Here’s What Professional Pest Control Experts Do Differently

By: John Garcia | Date Posted: May 3, 2023

The average person doesn’t know much about pests, and why would they? There are lots of exciting topics to read about and discuss — movies, music, politics, culture. Pests are not one of them.

The extent of most people’s knowledge is that pests are gross, and they don’t want any near them. This is fine until you see a pest in your home. Where there’s one, you know more are nearby because they breed quickly and never travel alone.

There are many wonderful DIY projects you can take up around the home. Eliminating pests isn’t one of them. Please read on to learn more about what the best pest control experts do that you can’t.

Genuine Expertise

Laypeople don’t know much about pests, so it’s difficult for them to appreciate how much knowledge the leading pest control has and what it enables them to do. You may walk past the signs of an infestation without even realizing it. If you were to spot it, you may not know how to eliminate the pests inside.

Experts like GreenLeaf Pest Control know the tendencies and diets of various pest species and subspecies. They can accurately recognize the signs of an infestation and stop it dead in its tracks.

They also know how various pests respond to different chemicals, information which helps them create their own custom brews.

Chemicals That Work

The chemical sprays you find on store shelves may kill a handful of pests, but it won’t get all of them. When it comes to an infestation, half-measures don’t work. If you don’t eliminate it altogether, some pests will always return.

Most pests breed quickly. You can put a dent in their population, but it’ll just come back eventually. Hiring the leading pest control experts lets you access chemicals that get the job done properly the first time.

If you walk into the hardware store and buy a chemical solution off the shelf, you’ll only waste time and money. Don’t bother. Let the pros use their custom creations to get your home pest free.

Safe for Pets and the Environment

Safe for Pets and the Environment

Just because a chemical is lethal to pests doesn’t mean it’s harsh everywhere. The best pest control experts use ingredients in their custom chemicals approved by Health Canada.

You won’t need to fear that the chemicals can cause problems to your four-legged friends or result in environmental damage. The ingredients are strong and soft where you want them to be.

Sometimes, pest control sprays are ineffective, while ones that properly get the job done can pose risks elsewhere. Let the best pest control experts handle it, and you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Pre-emptive Control

What’s better than eliminating a pest infestation? Preventing one from occurring in the first place. That’s why many of the leading pest control experts offer home protection plans designed to act as a multi-layered line of defence, so they can’t enter your home. Here’s how they work.

First, a technician will visit your property to inspect the grounds for any signs of pests. They’ll kill any pests they should happen to see and remove all traces of their nests or homes.

Next, the technician will apply their pest expertise to look for things that attract them. For example, all pests need a source of moisture, so any standing water can draw them in. Many pests are also drawn to piles of wood or construction materials by the home.

You may be surprised to learn some pests use long branches near their home to finagle their way inside. Pest control technicians know what else to look for to ensure nothing on your property encourages pests.

Then, they’ll give a spray treatment to actively discourage pests from stepping foot on the property. There’s a difference between technicians removing attractants and actively spraying chemicals that will make them run away as fast as possible — leading ones do both.

Finally, they’ll return for multiple inspections to ensure the treatments went as planned. If somehow there are pests still there, they’ll remove them free of charge. The number of return visits should change depending on the pest.

All Pests

The best pest control experts handle every type of pest under one roof. You shouldn’t need to call one place to get help removing rats and mice and another for ants, bedbugs, or birds. Leading pest control experts should handle everything under one roof.

You may not think of animals like birds as “pests,” but they can cause considerable property damage when too many are in your backyard too often due to their droppings and tendency to take things for nesting materials.

Birds are not just beautiful. They’re also a central part of the natural landscape and are vital to a well-balanced ecosystem. If you have birds or any other pests on your property and want them to get, call a professional pest control expert today.

Kind and Professional

Finally, the leading pest control experts are always professional on the job and respectful of homeowners and their properties. They’ll show up on time, behave courteously, and show consideration for your property.

It’s natural to feel a little unsettled when pests are inside where you live. The last thing you need is a sketchy technician in your home, making you feel less at ease.

Look for a local company where the owners know the technicians, so they can vouch for their character. People in larger companies don’t all know each other face to face. Hiring a professional to get rid of pests is smart, but ideally, they won’t pester you.

Sometimes it feels like there are a million chores to do around the home. From basic cleaning to things like taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, and countless more, the work at home never ends. Letting a professional pest control expert handle your home gets you better results in less time and money. They have experience and knowledge you don’t have, so call them if you find a pest in your home.

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