What Can Small-Town Living Offer You?

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: November 29, 2022

There’s a reason everybody loves hearing a train in the distance and why the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. From time to time, everyone speculates whether life could be better if we were open to a bit of change.

Luckily, certain milestones in life provide the occasion for a significant change. The most critical part of any milestone is whether we make the decisions that matter when opportunity knocks or whether we sit by allowing fate to be determined by a roll of the dice. That said, there are always opportunities for help – just so long as we are willing to take it.

The Freedom to Choose

One of the best parts about the time for your retirement rolling around is that you get another chance to make life better by moving to a new location that better suits your needs for the future. After all, you don’t have to live in the house you’ve raised your family in just because you currently own it. You may want the extra freedom of letting go of such a significant responsibility.

If you’ve been considering selling your home soon, you’ll also get to think about all the benefits of moving into a new area. Whether you’ve lived in a large city your entire life or need a new perspective on the other options out there, these enticing facts about small-town living are sure to make you rethink what your retirement can be.

Considering a Custom Home in a Small Town

You’ve worked hard all your life to gain more advantages for yourself and your family. Isn’t it time to consider making time for yourself to enjoy the things you’ve earned? Now that you’re ready to retire, you’ve got options:

  • You can take that vacation you’ve always dreamed about.
  • You can take up a new hobby or return to an old one you left behind years ago.
  • You can move into a home perfectly designed to provide the retirement of your dreams.

The best way to make this last dream come to life is to contact Niagara Region custom home builders to find out what’s available in a highly-prized active adult lifestyle community.

If you live in Ontario or you’re looking for the best places to retire in Canada, the Niagara region offers one of the most desired locations you could choose. While there are a lot of cultural benefits, sports facilities, and other kinds of recreation to enjoy in the Niagara area, there’s probably no feature that draws new homeowners to the area more than the attraction of small-town living.

If you’re still wondering whether a small-town location will be right for your retirement plans, you’ll want to take some time to consider the aspects that bring so many retirees and new homeowners to choose rural areas to live in today.


Have you ever had the pleasure of watching the local news broadcast in a small town? If you miss the days when there were more uplifting and positive stories, you’ll love hearing about local events in a place where the residents are accustomed to a slower-paced way of life in a safe location where you no longer hear about violent crime every day. If you’re looking for a safe place to live – the smaller the town, the better.

Escape Traffic Jams

Best Ocean City Neighborhoods (and Why You Should Move There)

One of the most frustrating headaches of living in the busy Greater Toronto Area is the traffic problem. No matter what time of day it happens to be, you’ll end up taking twice as long (or more) to get anywhere you need to go. If you only have a ten-minute drive, suddenly it takes a half hour. When you move to a rural location, traffic will be a thing of the past.

Shorter Commutes

Because of the lower traffic density, you’ll be able to get anywhere you need to go much faster. Instead of an anxiety-ridden commute in high-density traffic, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing drive in the country any time you’re behind the wheel.

More Affordable

When you live in an area that isn’t densely populated, your budget will inevitably stretch further. More affordability will grant you the choice to spend less or get more for your usual budget. If you’re concerned about stretching your budget too far during your retirement, moving to a small town will provide you with a nicer home for a lower cost.

Friendly Neighbours

Letting the Neighbors in on Your Plans

It goes without saying that a big attraction of small-town living is how friendly and neighborly people tend to be in rural areas. If you’re looking to move to an area where you’ll be guaranteed to find friendly neighbors, you should consider a small town in the Niagara region. You can make your chances even better by moving into an active adult lifestyle community filled with like-minded neighbors eager to get the most out of their retirement years.

Get Back to Nature

Tall Trees

You’ll also get to experience gorgeous natural settings outside of your vehicle. Just a few of the fun activities that will help to put you back in touch with nature that you can do in the Niagara region include:

  • Hiking
  • Beaches
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Snow-showing
  • Cross-country Skiing

No matter what your favorite thing to do in the wilds of Canada might be, your access to nature will practically be in your backyard. No more spending hours in weekend traffic to get to the cottage.

Cut Down on Noise Pollution

Noise and Privacy

Are you looking for a little peace and quiet? Would you rather wake up to the sound of birds singing than horns honking and angry pedestrians yelling? When you live in a small town, you’ll get to experience a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that’s guaranteed to melt the stress away.

There’s no denying the abundance of advantages that small-town living brings to a successful retirement plan. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, safety, ease of access to all of your favorite amenities, proximity to nature, and more, talk to a custom home builder who offers options in the Niagara region.

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