Tips to Design Your Dream Dining Room: Advice From Experts

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: February 23, 2022

Design Your Dream Dining Room

Designing your dream dining room can be tricky. Although you might have an idea regarding how you want your dining hall to look, executing it to the fullest is a completely different thing.

When it comes to designing a dining room that comes with a smaller space, it becomes a lot more difficult and overwhelming. A fine balance should be maintained between functionality and aesthetics.

A dining room is a place where you host your friends, where family and loved ones gather to share their day-to-day activities, have meals together, and is often the most happening place in your home.

There have been so many trends in terms of decor and furniture, which have helped homeowners design this space the way they want. Whether it is the wall design or extendable dining tables, the options are endless.

Whether you are decorating the dining just with the purpose of making it look glamorous or making it a part of your kitchen dinner, experts can help you design your dream dining room. Read below to find some tips on a dining room design that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Tips to Design Your Dream Dining Room

First Consider The Function Of Your Dining Room

Whether you are thinking of designing your dining room from scratch in terms of renovation, remodeling, or for your new home, what you must first consider is what would be the function of your dining table. This should be done even before going for color schemes or wallpaper patterns.

Will you be using it for family dinners only, will it be a workstation for you during WFH, or would you be hosting gala house parties in your dining room? How many people are there in your family? Are you thinking of expanding? Do you want something formal or modern or casual?

These questions will help you figure out what kind of color scheme you should go for and the furniture you require. Look at magazines and look for color schemes.

If you have visited bars and restaurants recently and have found some great ideas, you could use them as well. Talk to professionals to figure out the table size and how you can make the space cozy, as well as the kind of light fixture you should go for.

Focus On The Flooring

Dining Flooring

Most homeowners often ignore the flooring of their dining room. While most stick to the flooring that the home comes inherited with, your flooring plays a crucial part in functionality.

The dining room is a high-traffic room and is prone to spillage and damage; therefore, other than looking aesthetic, it should work hard too. There are three simple things you should consider when it comes to flooring- style, durability, and cleaning.

For your ease, you should always go for flooring, which is durable, tough, can stand the test of time, requires low maintenance, and is of great quality. Not just flooring, this is equally applicable to the furniture you are going for.

If you have a small space, extendable dining tables are a great option. Hard flooring is the go-to option for most as it is durable and also comes with an attractive finish.

Have You thought Of Lighting?

You should focus on the lighting aspect of your dining room from the initial stage of renovation or remodeling. Lighting is what sets the mood and vibe for the room.

The room should have the perfect lighting so that the guests do not feel as if they are sitting inside a cave or outside. Do not go for strong downlights as they are known for creating shadows which could get awkward when hosting parties.

Opt for not one but plenty of light sources like chandeliers, pendant lights, and others.

If you use your dining room as your makeshift WFM workstation as well, then opt for dimmer switches and mood-setting lights; therefore, allowing you to change the light specifics the way you want.

Look Out For An Appropriate Colour Scheme

This surely is a fun trip to look forward to. A pop of color here and there will surely show your creative side, but you must first figure out, whether will it go with the other design aspects of your dining room. The color you choose will ultimately determine the overall feel you wish to impart in the room.

The decision will also depend a great deal on how often and when you use this particular room.

Going super dark or super bright for such a room might not be a wise idea always; therefore, try and stick to neutral colors. However, if your dining hall is solely for entertainment purposes, then go for something bold, rich, and deep.

Are You Interested In Wallpapers?

Are You Interested In Wallpapers 1

A lot of homeowners are now opting for wallpapers and patterns rather than going for monotonous color schemes. If you want to showcase your fun side, the dining room might be the best room for you to experiment with.

And what better way to do this if not with wallpapers and unexpected patterns? Your dining room should make a statement because it is a place that your guests would frequent the most.

Wallpapers are easy to install and give your home a quick change in atmosphere. Going bold with beautifully intricate, geometrical wallpapers, tropical or botanical ones, and even abstract could be a great choice.

This will surely spark conversations and create an impression among your guests.

It Is Time To Pay Attention To The Furniture

The dining room table alongside the chairs plays a crucial role in designing your home. This is not a decision you should take lightly or quickly; think of the room size, and the space.

Think about how many people are there who would be having daily meals and how many guests you would be hosting. Circular tables are a great option as it helps you utilize the space to the fullest.

When designing your dream dining room, focus on comfort. Do you want cushion chairs or a big table? The market is now filled with different table designs and styles. You could customize them even as per your need selecting the material, base, and finishes.

Focus On The Layout Of The Room

If you think there is not much when it comes to dining room layout, you are far away from the truth. It is not just about placing a dining table and some chairs surrounding it anymore.

If the space is small, you need to focus on the room’s functionality as well as the seating arrangement. If the room is small, place a circular table at the corner so that there is some space left for you to install a second seating arrangement like a love seat or even a bar cart.

You could go for storage spaces on the wall for glasses and crockery. Make sure there is a minimum of 18” space all the way around your dining table so that you can freely move without bumping into anyone.

Go For Functional Storage Spaces

Go For Functional Storage Spaces

When it comes to storage in the dining room, it could really turn into a big headache. It is really useful when you have storage space for your bar, glasses, drinks, and crockery as you get everything within your reach. For a modern dining room, good storage plays a crucial role; therefore, it should be intelligently designed. The storage space should not be shabby and obvious but discrete.

Console tables are great storage solutions for dining rooms. For a relaxed, informal dining room feel, talk to experts or go through magazines and the internet to find storage ideas you will not regret opting for.

Opt For A Large Rug

Opt For A Large Rug

Rugs are great for adding texture to your dining room. The key is to find the right size that would sit grounded comfortably and fit in the table and all the chairs. It also adds an air of elegance.

Average dining rooms require a rug that is at least 8’ wide. This allows you to pull the chairs without them falling off the rug.

You should also focus on the rug material, and avoid anything that can easily get stained or damaged.

A dining room is a high-traffic zone where most of the time people drink or eat; therefore, spills are inevitable. Pick something like jute that would be easy to maintain.

Showcase Your Personality

Your dining room showcases your taste and personality as well. If you are a big fan of art, then do not stop and make sure you install huge art paintings, mostly because it shows your taste and who you are.

You could even switch these paintings the way you like, and they will not take up any floor space as well.

A dining room is like a blank canvas and is an amazing opportunity for you to hang whatever you want and design it the way you want. Plan the layout by opting for mix and match.

A great expert tip would be to add candles and tea lights wherever possible to set the mood before your guests arrive, as it would disperse a glowy light all across the surface.

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