiles

The good-old check is back and it is in technicolor this time. This popular print has had a celebratory makeover and is updated with new gloss and bright tones. You will see a lot of checked tiles in new homes and if you cannot change the tiles in your home, you can add a jute runner in bold checks. It is contemporary and jovial, ideal to breath life into the hallway. Checks can be on the floor, and you can take them all the way up to the side of a bath.

  1. Portable table lamps

Portable table lamps

With the advances in taste and technology, we have moved from USB lamps to the most inspiring table lamps today. The portable table lamp has become a stylish and exciting light solution for all of us. It will remain a top lighting trend for the coming year. Cordless lamps have gained popularity with time and you can place them anywhere, from the kitchen shelf to the bathroom or make it a part of the dining room. You can also have it spread out to the patio for the cold, winter evenings. The lamps are ideal and offer complete flexibility.

  1. Red ceramics

Red clay is already popular for its inherent warmth and it will bring the most surprising twist on the common, white ceramics. Most of us have associated red or brown ceramics with coarse pottery but there is a new wave of earthy pieces and vases that add a contemporary and stylish edge to the space, making it look extravagant in no time. You will see a lot of subtle forms of the red clay that will add a raw appeal and honesty to the living room.

  1. More greens

This has remained the most predictable trend for 2022, even before the lockdowns, people had started showing an interest in the greens but with the lockdown, we started bringing the green indoors. Having plants in the home can help reduce stress, enhance concentration and also improve the air quality. The only natural that we can bring indoors is our plants. There is a rise in creating a more calm and plant-filled environment that can establish a visual connection with nature. Our love for lush indoor environments will continue to remain at the forefront in the coming year. We will also see green as a top paint color. There will be flora and fauna patterned fabrics and wallpapers to add playful touches to the space in the home. Whether you create an indoor garden or add green in the form of interiors with accents, it is here to stay for the next year.

  1. Reclaimed materials

Just like the greens, we will also see a transition towards greener materials in the coming year. The majority of designers see sustainable materials reign supreme in the next year. There is a frenzy of what should we buy for the home and a lot of people are only keen to invest in materials that last longer and have high utility. We will see interior reflect pieces that have a high lifespan and are timeless and chic.

These are some of the interior design trends we will see in the coming year. If you plan to redecorate your home anytime soon, keep these eight trends in mind.

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