Ways to Raise the Head of a Mattress

Raise the Head of a Mattress

A bed – admit it or not is one of the essential pieces of furniture you can find in your home. Finding the right and comfortable bed for your bedroom is not a snap of work.

One has to put an enormous amount of thought into finding the one bed they’d spent their relaxation time on. However, the height of the bed can cause some severe problems for you, such as snoring, neck strain, acid reflux, and many others.

To get rid of these types of problems or any discomfort while sleeping caused by the bed mattress height, you can try out some possible ways to adjust the mattress head and have a sound sleep at night.

How To Correctly Raise the Mattress Head?

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your mattress just as it’s causing discomfort while you’re sleeping. To adjust the mattress head according to your preference, you can rely on a comfortable mattress elevator as they’re pretty popular these days.

What is A Mattress Elevator?

In simple words, a mattress elevator supports and gently lifts the mattress head a few inches higher than the usual position. The material of mattress elevators is usually foam as they are supposed to both uplift the mattress head and support your head and neck.

Your lower body will remain in the same position, while the gadget will raise your upper body by a few inches. It doesn’t barge in with the adjustment between your upper and lower body parts, nor does it interrupt blood flow in your vessels.

Types of mattress elevator

You can find different types of mattress elevators in the market. You can see a significant amount of differences in the material and physical structure in various styles; however, it’s used to lift the mattress a little bit higher. By analyzing the market, we’ve found these mattress elevators certainly more popular than the others-

  • Under-bed: They are foams shaped to uplift the mattress by placing them under the bed.
  • Wedge: The most versatile e type as wedges have more functions and shapes than other types.
  • Elevating system: Shapes as an elevator and are only for use while you want to sleep.
  • Plastic Wedge: Same as wedges but with plastic as the material.
  • Incline inserts: shaped like a frame and the easiest one to use as a mattress elevator.

How to Pick The Right Mattress Elevator?

How to Pick The Right Mattress Elevator

Whether you’re in need of a mattress elevator and want to buy it immediately, here are some of the factors you should look for to invest in the finest quality available in the market.


We’ve earlier talked about the different designs you can possibly have as the options to choose from. It depends on your problem for which type you should go for. Suppose you have a snoring problem; wedges are the perfect solution.

But if you want a mattress elevator for a comfortable sleep session, then prefer an elevating system lifter.


The size of a mattress elevator is not just a consideration; instead, it’s an obligatory feature to look for. The mattress size should adjust with the elevator size; otherwise, the extended or short length will cause discomfort.


Elevators are mostly made from two types of material. One is plastic, and the other is foam. Some mattress elevator lifter frames are built with stainless steel. The component plays a significant role in your comfort of using a mattress elevator.

You can also choose foam or gel-filled elevators to rest your neck and head with a good posture.


It’d be a waste of money if the elevator installation process were too hassling for you. Check the guideline for the installation process and choose the one that has more straightforward steps.

Another thing you should consider is to buy a portable elevator so that you can bring it with you whenever you’re traveling.

Other Ways to Raise The Mattress Head

Other Ways to Raise The Mattress Head

Till now, we have only talked about one of the easiest and most popular ways of mattress head lifters. There are more options you can shuffle among and try with your mattress.


Markets have different gadgets that will help you uplift your mattress head by a few inches. These are the compatible alternative for elevators you can rely on

Bed raisers

Bed risers can raise your bed’s height between 1 to 12 inches. Metal, plastic, and wood are the main components used to make raisers. Installing them requires these three steps only-

Step 1: Start with taking off the mattress from your bed.

Step 2: Lift the bed frame and place the bed raisers. Make sure the corners of the raisers fit perfectly.

Step 3: Put back the mattress on the bed and see if the height is comfortable for you.

Bed Wedge

Wadge has a convenient way to raise the mattress head and provide comfort. Placing them under the mattress is the only step you need to pull to make it work.

You can find bed wedges made from gel, foam, and plastic in the market.


It may sound like turning the bed into a hospital bed by attaching wheels on each corner. Installing wheels is a wise decision as it becomes easier to move the bed anywhere in the room.

If you plan to install wheels, choose the one with a lock system. Otherwise, the bed can slip from its place easily.

Mattress Topper

If your goal is to increase the height without going through the installing steps, you can consider placing a mattress topper over the mattress. They’re similar to a mattress, but they add a few more inches without adding any extra weight to the bed.

Mattress toppers also have a record of prolonging the lifetime of a mattress for the extra support it provides.


In case you are short on money or don’t want to invest in gadgets, don’t worry! We got your back with some DIY ideas.

Wood Piece

Place similar small wood pieces underneath your mattress and look at the increased height in the head portion.

But we’d suggest you refrain from trying this method if you’re suffering from any neck or back-related medical issues. Woods will support you with a solid and hard surface, but it can cause pain.

Pillows & Cushions

And now we’re back to basic by using pillows and cushions as uplifters. The procedure is the same as you’d done with any other mattress elevator. Place them under the mattress, and you’re all set to have a sound sleep session.


Hopefully, elevating the height of the head of the mattress is presumably a non-harmful task that would only benefit you if done right. The article has all the possible ways you can apply to raise the head of your mattress.

After all, it’s important to have comfort when you sleep, releasing all the stress after a hectic day.

Enjoy your relaxation time, and do share with us if you found this article help-worthy. You can suggest tips or ways to uplift the mattress head in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

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