8 Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Work-Friendly Room

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: November 28, 2021

The past few years have made organizations realize the benefits of employees working from home and thus, increased this practice. It has been widely appreciated by employees as well.

But being productive and efficient in the relaxed environment of your home is a challenge that many remote workers have to face.

To counter the hurdles of lack of motivation and efficiency, it is essential to have an office-like vibe within the walls of your house too. So as a home-based employee, you need a proper setup that pushes you into work mode. For this to be possible, you should transform your bedroom into a place that offers comfort and enhances productivity for work.

Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom

To help you make this transformation possible, we have a list of design ideas. Keep on reading to know all about them.


Finding the right place in your room for workspace is a crucial step to starting a productive home office. Although having a lot of free space in the bedroom is difficult, so making the most of what is available is the right approach.

Choose a wall with maximum free space for your work-related stuff that is a little distant from the rest of the room. It is to avoid any inconvenience to access the remaining room. If your work table is in the middle of the room, it will be welcoming a lot of distractions, hence lowering your productivity.

View Matters

There is no need to bring your windowless office cubicle home.

Opt for a wall with a window for your workstation instead of staring at a plain bland color wall while you work. It will give you a pleasant view to look at while you work.
A slight glance at the outside world is often a source of rejuvenation and takes you back into a motivated work mode.

Enjoy the colors of the season right from your work chair, and you will feel blessed to be working in such a relaxing environment.

Space-Saving Storage

Save space with minimal furniture—no need to have a big office table with drawers.

Such tables will only cover colossal space, which will make your room look congested. You want to avoid this, so turn a simple wooden plank into your work table. Have it mounted on the wall, and Voila, you have your workstation made.

Have shelves made on the walls to keep your office essentials like files and stationary without taking up your room’s extra space. These shelves will also serve as extra storage space for your coffee mug, water bottle, picture of your family, and whatnot.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture

Having ergonomic furniture does not mean bringing a sofa to maximize the comfort level. Although it will be comfortable, it will also relax you enough to take you from an active work mode to a hibernating mode.

You don’t want your work furniture to become a source of laziness for you. So invest in an ergonomic chair that offers support to your back since you’ll be sitting for long hours. Along with that, make sure that the table height is suitable for you. Too high or too low a work table will make you tired a lot quicker.

Get fitness products like a hip cushion or posture corrector from inspireuplift to protect yourself from backaches and poor posture regardless of how long your working hours are.

Paint Walls With Your Favorite Color

Your office was a coworking space where you could not have your favorite color painted on the walls, but that is not the case with your room. So leave the office beige color behind in your cubicle and move to a color that gets you into work motion.

Colors have a different effect on your mood. One makes you happy other makes the overall vibe sad. So, find that particular color that triggers you into motivation. Then, have it painted on the walls to avoid getting bored quickly and losing concentration while you work?

Hide Office Clutter In The Cupboard

Office clutter is an easy distraction. Not everything can be placed on shelves or in the desk drawers. So, keep your office essentials behind closed doors in a cabinet of your room cupboard.

It will give them a dedicated storage space and will be easy to access whenever you need them. Keep your office products organized in cardboard storage boxes and name them clearly to find them with ease.

Have Indoor Plants Nearby

Have Indoor Plants Nearby

Even if your room did not have plants before, having indoor plants is exceptionally important if you are spending 6 to 7 hours working by sitting in front of a screen.

Plant succulents that are easy to take care of in cute planters and keep them on your workstation as an eye-pleaser. These will purify the air you breathe in and ensure that you have a lively mood as compared to an easily irritated one.

Surround Yourself With Motivational Quotes

It is understandable if you had your favorite marvel hero postered all across your room, but now that your room is turned into an office workspace, you need something else.

Something that will spark motivation in you and inspire you to work harder. Motivational quotes are an excellent way of doing that. So google some of these inspiring quotes, get them printed and framed, and hang them on your room walls.

It will kill two birds with one stone – a perfect way of getting motivated while also jazzing up your room décor.

Bottom Line

If you are working from home but have not designed your bedroom according to your work-inspired needs, you surely lack productivity.

Bring the changes mentioned above in your bedroom design, and you will be getting a lot of compliments from your manager, clients, or colleagues on how exceptionally you have managed a balanced work routine from your home.

Having organized space, bringing ergonomic furniture, personalizing wall paints, surrounding yourself with motivational quotes, and choosing the right spot for your workstation, all these points need to be addressed while you transform your cozy bedroom into a more work-friendly environment

Thank you for reading!


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