Transforming Your Home to Host Chic Parties

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: May 5, 2022

Dinner parties are projected to be on the rise in the post-pandemic world, as found in a recent study by ButcherBox. Over the past couple of years, many Americans have honed their cooking skills or spent time decorating their home to make them more comfortable and appealing. People are also more inspired by the idea of togetherness.

Transforming Your Home to Host Chic Parties

Eased restrictions on travel and a greater interest in reconnecting with friends one may not have seen for various months have seen homes take on new importance as a backdrop for social gatherings.

Your home can be a perfect venue in which to enjoy an all-day party with an open bar, appetizing food and drinks, and no time limits. If you have been honing your cooking and decor skills, but you’d like to take your home to the next level, the following ideas may inspire you.

The Perfect Patio: Flooring and Heating

The first step to creating comfortable guest spaces is to choose the spot where you prefer to entertain them. Many homeowners who have a dedicated yard enjoy entertaining guests on a patio, which can be utilized throughout the year if key features are present.

Start out by ensuring the flooring is up to scratch. Trending materials in outdoor flooring include composite wood-look decking, porcelain or ceramic tiles, and rubber pavers (which mimic the look of stone or brick).

You will also need to provide shade for sunny or showery days. Ideas include retractable awnings and shade sales. Think of how you can extend the use of your patio into the winter months.

To keep guests warm, you have various choices, including outdoor heaters, an outdoor fireplace, and retractable or sliding glass doors or windows which you can close to keep the warmth inside.

Sturdy Furniture


To make your patio appealing, you will need to fill it with furniture that is as comfortable and aesthetically appealing as your indoor furniture. Popular pieces include sectional couches in resin wicker, tables, and chairs in solid acacia wood, and teak chaise lounges for chasing the sun.

Whichever frame you use, make sure to combine them with water-resistant, removable covers you can easily throw into the washing machine if they become dirty. Some dining sets come with an in-built umbrella, which is perfect for areas with warm, dry, sunny weather throughout the year.

Signature Chairs

Basic outdoor sets include tables and chairs and sofas but think of statement pieces that can add a design punch to your entertainment space. Just a few ideas include wicker swivel chairs in interesting shapes such as modern ‘egg chairs’ or ‘capsule seating’.

Chairs that can add a bit of swag to your patio include wicker chairs hanging from the ceiling, flower-shaped rattan chairs, low retro wooden chairs, and curvy iron chairs that double as art installations. Pay attention to the setting of statement/investment chairs.

Lay them on a designer carpet and frame them with pretty plants or decorative features to up their appeal and make them the most coveted chair in your home.

Lighting Up Your Parties

Lighting Up Your Parties

Lighting is a key element when it comes to creating an inviting ambiance, and it is especially important if you will be entertaining by night.

Try to think beyond typical overhead lighting or standing lamps. Add warmth, glamour, and artistry with features such as under-bench lighting, large ceramic lanterns which can be placed on the floor or hung from trees, metallic candle holders, outdoor pendant pieces, and globe string lights.

The latter adds a distinct party feels to your space, and you can play with color and bulb size depending on your mood or the occasion.

Theming a Party

Theming a Party 1

If you are celebrating a special event such as an engagement party or baby shower at home, think of how you can transform your space for just one day, without going over budget. To host a home engagement party, for instance, think of small but impactful changes that will add romance to your entertainment space.

Instead of using a typical high dining table, why not go with the boho-chic trend and rent a long, low-lying wooden table and cushion seating? Embellish the table with stunning decorative items like candles, dried flowers, and boho wild grasses or grass bunny tails.

Some tables come with an overhead wooden panel, from which you can hang pendant lighting or lanterns. Consider setting up an outdoor bar, keeping the menu simple by preparing jars filled with cocktails and mocktails.

To save on costs, bring out indoor decorations such as vases, fruit bowls, and table runners. Another cheap but chic idea involves decorating trees and shrubs with delicate, warm golden fairy lighting.

If you have a sizeable yard, and you are holding your party in the spring or fall, think about renting out a tent, which will provide guests with sure-fire protection from the elements.

Indoor Party Design Features

Indoor Party Design Features

If you don’t have a yard, or you are hosting a party in winter, there are many simple ways to add color and designer appeal to your interiors. Think about investing in a few floral or balloon arrangements.

For instance, if you are celebrating a birthday, why not have a floral number wreath made for the person celebrating their big day, or use XL number-shaped balloons in metallic colors like gold or silver? Many decorators also like to create ‘statement walls’ with colored drapery, numbers, balloons, and decorative backgrounds in metallic fabrics.

You can add color in the form of candles, foliage vines on walls, paper honeycomb ornaments, tissue paper flowers, and more. You can set up an interactive space such as a DIY cocktail bar, donut wall, or photo booth.

Make sure to print out cute signs and provide guests with a host of props and outfits so they can ham it up for their photos. If you have a Polaroid camera, bring it out for the booth on party night.

Turning your home into the perfect party setting can involve major renovations (such as fitting beautiful faux wood flooring in your patio), or installing an electric awning system.

However, even if this isn’t the right time for major work, you can still make a few changes by investing in outdoor furniture and decorative items.

Even an indoor party can be jazzed up with balloons, paper flowers, or metallic backdrops for statement walls. The key is to use colors, shapes, fabrics, and materials to create a special feel that puts your guests in the mood to party.

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