Transforming Backyard to a Dreamy Wedding Venue: Tips and Tricks

Wedding costs can rise to extraordinary levels, especially in Australia. Statistics from 2019 evaluate that the average Australian wedding costs $32,940. Crazy, right?! If you wish to save some money for a gorgeous honeymoon trip or a down payment on a house, having a wedding in your garden is a fantastic option.

Garden weddings don’t have to be shabby at all. You can have a picturesque wedding, no matter the location. You just have to be smart about it. Here are some tips on transforming your modest backyard into a lovely wedding location, so read on.

Consider the weather

As Aussie weather can get scorchingly hot, you must be very smart about the date. You’re not going to have the comfort of a wedding hall comfortably chilled down with the AC, so choosing the date depends on your and your partner’s availability and the weather forecast.

Maintaining a level head on the big day is easier if you have a backup plan ready in case of bad weather. A good backup plan is to either get a tent or prepare to relocate the celebration inside, so don’t forget to decorate your living room appropriately too.

Have a smaller guest list

The more intimate setting of a backyard wedding makes it an ideal occasion for a limited guest list. Don’t be afraid to explain to your loved ones that limited space is the primary reason for inviting just close friends and family.

There won’t be room for everyone unless your own a house that spans several acres. It doesn’t matter where you choose to tie the knot; you shouldn’t feel bad about who you invite or not.

Choose a focal point

Locate the best spots for guests to sit or stand during the ceremony. Is there a prominent tree you can design the area around, or will you have to make do with a patch of grass?

Anything from flowers to do-it-yourself installations may be used to frame the area and create a dreamy effect. We’ve seen couples make do with anything from ancient barn doors to flower pots. Just determine where the ceremony will take place in your backyard and proceed from there.

You can always choose the right gazebo for your yard and have your ceremony look like a fairytale. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day?

Hire a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer is a must, even if your wedding is going to be a low-key event in your backyard. Having your event photographed by a professional will make it look like a million bucks and provide you with priceless memories.

If you want to remember your wedding forever, videos are a great way to do so. Don’t underestimate the value of a professional wedding videographer Sydney has to offer. That’s why it’s a smart move to put money into this now that you’re saving some on the venue.

Make sure to have a chat with the photographer and the videographer beforehand, so you know that your visions for the pictures mesh well. You don’t want to hire a professional specializing in black and white photos while you wish to have yours brightly colored.

Hire a professional photographer

Have meaningful decor

You should be at home to celebrate this wonderful occasion since it gives you a great opportunity to reflect on past moments.

Incorporate some personal artistic touches into your decor. It should reflect on your time together as a couple and deepen your bond. Some examples of such decor might be mementos from your first date, tickets to an event you’ve had your first kiss at, or photographs from a trip you took together.

Build a little gallery wall with some of your favorite pictures.

These photos from the beginning of your relationship may even be included in the wedding invitations.

Lighting sets the mood

Simply altering the lighting in your backyard may dramatically affect the place.

While planning your outdoor wedding celebration, you should consider how the sun or shade may affect your big day. Is a ceremony at sun fall what you had in mind? If this is the case, think about the fact that your reception will take place in the evening.

Icicle lights, Edison lights, candles, and candle lanterns all provide a beautiful ambiance and atmosphere for an outdoor wedding.

DIY a wedding arch

Make your own wedding arch and exchange your vows in the comfort of your own lawn. Wedding photos taken in front of an arch will be stunning, especially if you hire a pro.

Wood, lush foliage, branches, flowers, flowy fabric, and more may all be used to create an arch for a wedding ceremony in your garden. Premade arches in many styles are also available online.

Wedding needs music

You may play music from your wedding playlist on Spotify or hire a band or a DJ. Whatever you decide, make sure your visitors can hear the music, and there’s a place for them to dance.

If you do not want to pay for a DJ, renting large speakers is a good alternative. Make sure to include a variety of songs, from ballads to dance tracks to old standards, on your playlist. Don’t play the bops during dinner; keep it until afterward.

Tabletop decorations

Tabletop art is a kind of decoration that may be made on a tight budget but adds a touch of class and beauty to the celebration.

You may build beautiful table centerpieces using anything you find at your local thrift shop or DIY shop. You can also incorporate flowers, plants, candles, and craft items. You can take your tablescape to the next level and make it easier for your guests to identify their seats by adding table numbers.

Make the surface of your table reflect your personality and taste. When it comes to tabletop decor, less is more. If in doubt, throw some flowers and tealight candles on there, and you’ll be ready to go!

Probably, for as long as you can remember, your wedding has been a day you’ve dreamed of. Hopefully, with our tips, you get to have the dreamiest wedding ever.

Thank you for reading!

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